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Phil Markey
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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

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Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
I am the same as Ben although if you raised 4th suit with just 3 good ones you would get a lecture and I don't raise an initial response with 3 card support unless I have a sub-minimum and then we have some simple machinery to unravel it. Bidding ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
"Before making his lead opening leader inquired whether the 1♠ bid promised a 5-card suit. Declarer responded that it could be a 4-card suit" Only hearing one side of the story makes it harder to imagine a "suitable answer". Maybe this part of the story is a clue ? There is ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
I think that the players who bend and twist the laws are in all but rare circumstances players who previously got bent and twisted by the laws. I am convinced that there is a direct positive correlation between people who complain about the laws and people who are bad at ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
I agree with what you say, but I will deny to the death your right to say it like that. "I think the issue is a matter of intent. Every player at some time due to inattentiveness or carelessness has failed to fully explain a bid." "South was intentionally failing ...
Early Finesse
"So it kinda makes you a little more predictable when opening 3 but less predictable when opening 4" Weak 2's are appropriately named in my view and I don't play them. I open 3S in this seat every time I hold 6 spades except when I open 4S ...
WBF accepted proposal for proving honesty of organization
I won a national event last year. 2 imps up after 52 with 14 to play. Lost the last set 9 to 8 to win by 1. Naturally the vice captain benched me for the last so I got to watch instead. Those hands were rigged for sure.
Early Finesse
A preempt that has value can't sensibly be called an "over-preempt". Using the word "sheer" is a substitute for saying opening 4S has more value than opening 3S and I broadly agree. I think the argument for opening 3S should be about maintaining a big range for your 3S ...
A very basic auction?
I play a natural system - 2S is obviously forcing. Partner would of opened 1NT with your hand (and 2NT over 2S would be a GF because that shows a strong 1NT). We would open 1H with any unbalanced 9 count with 5+ hearts. Actually we usually open a 5/5 ...
A very basic auction?
I value bidding at your first go so 2S can be poor. Not really poor but compared to the rest of the world poor. 3D is not forcing and 4D agrees spades in my world. 3C would be a GF probably unbalanced (2NT is an obvious balanced GF in my ...
Never a dull moment
Hand 1 I draw trumps, cash 2 clubs ending in dummy and exit a big spade pitching a heart. Bidding 1NT and then 3D is awful and describing it as an overbid is inaccurate. Make a choice and stick to it. When you take a position and then take another ...
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