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Phil Benamy
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Jan. 25, 2019
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July 13
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Bridge Director
about me

South Florida club director -- over 5,000 tables a year for over 20 years

Have misplayed ACOL, Fantunes, KS, Precision, Roman Club along with Standard and 2/1

I consider it bad luck to let the opponents make the rules

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Octarine Life Master
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Bronze Life Master
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Robots at Virtual Club Games? Yes or No
I have yet to meet a robot (except Nick Straguzzi's Chthonic) that was a result merchant. I am certain that the robot is not on the phone with partner during the hand. Robots never lose connection. They don't take (waste) the tables time with pleasantries. They don't ...
Potential cheating in the coming ACBL Endless Summer Tournament
Were Fantoni and Nunes caught by statistics?
Potential cheating in the coming ACBL Endless Summer Tournament
I hope that having a discussion is better than ignoring reality.
I am still not sure about the correct procedure here
I have found where ACBL says "When in doubt whether to Alert or not, Alert!" I seem to recall and am unable to locate guidance to the effect "one should not express doubt when explaining a call"
I am still not sure about the correct procedure here
My understanding of ACBL regs, not EBU is as follows: What do your system notes say? It seems that your partnership does not have an agreement hence, your methods are standard and not alertable. If you have your system notes and this sequence is not in there; it is not ...
I am still not sure about the correct procedure here
With respect. In ACBLland, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Your opponents are entitled to your agreements, they are not entitled to your best guess.
Marked cards, a follow up and some observations
Mike Lawrence has a book "How to Read Your Opponents Cards". You could make some money by selling a small pamphlet with the same name. I am also reminded of a review of a fictitious bridge book "You have described a fascinating little game, it is not bridge but it ...
Strategy for Winning NABC Pair Event
There is little difference 2 vs 4 when 50% (how sure are you that it is 50%). Opening an aggressive 3 rather than a conservative pass is more likely to give the opponents the last guess. That is an example where aggressive tends to be better than ...
Strategy for Winning NABC Pair Event
Assumptions: your regular game is 55% (it is the Silodor), you average 90% on successful swing boards, 1 session remains. Calculation: You will have to swing SUCCESSFULLY nine times with no misses to score in the high 60s. That is well over 500 to 1 against. You are far better ...
When and how should directors educate players about ethics?
Let us agree that west appeared to act on UI. Which law provides for a procedural penalty (beyond score adjustment)? 90? which part? Where is it the directors duty to explain the rules?

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