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Opening 1NT with 4-5 touching suits and an unstopped doubleton
By the way, I created this poll as a discussion point:
Another question on a director call
I seem to be looser on claims than the general BW population but I have no problems giving the defense two tricks. Declarer (this time) really is having a blackout and thinks the clubs are high which is why they didnt bother to finesse the club. The clubs arent high ...
Opening 1NT with 4-5 touching suits and an unstopped doubleton
Sure, but this set of hands that is good enough to reverse is also good enough to upgrade out of 1N with 2335, i.e., Kx xx AKxx AKxxx vs Kx xxx AKx AKxxx
Reserving Rights
Which is why I phrase it as "can we agree your partner's call was a little slow"? This has never caused hard feelings since Ive employed it.
Two-suited Overcalls
I play something similar over 1 but not 1.
Claim Ruling
Ed, you've converted "should" into "requires" in the space of 15 words. Those terms do not mean the same thing.
Claim Ruling
Ed: The term "should" is plenty unclear.
A Fun One
Partner has 2245 or maybe 1345. My hand is gold and its going to be tough for me to play below 6. I'll start with 4.
A Fun One
There are several varieties of XYZ. Some play 3 as strong, others play it was a signoff.
Claim Ruling
Agree. Seems odd that a declarer should be penalized for a poorly worded statement when saying nothing is sufficient. Nor am I willing to play Kreskin and try to figure put declarers state of mind and likelihood of a 'blackout' because of said statement.

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