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Petter Bengtsson
Petter Bengtsson
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Jan. 13, 2013
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What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
3145 and 3244 bids 1 over 1.
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: 96 KQJ62 Q6 AKQ7
One of North-South is a bot. I'm not telling which one...
Attention to Detail
"West leads the queen of spades. Standard leads and carding." "East plays the ♠2." Would East play the 2 from a doubleton playing standard carding?
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
2 by a passed hand is non-forcing. How happy are you when it goes pass-pass-pass?
The deal played itself
What else can "cash all your high cards" mean?
Brad Rind's bidding problem: 753 KQJ765 Q 976
3 in the pass out seat is a strong bid, not this hand.
Lin Li's bidding problem: AKJT32 764 KJ 85
How can opener pass 3 or 3 after a game forcing 3?
Opponents overcall our strong 2!c opening - bidding theory question
It's more likely that you want opponents to play their doubled contract when Blackwood responder has 0 keycards.
Giovanni Bobbio's bidding problem: KJ3 AKQ9754 5 K4
GN: "Vicious overbidders get lucky in 7." Bidding a 84% 7NT is vicious overbidding?
Giovanni Bobbio's bidding problem: KJ3 AKQ9754 5 K4
Just admit it, 4 is a brilliant bid! ;)
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