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Phil Markey
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June 3, 2015
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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

Personal philosophy - clothing optional


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On computer versus hand shuffling
The croupiers who used to pay me for poker lessons always referred to what is called a "wash" here as a Chamois Shuffle.
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
"Did you pre-announce what the slam depended on? Because, otherwise, it seems reeally doubtful that LHO, if he dropped the Q, did it for the reason you state." You don't know Andrew Mill. It may not of been certain that slam depended on the doubleton queen but he would ...
Another reason for why Bridge is viewed as an old people's game
An argument that is based on women needing a womens only event in order to avoid bad behaviour from men is offensive to me. It seems the same as advising women not to do things that might encourage bad behaviour from men, like wearing revealing clothes or staying out late ...
Another reason for why Bridge is viewed as an old people's game
"Granting women a women’s game where they are free from the behaviors of some males, behaviors that are patently offensive to women, is simply an attempt to level the playing field, and eliminate issues and barriers men don’t deal with." That's right Ladies. Don't go out ...
Phillip Martin's bidding problem: AK32 75 53 AQT86
I double. 2C is asking to get beat up in some competitive auction and double protects my big upsides. In my experience overcalling 4 card suits will end badly a lot and is generally crap. I wouldn't bother with a dinosaur name convention to fix this "problem".
Phil Markey's bidding problem: A963 AK63 85 JT2 I would double.
Phil Markey's bidding problem: K2 T8752 AKQJ2 7 5D is hopeless with diamonds breaking 5/1 and hearts 3/1. 5H's is a doddle.
Escape Route
"Frankly, I don't remember having made the 2♣ call without clubs in the last 20 years. Probably we have done once or twice and I just don't remember it." Can't recall it, but it (or an analogous sequence) has come up twice in your last couple of ...
Escape Route
KQJ xx xx AKJ10xx I hit the 10-12 1NT opening in the immediate seat and responders 2C bid comes back to me. I ask and get the explanation that it shows clubs and a higher. I have a convenient penalty double and do that. Responder redoubles and upon asking I ...
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: AJT64 AT76 --- Q764
I am going to decide if we make game now because that is where the big $$ is. 4C provides good opportunity to look stupid but I like pass. 3S sucks.
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