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Petter Bengtsson
Petter Bengtsson
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Jan. 13, 2013
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Your response structure to exclusion keycard?
I think Kantar named it 1430 because that is a well known number in bridge.
Your response structure to exclusion keycard?
When the exclusion ask is 1 step below the trump suit, 1430 is silly. You can stay low when partner has 1 key card, but not when he has 0 key cards.
Polish Up Your Bridge 1
Concluding that partner has only 7 hcp after seeing dummy is just wrong. Should you trust the 1NT bidder more than your partner? The double was of course ridiculous.
Nice example of card reading
Why does West need six spades for a third hand 2?
Spectators looked on in awe
Maybe a 14 hcp hand would open 1NT?
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: J5 KJ9842 KQ2 QJ
Partner (GIB) had AQTxx Txxx Axx T. +230 didn't score well. Only a bot would bid 3H with that hand.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AKQ65 T7 AJ3 Q43
I'd open 1NT.
Can a previous suit encouragement signal be modified by the order of subsequent honour plays?
North wouldn't discard 4 without the king (or ace).
YBTJ--Who is more to blame for this disaster?
South 100%. North can't have A, KQ and a diamond control after 4 and 5.
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: 8653 Q6 T872 K65
South had x/AKxxxxx/-/AQJTx. North (GIB) passed over 4.
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