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Phil Clayton
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July 27, 2010
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United States of America

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Dana Harbor (CA) BC
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Pros and Cons of Having Committees in Your Club Games
The only reason you need a committee in a club is to debate the merits of decaf vs regular and sprinkled cupcakes vs plain.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: 3 T QJ963 KJT862
To me problems like mine underscore one of the benefits of an unbalanced diamond. If partner opened 1 and our majors were switched, we would push the envelope very hard. Here, we need to cater to a weak NT, even a 4=4=3=2 variety.
Double Dummy Encore Screening Today at 5:30 pm
Any chance to view if you aren't on prem?
ATB - missed grand
I like 5 over 3. It shows great trump and nothing to cue or terrible trump and too much to show. Barring that, I suppose if South was paranoid about distinguishing between 2 and 4 card support, perhaps he shouldn't take over. Besides that the auction looks ...
Spingold Round of 32 Vugraph Matches?
The default for a R64 or R32 match should be a Cinderella team. You'll have plenty of chances to watch Nickell, Fleisher and Lavazza in later rounds people.
Han Peters's bidding problem: xx J KJxxxx ATxx
Was a weak 3 available?
7-8 seconds feels like a month in this situation. Nicely done Kevin.
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
Thanks Jan!
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
Would love it if someone could post a pic of the head to head match results.
1m-(1M)-3M: splinter OR asking opener to bid 3NT
Bud, you can actually play both - as long as responder is good enough to bypass 3N.

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