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Pheno Huang
Pheno Huang
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Feb. 25, 2011
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Feb. 15
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first two years, when my progress was the best
Bridge Accomplishments
2004 Chinese Taipei Youth Team Representitive
Regular Bridge Partners
rayar on BBO
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
One liners
Another one: After a 4 contract went down where there were obvious 11 tricks and the reason for the contract going down was the declarer's trumps were AKQxx vs xxxxx and drew 5 rounds of trumps and proceeded to lose control. When comparing score, the declarer said ...
One liners
Here's one from a acquaintance of mine: After a very weird sequence, an expert asked his partner, "What system are you using?" Reply: "Windows 95"
Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
Supposedly, partner should have the takeout type hand, hence not the 5-5 type, I think. With that said, I think partner has a tough hand to bid...
Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
I was the one with the Axx/xx/xxx/KQxxx hand, a few points that I concluded in the hand review - 1) I agree with this being close to free 2C bid(for a passed hand), my thought was that I had three spades, giving me an extra possibility of ...
Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
Thanks for the comments, the two hands are Axx/xx/xxx/KQxxx, Q/AKxxx/AQ/JTxxx, we missed a good 5C
Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
Just to be clear, I am referring to Barry and Andy's comments
Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
I will post the hands in a couple of days in case there are more feedbacks, thanks!
Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
Thanks for the feedback! The above two comments seems to be in conflict with each other? Maybe it makes sense to look at doubler's partner's hand to decide?
The Right Strain
Hi Kit, you mention on page 3 -> "Partner has described his exact hand. Your hand is also limited, so slam is out of the question.", doesn't your current comment conflict with your original article? Not trying to say that 4 should be choice of strains, but a little ...
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