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Phil Clayton
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July 27, 2010
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about me

Professional: Part of the Agile consulting practice at NTT Data after running the PMO at Toyota. Starting 1/20, I will be partially based in Seattle although I live in Dallas. 


Personal: Dad to three ex-caddies and one very patient and understanding spouse. Besides bridge, I enjoy mountain biking and I'm relearning the guitar (might swap lessons if you are game).  


Bridge: Reigning king of the machines. Have won a few minor league NABC's in the last two years. Inventor of Martian Standard with Andrew Gumperz (IM me for a summary). 


United States of America

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Anything that reduces information leak en route to the final contract
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Support Double or not
About the only hand pattern where I would want to double for takeout is when I have four clubs. Timo, you haven't said what you want the double to be, only that it should not be support.
Support Double or not
Well, the nice thing about a support double is that it seldom ends the auction, so there's time for opener to show extra values. Sometimes our seven card fit at the two level is the best place, especially if opener has a ruffing value - which he should.
Crowdfunding for New Bridge Organization
David, I don't think there's enough of a market for a second organization. Actually, three, talk to Tanya Rodich of the ABA and their plight. An organization needs legitimacy to work. It also needs a baseline number of members. The start up costs are pretty staggering, if you ...
Support Double or not
Perfectly fine to agree this shows three spades. It's just not some trashy weak NT hand, more like a 3-1-5-4 with extras. Partner can return to 3m with a degree of safety. You can also agree this is an optional penalty x - more like 18-19. This fits nicely with ...
Mark Jones's bidding problem: --- AJ85 AQ65 KQ876
I think partner is asking me a question about the trump queen. I do not have it so I sign off. While it's convenient to think this is an offer to play, it's commonly played to use the first step after the void showing response to ask, and ...
Mark Jones's bidding problem: --- AJ85 AQ65 KQ876
When hearts don't behave, we may have problems in 6 too.
Crowdfunding for New Bridge Organization
David, I think your heart is in the right place, and there will be a time and a place for fund raising, but this is not the time. Others have expressed a need for a business plan. Well, how exactly are you going to pull this off? There will need ...
You be the Judge - missed game over weak 2
Think how hard it would be to get to game if South had passed. I would open the West hand 1N (wouldn't you?)
What's this double?
AKA Phantom Double. Typically 4=4=4=1.
Defend 3NT at IMPs
Perhaps depends on style, but with 2=5=2=4, I would expect declarer to look for the 5-3 fit. Similarly, with 2=4=2=5, 2 would be the normal start. Therefore, I place declarer with exactly 3=4=2=4 because I would not expect partner ...

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