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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

Personal philosophy - clothing optional


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Four for the price of one
I pass all 4 times. I spent some equity bidding over 3H's so if that goes bad I will assume I am a chook. As is I am not going to "Chevy".
Competing against mini-NT
Let's assume that you are not going to take action in the immediate chair with a 4432 13/14 count. If you are going to protect that position and make sure they don't play 1NT undoubled when you have game values you are going to have to double ...
Competing against mini-NT
"2) Balancing X show balanced hand covering for the maximum direct seat could have and not X for your side to make game." Can I interest you in a rubber game if I promise to play a 10-12 1NT opening ? I don't think there is a winning way to ...
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
I agree with your comments regarding the tempo of the doubling side if you play XX. In practice these auctions create a tempo minefield and directors are not astute enough to appreciate the position. A good reason to have appeal committees... It helps the tempo/legal problem described if you ...
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
"There is a practical consideration which I think outweighs any such analysis. If you pass out 1NT doubled, the auction is over. The opponents don't get a second chance. However, if either partner redoubles, whatever it means, then both opponents have the opportunity to reconsider." In my view this ...
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
"Maybe Europeans are not as aggressive as Australians but the final contract is more or less never 1NTxx; someone always bails." Snap. In terms of development of the method it is all about what to do when they run. Don't get excited about doubling them in a part score ...
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
I confess to not following every part of your post and analysis. It is an issue I have a lot of practical experience with. I play a 9-14 1NT opening. If it is doubled by the next player to bid XX by responder shows (7)8+ to play. If the ...
ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
To quote Kieran Dyke - "you live in a system gulag". I have played 9-14 for decades in Oz. Reading this thread the irony of playing a broad weak range is that because it is not common I respond to my opponents questions about it by providing a more detailed description ...
ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
I play 1NT in first and second seat as 9-14 balanced. When you ask me about it I tell you when it will be 9-10 and when it will be 14. I do not understand why there is any need to impose a restriction on the range of a 1NT ...
Play a three no trump
I duck trick 1. Win the king of diamonds trick 2 and play a club to the ace and then a spade to the king.
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