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Phil Markey
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June 3, 2015
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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

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Irrational or brilliant?
"I should also add that I have never seen Phil play a system that includes any 15 counts in his 1NT opening, so right-siding is probably less important than in a Standard context." That's a good point. I do automatically assume the weak 1NT opening background because that is ...
Irrational or brilliant?
I think east should bid over 1NT but the rest of the world probably thinks I am wrong about that. I have always played that 4M over a 1NT opening is to play and the south cards are an easy 4S bid for me. I don't think there is ...
Irrational or brilliant?
If east ruffs a heart at trick 2 and gets out a trump I don't see how it makes ?
David Coles's bidding problem: K9 3 T7654 KQT76
How about when you pass and it goes 4H back to you ? That is not a happy spot. I win plenty of auctions where we have legitimate offence and some when we don't. We can agree that the operating cost is more acute than usual but that seems to ...
Hamish Brown's bidding problem: K AKQJ98765 A 65
This is an easy 2C bid if you play control responses.
David Coles's bidding problem: K9 3 T7654 KQT76
I think 2NT is a clear long term winner. If partner was a passed hand at these colours playing for imps I would think about 2C before choosing 2NT but I am never passing.
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
I know maybe 20 serious bridge players who are or have been professional gamblers who have won a lot. I know a few who have the potential for losing big at gambling but none who actually have (I did once see a lonely looking multiple world champion smashing a slot ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AQJ9 AJ 952 AQ62
I think the methods don't really affect the problem. The system has given all it could and now I have to judge what's best. The usual. I think slam is my value zone. 4NT.
Playing Weak NT. How to bid after 1m=1M with 4 card support.
The auction 1m-1M-2M is awkward playing a weak 1NT opening compared to playing a 15-17 1NT opening. In the latter case the sequence is very often a weak 1NT type hand with 4 card support and therefore comparatively easy for responder to judge. Playing a weak 1NT opening the possibilities ...
Mini-NT when?
"Isn't 1N doubled a great spot to be in if you know you're good for at least six tricks?" If you know you are good for at least 6 tricks as the declaring side then 1NT doubled is an awful spot compared with 1NT redoubled. We can agree ...
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