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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

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Seeding is a practical recognition that some participants are a bigger chance to win an event than others (1 participant might be a 1 in 5 shot to win and another a 10,000 to 1 shot). Without seeding the results of a tournament are more random and that is ...
Curious Hand
If partner has all the missing values he has a 9 count so I don't think he is balancing a lot. If game is good I would guess maybe 80% of the time it is this hand that would need to take action ? Just consider the junky 5332's ...
Curious Hand
In the debate about bidding over 1NT you forgot to include that you get a game bonus if you make 10 tricks in a major which scores a bunch more than getting maybe 9 tricks defending 1NT.
Active Ethics vs Ethics
"But you said it was "regardless of your own self-interest" yet this suggests you are actually taking your own self-interest into account, and acting against it." That's due to my status as a human being. I have another example in mind that might serve to see if we are ...
Active Ethics vs Ethics
I think my answer is that I might take an above and beyond approach. I find the detail of the bridge laws frustrating and a couple of laws I basically ignore. Obviously a dangerous and heavy handed approach. The problem is that sometimes in my view the laws are contradictory ...
Active Ethics vs Ethics
I don't agree. The Zia example is convenient for your argument. Take a more difficult position; Your get a different explanation from an opponent than what is stated on their system card. You know that if you had received the correct explanation you would of done what you did ...
Hilda and Ellen
Sadly no smoking during a match this event. I should of said if I am dummy I am a great dummy.
With a Plan
I liked the description too. It is the type of harsh analysis that, as indicated in my first paragraph, I prefer. You can't however avoid the fact that it is a better lead when you have the hand record.
With a Plan
Bruce and I have a rule. If you fail to support partner with support and for whatever reason it goes bad you are a ********. Never had a hand where we were both ********'s. It is worth mentioning that if your partner splintered at his first shot it would be a ...
A bad start
As a lawyer I am always a bit surprised when non lawyers are outraged to find its application capricious or plain unjust. I always skip the outrage. I like not to be a lawyer when I am a bridge player and I resent the idea that I have to know ...
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