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F Stewart Critique of Gambling 3N
Positionality (D. Burn will tell me if this an actual word) is not that important for the first bid in an auction but its highly important once one of the opponents expresses length or strength. Concealment is always important.
Partner misdescribed my bid. Did I do the right thing?
See Kit's and John's discussion below. Beyond that, when my partner and I have an accident, and there might be damage, I dont want my opponents to feel like there is 'social pressure' on them not to call the director so we will do it ourselves if they ...
Videos from Atlanta NABC
Josh: pro tip. Dont sit North. Or West.
commentating on other table
Ill mute certain commentators that IMO add no substance to the show.
commentating on other table
Yes, its not like vugraph tables are like TV stations where we are trying deter viewers from changing channels.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: J4 K5 AK9742 T92
I'd like worse hearts for 3 but I can't wait for the perfect hand. 1N turns things into a guessing game. Like here.
commentating on other table
IMO discussing the current hand is OK. Discussing boards at the other table that have not been played at ours is NOT.
Is this restricted choice? (WBF junior finals, board 11)
Yes Dave I checked, you are right but it doesnt change my premise unless East were an unlikely 4351.
Is this restricted choice? (WBF junior finals, board 11)
I watched this hand last night. The Swedes had a highly artificial auction to get to 6 by South. North relayed and discovered South had exactly 4135. This is VERY relevant. Along the way, East doubled a 4 (maybe 5) cue, so the opponents weren't exactly ...
Ethics issue or not?
Yes and no. I think if East bid 4, we'd characterize the call as taking an ethical action.

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