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Petter Bengtsson
Petter Bengtsson
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Jan. 13, 2013
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3 parter
"2 is explicitly a spade/ minor 2 suiter. Double is diamonds" Terrible methods. You have to have a direct take out bid, double or 2. If you have to wait one round to make a take out double partner will never know if you have a real hand ...
Department of Large Penalties
Yes, trumps 4-0 missing AKQJ.
Department of Large Penalties
We ended in 7NT where I had K singleton and partner had control bid diamonds. Opening leader doubled and since we were juniors we redoubled. Down 8 (-4600) when opening leader had AQxxxxxx. The most expensive lead I've ever seen. 1S - (1NT) - X - (XX), all pass. I was ...
Frequency this gets floated
It was a joke. ;)
Frequency this gets floated
It's 50%. Either we double, or we don't.
ATB - Failure to take control or Failure to bid his hand.
Just curious, how would East bid AKxxx/AKxxx/x/xx ?
Cabot Jaffee's bidding problem: AT Q98653 863 84
When I was younger I'd open this 3.
How to use forcing pass in this deal?
West was asleep. He should bid 7 with the double fit.
Michel Beauchamp's bidding problem: KT6 9743 A85 T64
More Forcing/NF Support Double Havoc
I play XYZ there.
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