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Phillip Martin
Phillip Martin
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Phillip Martin lives in Scarsdale, New York. He is the Chief Technology Officer for Gargoyle Strategic Investments in Englewood, New Jersey. He is also a composer, currently serving as Composer-in-Residence for Hartford Opera Theater. While he retired from tournament play some twenty years ago to pursue other interests, he has remained active in bridge as a writer, contributing occasional articles to The Bridge World and Bridge Today and publishing a bridge blog, The Gargoyle Chronicles.

United States of America

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“Never preempt over a preempt”...what’s the intuition? (If you agree)
You won't overcall with all hands where you would have pre-empted. But there is definitely some overlap. If you have a good suit and shortness in the opponent's suit, passing is dangerous, since partner (who is presumably lacking shortness in their suit) may be unable to act. With ...
What to continue?
You certainly might lead the A without the king. So if you continue clubs and don't want partner ruffing, you'd better continue with the king.
“Never preempt over a preempt”...what’s the intuition? (If you agree)
"What I think it means is that if you have a hand that is suitable for an opening preempt but one of your opponents beats you to making an opening preempt.., then don't make an overcall over this preempt, as your hand is not suitable for one." That's ...
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: K4 Q73 9752 AJ94
4 should show the 3-card limit raise. 3 is either the genuine-support-but-too-weak-for-2 hand or a preference with a doubleton, leaving open the possibility of exploring other strains. The need to bid 3 on the latter type means you can't reserve 3 for good hands ...
Malcolm Pryor's bidding problem: AQ42 A92 2 AQ954
3 seems to be the popular choice, but if partner has no help in hearts it may keep us out of 3NT when that's where we belong. Of course, it may also keep us out of 3NT when that's not where we belong.
Meaning of Double Jump Cue Bid
No doubt influenced by Adam Meredith's 1 openings.
Meaning of Double Jump Cue Bid
If John had ever thrown this auction at me, I'm sure he would have intended it as natural. He once overcalled 3 over a 1 opening with KQJ109xxx Kx x xx. (It turned out the 1 opener, Keith Garber, had psyched. Responder, who held a flat ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: KQ8xxx Qx Jxx Kx
If I feel the hand is too good for 2 but not good enough for 1, why do you want me to bid 7NT? Why can't I just answer what I would bid?
Bidding without Lebensohl
The old-fashioned way to play after an overcall of 1NT was that non-jumps in new suits (except for 3) were non-forcing (being able to compete is more important than having a delicate forcing auction). 2NT was natural but only mildly invitational--it could be competitive with a hand where you ...
Matchpoint Defense Trick 1
I see no reason to overtake. (Partner can't have a club void --see comment above.) So I encourage to stop a diamond shift. I have no idea what our best defense is, but partner should be able to work out I have the moderate hand with long clubs, so ...

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