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Jan. 13, 2013
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Ben Kristensen's bidding problem: AJ A82 K943 K752
Ben, what was the bid made by the two world champion players?
What is the best Grosvenor Gambit you've seen?
QT98x Axxxx Declarer started with the queen from dummy. I played the jack from KJ doubleton. Declarer won with the ace in hand. KTxxx Axxx Declarer played the ace from hand. I played the jack from QJx. Declarer played to the king next.
Memory Strain
A question not related to the bidding sequence in the article where the exclusion ask never is one step below the trump suit. Is 1430 responses a good idea if the exclusion ask can be one step below the trump suit? With zero key cards you then bid one step ...
Major Disagreement with NT Interference
You don't think it would be a good idea to explain what 2 and 2 shows in Meckwell?
Stuff about appeals that some people may find boring
Kit, are you saying that the double of 2 should show spades if 2 is alerted and explained as pass/correct? What does the strong 1-opener bid with 20 hcp and 1444?
You be the judge!
How can 4 show no control in clubs AND no control in hearts? It shows no control in clubs, says nothing about hearts.
What is the weaker call?
Pass is minimum with 2+ hearts. 3 is minimum with 0-1 hearts.
ATB - Hopeless grand
Why did West deny a spade control?
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: T5 AT72 J6 AJ953
Your basic logic regarding the usefulness of passed hand Raptor is flawed. You can't make an ELC takeout double when you have four hearts and longer clubs.
Opening 10 HCP 6m331 hands playing Matchpoints
Opening 3 with 8/KT9/752/AQJ876 at unfavorable is, in my opinion, a really bad bid.
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