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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

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Question for the weak no trumpers
We should probably stop and simply agree that there is marginal value for an invitational bid over a 1NT opening and that having a 5 card suit is clutch, but I hate to go last. Every descriptive bid has a higher transaction cost than pass. I agree that David Burn ...
Question for the weak no trumpers
I disagree Benoit. Plenty of times defending 2NT or 3NT I have found the defence easier because I knew declarer was minimum or maximum. Moreover plenty of times I have seen the speculative double employed with good effect because the defence knew that game had been bid on marginal values ...
Question for the weak no trumpers
"Why should an invitation be bad practice?" Inviting with a good 13 or a fair 14 opposite an average balanced 10/11 will sometimes result in a minus score in a part score contract. When you invite with a good 13 or a fair 14 opposite a good balanced 11 ...
Question for the weak no trumpers
I play 9-14 in 1st and 2nd. The invitational bids over this range when not vulnerable have almost no equity. If you play a significantly smaller range then you are long term losing every time you invite not vulnerable. If you are going to have invitational bids in these marginal ...
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
I think the rationale for this opening 1NT is flawed. It would be right to say that when the weak 1NT goes for a number it is more keenly remembered by a purist but it is wrong to say that the major downside of the weak 1NT opening is going ...
What is the best Grosvenor Gambit you've seen?
Playing with Andrew Mill a long time ago he produced a variation of the gambit which I would call the Grosvenor Sacrifice. Declarer was in 7 spades holding Axxxx trump in hand opposite Q10xxx in dummy. Milly sitting over dummy held KJx of trumps. After winning the opening lead in ...
1NT - (P) - P - (X)
"I know that SW1NE is inferior in that it does not allow 1NT doubled" I think SW1NE is a crappy method but I also think that taking away 1NT doubled as a possible spot to play is an advantage to the openers side. The other myth that is common in ...
Mike Doecke's bidding problem: 75 AK6 AKQJT852 ---
1S P 4S P P 5D I estimate the chance that a savy opener or responder double 5D on this auction is close to 0%. 1S 5D I estimate the chance that a savy opener or responder double 5D on this auction is not close to 0%.
Dirty Talk
"I don't like the idea of a further penalty against South, unless the director can determine that the remark was deliberate to get a misguess - which he won't be able to do." This. I am hopeful that all my talk during a bridge game has had a net ...
An Extra Chance
"Excellent read, like always." - snap. The argument that North can bid 3 spades as necessary bothers me. If I was playing some kitchen bridge it would be a stronger argument but otherwise I think this choice should always be looked at through the prism of how easy it is to ...
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