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Sportsmanlike dumping???
Sometimes you have to have a dumping incident before you know how to solve it. In the USBC RR, the final (3?) matches are sequestered to prevent 'strategic' losses. Additionally, creating a large enough carryover or other incentives in later matches to play hard today is intelligent design.
Which Card
Hi Craig: 1. Think his name is Shan. Last name Huang. But yes, talented and solid. 2. What 'secondary double squeeze' are you talking about? Doubles w/o the count are very rare and my recollection is they are saturated with entries. On this hand we look after clubs and ...
What does this double mean?
Hasnt this auction been discussed at least 10 times on here already?
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
And yet, Marc waited until after the appeal period expired to publish this article. What possible motive can he have as Mark's representative at this point?
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
Mike, maybe you missed it but Marc is posting this with Mark Lair's consent. The reasons for this are between them and are frankly none of our business. I, for one, appreciate candid articles instead of all the hand-wringing that goes on without knowing the facts, and it's ...
Which Card
Two plausible choices I think: a. If declarer has KQJxxx x ?x Q9xx we want to send over the club ruff and get our club trick later. b. If declarer has KQJxxx xx ?x Q9x we should shift to a heart. I think partner can read that its likely our ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AQ9 A A76 AKQ962
Saw this late. My first thought was 4N is not RKB..
Plan the Play 6N IMPS
Hi Kieran - Maybe, but where are our points? We are marked with AJ from the lead, and if we had the K and non-solid hearts we aren't messing around if we are open in spades. If our hand was something like Txx KQJxx AJx xx declarer is getting two ...
Sophomore Blues
[b]"Day 3 Here I was. Now all the pressure was gone. I was playing with house money".[/b] Max, it is so easy to fall into this trap. Once you do, its very hard to maximize performance. I think its fine to set an initial goal of "Day 3 ...
Plan the Play 6N IMPS
Very cool hand indeed, and I think most of us has a collective blind spot as to the 3-3 spade split vs hook and didn't see the squeeze. If RHO has K9xx without the K, I think they foil this line with a smooth duck of the Q.

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