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Atb on a missed slam
I was actually sitting West on this board at another table - our auction was exactly the same as Sarah's and I felt a bit guilty about passing 4. However I have run a short simulation - it seems that having started with 2 West is correct to pass ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Kit - you have said three things which I believe are demonstrably false in this comment and the follow-up. First you stated the following: "When the opponents reach 7NT on an RKC auction where they presumably hold all the aces ... " They didn't hold all the Aces and yet West's ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Somebody posted this link earlier so I took a look (from the 1959 Bermuda Bowl): I found board 147 very interesting. Belladonna tries to play in a 5-0 fit ...
Marion, How would you describe the following actions? "Throwing the board so as to misplace a card. Not telling the opps that he had done this. Unilaterally “rectifying” the board. Not calling the TD. Not acknowledging that anything out of the ordinary had happened when a bad board turned into ...
I don't understand matchpoints
First question is are you ahead or behind? If you are ahead, then cash diamond Ace to stay ahead. If you are behind then take a chance and lead a low diamond. Against 4S it seems you are even at this point. So you need to compare with the alternative ...
Fisher comments...
Hi Kurt, In general I agree that the standard deviation cannot be deduced from the average, but in order to avoid outliers (wrong lead against 3NT costing 6 tricks for example) I was just measuring 0 and 1 where 1 = indicates 1 or more tricks lost. The 0.138 and ...
Fisher comments...
Joel, You are saying about 4.8 IMPs a board when the lead makes a difference. I think you are about right. Suppose the gain is on 1/3 boards in defence as you guessed - that is 1.6 IMPs per board when defending. You defend only half the time ...
Fisher comments...
@Richard Franklin, All my own work - using the skills of my day job for my hobby. As suggested by some the average includes too many outliers - not sure about using the median (it is zero). Perhaps a better measure is whether the lead lost a trick or not. In other ...
Fisher comments...
@Richard Franklin - I have already done exactly that analysis for F/S leads - using all BBO files in which they have played together as a partnership. To repeat the idea - compare lead success with double dummy results using double dummy calculations before the lead and just after the lead. You ...
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