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Jan. 25
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about me

South Florida club director -- over 5,000 tables a year for over 20 years

Have misplayed ACOL, Fantunes, KS, Precision, Roman Club along with Standard and 2/1

I consider it bad luck to let the opponents make the rules

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Bronze Life Master
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And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
I tell my students "It's a hard game". Like Cassandra, no one believes me.
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
ONE IS NOT A TREND. Ask your opponents and depending on the answer, inform the director.
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
I suspect Deming meant "build quality in" is better than "build a bunch but don't ship the defective ones". Good design and good construction means you don't have to test for defects. Actually meant that the cost of testing good products was far greater than the cost of ...
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
In one of W. Edwards Deming' books is the unobvious observation that having more proofreaders for a work leads to more errors. It had something do with not making your best effort under the assumption that someone else will find the flaw.
First three classes
The idea of playing the first few hands double dummy (with discussion) rates to have tremendous value as a teaching method.
First three classes
lesson 1 vocabulary and game mechanics poker cards are too wide to comfortably hold 13, bridge cards are cut more narrowly how to sort your hand ace is always high 4 suits - alphabetically 2 partnerships concept of a trick whoever won the last trick leads to the next trick requirement ...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
Summon the director when dummy hits, not after trick thirteen. The offender was dummy. This looks like two bites of the apple. If so, the procedural penalty should be against the defense. This looks like you tried to beat the contract in play and failing that, asked the result to ...
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
I call FAKE NEWS. When last I checked, Wikipedia says screens are used "in order to reduce the exchange of unauthorized information and prevent some forms of cheating". Screens are information minimization devices. Below the table screens were introduced to combat some Italian "Foot Soldiers". Screens were first introduced about ...
“Detecting Cheating in Bridge” by Nic Hammond. Preliminary thoughts
Assuming that we can infer/detect cheating, should we play without screens?
ATB: Languishing in no man's land
My previous post suggested that 4 might be merely competitive because a DSI double was available. I WAS WRONG. 4 must be competitive because 4 is forcing.
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