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Phil Clayton
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July 27, 2010
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Originally from Montana, then 30 years in Orange County, CA and Dallas since early 2017. I currently lead the Program Management Office at Toyota Motor, NA in Plano. I coach Agile teams and teach and support JIRA and Microsoft Project. Married to the consummate bridge widow Kimi, and we have three ex-caddies that share our name, as well as one grandchild (gasp!). 

My regular partner, Andrew Gumperz and I have developed Martian Standard which is a blend between what Fantunes and Welland/Auken play. It is fun to play and very effective.  

United States of America

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Anything that quickly gets to the final contract with a minimal exchange of information.
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Zonal Governance Proposals
Zonal Governance Proposals
[i]Do you not see that if a district is so geographically spread out that it makes it far more difficult for people to attend and compete for NAP or GNT if they must drive 5-9 hours to reach the playing site, rather than 30 minutes to 1.5 hours ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
Jan, if anything the lack of good resources in Horn Lake is an even more compelling reason to try to backfill domain knowledge on the BOD. The new ED, or senior staff members may be great at some things but need help in others, and a skills-based BOD can help.
Zonal Governance Proposals
Bill, these are nice and valid sentiments. Can you explain why you think they are remotely relevant to this vital discussion?
Zonal Governance Proposals
Peg - The district can / should be able to select its own GNT/NAP site without permission from the BOD. I suppose getting permission the 1st time (I think D18 was the first) to host the GNTs online would have needed BOD approval. Otherwise Im hard pressed to understand the nature ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
Steve and Chris: Thank you posting this. My 2 cents: 1. We can seek a professional board that is ‘at large’. We can seek a board based on district representation. I do not think we can do both, and any attempt to split the baby will result in a bad ...
Do you have methods that help here?
I think a 2N rebid might have solved some of our pain. 3 implies 5-6, and if partner raises we can try 5. This might be the setup where 4 is the money spot across AQxx QJx xxx xxx.
ATB: Diving to disaster
I think 3 is spot on. I gave a little blame to South who might have bid a lead-directing 4. 6 is flat-out ridiculous. Very unilateral, one less spade card than advertised, and an Ace that might be cashing. I do not get testy with my partners ...
Upcoming, Challenging NABC's?
I think going to Reno spoils people and sets a high expectation for other locations.
"The worst play I have ever seen"
From what I understand, your conversations are more like, "You called on THAT?" "You really got bluffed out holding 2nd Nuts"? .....worse play Ive ever seen!

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