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A New Ethics?
Totally agree with Debbie here. Ethics and its ugly flipside, unethical behavior don't enter into it. It's sporting to allow a replay, but I hesitate to call the lack of allowing an undo as 'unsporting'. Were Hamman and Soloway 'unsporting' when they didn't allow Lauria to take ...
Senior Slams II
Michael - true. Sorry, yes, but a squeeze (at least to me) is [i] preferable [/i] rather than [I] necessary [/i]. Kit / Steve YMMV, but I'm just very skeptical that Wold would open 4 red as dealer with K??, KQxxxxx, x, xx especially when it's quite possible the ...
Take a risk for vul game or double for a certain positive score?
That is my choice too, but I refuse to vote in a bidding poll disguised as a general poll on Page 1.
Senior Slams II
Your line (spade establishment) is only really necessary when LHO is 3=8=1=1 (and the is an 'x'). The spade establishment and squeeze line both work if LHO is 2=8=2=1. When LHO has K and the stiff Q/J, you need the squeeze, so ...
ATB - How did we let this through?
The club lead wasn't great (I'd lead a heart). Ducking the diamond was pointless. There's no other reason to get back to dummy. However, why should West overtake the diamond to play another club? Doesn't he want a heart through?
Senior Slams I
Also note that where declarer jumped to 6 over 3N there should be no inference about the lack of a trump lead.
Senior Slams I
Thanks Kit. A few comments. 1. I never mentioned any inference about the diamond lead itself being shortness based on the bidding. I have no idea if 3 is natural or some kind of punt. The 7 looks like shortness based purely on the spots alone. Nor do they ...
Jumps in comp
Or, a competitive double followed by a suit rebid, which should also be forcing if responder does not mind defending.
Follow ups to partner's 3NT overcall of their pre-empt
When its been discussed, I've played the following methods: 4 = ask. ...4 = min balanced (16-19) ...4 = min with a trick source ...4 = max balanced (20-22) ---4N = max and a trick source 4 / 4 / 4 = // transfers (the impossible one is ...
What is needed to freebid after takeout?
The Illuminati play: x = spades, any strength 2 = inv+ in hearts 2 = inv+ in clubs 2/2 = competitive 3/3 = blocking This call is well-suited for a 3 under these conditions. The only thing this method gives up is a natural 2 ...

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