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Philip McPeek
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April 25, 2016
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Gold Rush
Any number of current competitive video games have sidestepped this issue ('the black box algorithm says...') by avoiding publicizing a specific numerical rating but instead lumping players into named rankings (e.g. bronze II, silver III, elite 4...). Sure, 'bronze' is arguably a euphemism for 'below average,' but even above ...
Open+ Chart opens up new bridge territory
To be fair, most things are most useful vs. the guppies
Open+ Chart opens up new bridge territory
That's definitely the site I found it from, though its been some years since I've seen it. I don't like a conventional double vs. SC as it delivers a semi-positive XX (or transfer or what not... i.e. extra space) to the opposition with little trade off.
Open+ Chart opens up new bridge territory
1NT any single suiter comes from a strong club defense called HUNT I found online some years ago. It's basically DONT but notrump bids replace the double.
1NT rebid showing 13-15 balanced
No alert required in ACBLland; alert procedures only require alerting a 1n rebid which could contain 16+.
Director Ruling
If the alert/explanation was an accurate description of their agreement then the ruling is correct. The opponents are allowed to misbid.
Philip McPeek's lead problem: KT T964 JT82 873
Not sure what happened. Fixed
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 4 AKJ85 AK74 875
But it meets the definition of your 1 opener
Looking to play "The Little Major" system by Terence Reese
Roy Hughes' Building A Bidding System (recent-ish) gives it a brief nod and cites the relevant book (mentioned above) and bridge world articles. Can track down the references if you're still looking but my copy is in a box.
Rubber Bridge at the NABC in Philly
I only stopped in for about 4 hands; just wanted to see what was up. We were pretty much just playing social bridge and not keeping score; Chicago was being played at another table and keeping score was floated before I left. There were 3 or 4 tables playing (there ...

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