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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

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Properly explaining a transfer accept
I didn't intend sounding uncharitable. Its a genuine dilemma for a serious player and a good question. The most litigated section of the Australian Constitution is also the shortest section - "Trade between the states shall be absolutely free". Seems to be clear but in practice it is the poster ...
Properly explaining a transfer accept
I think the explanation given is poor. It is a mundane auction for you and your partner so I would make it explicit that partner has transferred to hearts and your acceptance shows that you have 10-12 balanced with 2-5 hearts. The rules create space to be something less than ...
I visualise hands like I am holding them and looking at them. I usually visualise my own hand when I play. Look at it once then put it down and don't look at it again till the auction has finished. It has always seemed weird to me that players ...
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
Thanks for voting. This wasn't my system or hand. It was a hand I was asked about. I voted for 4H's and expressed the view that a 3H invitational bid was lacking equity (as would a 3D invitational bid in my view). Responder had Qxx Kxx Jx AJxxx ...
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
The description "limit raise" refers to a hand that is just below forcing to game. Bidding 2H or 3H over 2D here would show about 10-12 with 3 card heart support.
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
You promise a limit raise when you bid either 2H or 3H. The difference is that 3H is a better limit raise, in the context of the auction since you redoubled. I don't like it but that's the system being played.
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
Pass would definitely be forcing.
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
3H is a better limit raise than 2H.
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
It is agreed in this system that 2H confirmed a limit raise.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AQJ KJT KQJT94 7
I have never been happy with the breadth of the usual single suited 1-3 rebid auction so the fairly natural 3NT rebid solves that as too good to rebid 3 of the opened suit. I figure the risk/reward on a clunky looking 3NT bid is better than the other ...
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