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Péter Talyigás
Péter Talyigás
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Dec. 20, 2012
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32 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

My favorite book is "Right through the pack."

I wish I could play more.

I make more mistakes than I can bear.



Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I remember, once I've found the proper play I should have followed, already before "change please" was announced (and I was actually right! I should have played the board that way!)...
Bridge Accomplishments
Once upon a junior national team member; won a few local competitions; 2015, 2017 Hungarian crossIMP pairs champ, 2016 Hungarian MP pairs champ, 2016 Hun national team champ - all with Miklós Dumbovich. I composed a few funny deals and published them in the national magazine. It was fun for me. Recently I have been the NPC of the national teams.
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
2D as weak2 after RHO opened 1C (is it not a convention? So sorry...)
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Why is it worth taking part in an appeal committee?
(For my great surprise) I strongly disagree with the consequence. IMHO the question whether the 7H is automatic at your level is almost irrelevant. Maybe one level lower it is not automatic because having some silly fears. Maybe three level lower it is automatic again because of not even seeing ...
Maurizio Di Sacco interview - topics: LoveBridge (tablet bridge) and cheating
Melanie, I play a lot of board games with my kids and I am fond of the F2F activities. Our software is designed to play face to face, at the venue. :) Peter
Maurizio Di Sacco interview - topics: LoveBridge (tablet bridge) and cheating
Dear Michael, I also do not think that it worth to argue with your feeling and experience. I still have the confidence to state that the software we created is better than you can imagine :) :) I also would like to underline that with our solution you are not isolated like ...
Maurizio Di Sacco interview - topics: LoveBridge (tablet bridge) and cheating
Dear Mr. Velecky, Thank you very much for giving it a try and first of all I congratulate to your 3rd place. I fully accept your feelings and I appreciate your opinion. I must admit that I find your partner's play real bridge here: ...
Maurizio Di Sacco interview - topics: LoveBridge (tablet bridge) and cheating
Well, It has many advantages. Preventing cheating is just one issue. For me by far not the most important. Two more important things coming up quickly: - Broadcasting: you can broadcast from every table every bid and every card played. It can be later analyzed; not only for the everyday spectator ...
Richard Granville's lead problem: T AJ75 J9854 A64
probably - what i meant is that i am not sure that i would have given enough energy at the table...
Richard Granville's lead problem: T AJ75 J9854 A64
Most probably in real life I would lead a diamond, but here I go for the heart ruff... :)
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
While fully agree, I beleive that tablets have many advantages compared to laptops :)
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
Phil, you are right. In our experiences when we play with the tablets we have (at least) two advantages: 1. The TD has every information available in seconds on his tablet about the consumed time (per given bid, per given trick, per NS as a sum, per EW as a ...
this has to stop.
I think the scorecard issue is just one item on the list, which contains the problems that playing with our system (LoveBridge) and tablets would be solved. Eric: Every player can reach the up-to-date private score on the tablet – with the frequencies of the boards already played. It is not ...

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