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Phil Stephens
Phil Stephens
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Sept. 30, 2015
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Jan. 26, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

Have been playing bridge reasonably seriously since 2005. Have represented Scotland multiple times at both junior and open level. Theoretical Physicist turned software engineer and big data specialist turned Hedge Fund Guy.

United Kingdom

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Frazer Morgan, Alex Wilkinson
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The Spring Fours, The Camrose
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Coach vs Mentor
Generally I think that a coach helps you with the technical aspects of your game, a mentor helps you with everything else. By technical aspects I mean: bidding judgement and theory, defensive signalling, card-play analysis etc. A mentor should provide: advice on and access to appropriate partners, advice on how ...
Doing nothing is actually a pretty good strategy. Let the various organisation try out different things until people see what works. Then write rules which are sufficiently broad as to allow all the common permutations that seem to work well. WBF doesnt need rules for online play until they wish ...
Kitty Munson Cooper's lead problem: K4 AQT963 AK9 A6
I don't think its right to lead a diamond because you may need several tempos to establish a black suit ruff. I'd lead the heart ace because I think that the chance of the heart K being on your right is basically zero. If you can keep control ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 94 KQ93 KQJ653 A
I would imagine that partner is something like 5134 and was weak enough that they were happy to sit 3D. Partner has diamonds and spades, and for some reason was unsuitable for a 3s bid. Happens quite a lot, like Kxxxx x Axxx Kxx or something. Would people bid 3S ...
Paul Gipson's bidding problem: 8 AKQT76542 3 87
You know what I call 9 solid? Trumps. :) Just seems easy bid. If partner contributes one trick you have almost certainly done the right thing. If what you open with 9 solid falls under your pre-empt agreement for 3N I'll eat my hat. These hands are so rare that ...
Paul Gipson's lead problem: Q762 J42 98 KT93
Its been my experience that trump leads are often the most annoying as declarer, especially if you have the chance to lead multiple rounds of trumps, as they are often declarers only sure means of communication between the two hands. Its true that DD this doesn't help much, as ...
Defense line?
I like this solution. Not sure why it didnt occur to me. If we are beating this without a club ruff partner must be able to encourage diamonds, and he will never encourage if he wants a club ruff. If he discourages I can play a club. The only slight ...
Just bridge?
It wasn't an accusation, its just something that directors need to think about. Just as in UI situations where the director must rule so as to prevent unscrupulous players taking advantage of a hesitation - regardless of whether they think that actually happened, so here a director must rule so ...
Defense line?
It would be a very odd looking hand for west to have a singleton club, so partners lead is likely from doubleton or singleton. The question is then asked - what hands are consistent with this auction? I would say there are two primary types - declarer has 7 good spades, and ...
PS: I have always used frigid as a single dummy term and cold as a double dummy term. If its frigid then its cold on any reasonably DD layout (given the bidding).

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