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Dec. 16, 2017
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Is this 3!d bid game forcing?
So if I have a weak hand with diamonds only and at most one club, I should pass on 3C. simulation tells me both contracts have descent chances but 3D have higher on a more generic side : 3NT by N is a bit better than from S, and your bid ...
Is this 3!d bid game forcing?
opener's strengh is well defined. and not forcing target is to look after 3 NT or 5+ clubs. responder knows that and can evaluate his/her hand in accordance. so next bid is either 3 NT or 5C directly, either 3M to look for other major stoppper (further 4m ...
what does 3 hearts mean
a 2 (gazzili or like version) at second bid by would have resolved all issues without this bid in the system, 3 must be minimum. Opener knows responder's strengh, so should decide now : 3 NT, 4 or 3 with weak opening
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totally agree
Slow Return
if West is A109x, then North is Q832. do you bid 3 NT knowing your partner is minimum for his bidding and diamonds will be led ? As East, I would presume North has a real stop, so Qxxxx or Q9xx, making heart switch the only option.
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