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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

Personal philosophy - clothing optional


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Liam Milne's bidding problem: J75 KJ8 K432 K75
I should of abstained because I wouldn't have given away the opportunity to open the bidding and I always tell partner what my minor is.
Invite with 8 points?
Declarer advantage and extra declarer skill are factors to consider in this sort of analysis but they are only significant factors when you are playing poor opponents. I think a bigger factor is the transaction cost of inviting. Usually to invite over a 1NT opening you have to reveal details ...
Another online NABC, another proposed system to play with the GIBs
I like opening 10-12 1C with 2 clubs and the others 443 or 542.
Invite with 8 points?
"Both partners should not be taking the scoring method into account, and our choice is that inviter is real and accepter gets to take those things into consideration." Whilst it is bad if you "double count" the vulnerability it is the baby out with the bath water if you agree ...
Invite with 8 points?
I don't think there should be much if any distinction between inviting with an 8 count 4333 shape with or without a major. The basis for this view is that if opener shows a fit for your major you still have a marginal invite and playing a NT contract ...
I cheat
The director was going to be a while so I did wait for a minute or two. My opponents were very experienced players and when I suggested I would leave observing that there was no factual dispute and saying that I had nothing to tell the director they were both ...
I cheat
I have written and deleted several replies to posts on this site dealing with ethics. Most of the posts I read bother me because they don't seem real. I view the purpose as a license for me not to delete the next reply.
I cheat
No procedural penalty. I am confident the rules say I should of gotten one but I wasn't playing in some backward jurisdiction like ACBL land where it seems like the rules are revered. I can't recall anyone ever from my table in 30 years of Oz bridge getting ...
Over Their Weak Notrump
I think 3 has merit, playing 3D as natural. If you play 1 and overcall 2D you are again poorly placed when responder bids 2NT lebensohl or 2S. As a general point about system after they open a weak 1NT I think you have to concede that sometimes they are ...
Over Their Weak Notrump
As a career weak 1NT player I of-course agree with Bill but if you sit at my table and play 2D as one major I rejoice in the thought that you will be commonly bidding that major for the first time at the 3 level or not at all. As ...
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