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Phil Hernandez
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Jan. 21, 2014
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Queen or Ace?
That's true. Low to the ace however does not completely deplete the chances of making six. And seven isn't a necessary target. Making 6 will score very well especially if the king is off.
Phil Hernandez's bidding problem: K97643 JT9 84 Q3
none. just confirming my action. And the fact that online bridge is truly random. Partner's hand: AQx AQx x AKJxxx of course.
NMF or XYZee?
So with xyz what is 1 - 1 - 1 - (1 or 2) vs the same auction via 2/? (I use 2 as a game force with a real suit as opposed to an all purpose GF.)
NMF or XYZee?
In Canada (where it is also pronounced zed), we refer to it as xyZEE. However, it's a zed28 and a 240zed, eh!
Very Unlikely
That's an overbid. It could be a mistake but do you really want partner to pass with Axx xxx JTxx Kxx?
Very Unlikely
On this point I'm not sure I agree. Per Law 16B1 (b), it is the TD's job to read the collective minds of this class of player to see if they'd consider and in some cases choose the bid. There isn't always a pool of peers ...
Avoid Commitment
Over 2H, does partner bid 2S with a minimum and 2NT with a max?
I wonder if he (mistakenly) believed that 2NT was lebensohl/ingbermann and dutifully bid 3c with his 4153, happy that he is playing a system that allows for responder to show a weak 4-6. Then, when partner next bids 3NT, his sequence is no longer weak - its forward-going showing a ...
Don't Concede
Seriously? Kit discusses themes that have relevance and value across the bridge spectrum (and that sometimes take the event and state of the match into account) and you're pestering him about the source? If you want to know more about the event, go read a write up about it ...
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