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Jan. 25
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about me

South Florida club director -- over 5,000 tables a year for over 20 years

Have misplayed ACOL, Fantunes, KS, Precision, Roman Club along with Standard and 2/1

I consider it bad luck to let the opponents make the rules

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Bronze Life Master
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Comparable call
Playing 2/1, my 1NT forcing hands do not include 13-15 balanced, those are handled by beginning with a new suit. What is your upper limit on 1NT forcing?
Comparable call
The pass out of turn creates unauthorized information for your partner. A comparable call must/should/shall/we hope remove the UI from the initial pass via authorized information from the replacement call itself. If the replacement call removes the UI, then it is comparable. Can you provide example hands ...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I was taught: if you have more losers than quick tricks, it is not good enough for 2. Some have suggested more defensive tricks than losers. AKxxxxxx is barely 1 defensive trick.
What is the proper announcement?
If my partnership announced 15-19 that WOULD be misleading as we almost NEVER get the 19 and we rarely get 18HCP that qualify. Perhaps you could query a local director or two.
What is the proper announcement?
I am in ACBL land. Do not confuse the letter of the law with the spirit of the law. BTW, I discount for an ace less hand, so mine could be a 19 HCP ace less 4333 that I evaluate as being worth 17. It rarely is.
What is the proper announcement?
Announce "strong" in pair games, because that is what it is. In 6-8 board team events, also announce "strong". In longer events, announce "strong" -- they should have a copy of your system notes. If they ask -- give a complete explanation.
Do you play your 2!D opening as a weak 2?
1 good weak 2 (8-12-) 2 intermediate 2 (10-13) -- clarifies your 1 openers 3 weak two Flannery is too low frequency for my taste. It has served me well in the past. Ponder which 2 call you would least like to play against and consider that one.
Found out something this weekend that I did not know (and perhaps some of you may not either?)
I wonder about the rule. If you can be transferred into the singleton and have no methods of finding the singleton, isn't it a deviation/psyche? How many times does one have to do it before it becomes an implied partnership agreement? My understanding of the rule is: it ...
Slow play
For every problem there is a solution that is simple, neat—and wrong. This maxim has been attributed at various times to Mark Twain, H. L. Mencken, and Peter Drucker. I do not believe that one size fits all. Some slow players are doing their best and some are passive-aggressive ...
good ruling?
When I am summoned for a BREAK IN TEMPO. I usually refer to it as a THOUGHTFUL PASS. I suggest that partners further actions COME UNDER REVIEW, but that their hand may SPEAK FOR ITSELF. Finish the auction. If you have a problem when dummy hits SAY SO. If you ...
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