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Petter Bengtsson
Petter Bengtsson
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Jan. 13, 2013
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2NT rebid after 2!h overcall
If 2NT shows 6-4, what type of hand does 3 or 3 show?
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: --- QJ765 QJ64 AK97
I play that double is takeout, so an automatic choice for me.
This was annoying
A Comprehensive System of Responses to 1NT
Ok, got it now.
A Comprehensive System of Responses to 1NT
"4/4 sets trumps with slam interest" "4/4 Texas" So 4 is diamonds or hearts?
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
@Ken Rhodes "CCCC = The Kaplan-Rubens evaluator" "Notrump offense: Note that CCCC is actually worse than HCP for estimating notrump offensive worth." "Offense suit: Here is where CCCC shows its worth. It is by far one of the best evaluators."
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
Sorry, no. Maybe someone else?
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
Do you have a reference that says K&R is not useful for NT evaluation?
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
I agree with Richard. K&R values North as 12.25.
How do you card this situation?
How likely is it that partner will be able to read 7 as our lowest trump?
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