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Phillip Martin
Phillip Martin
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July 12, 2011
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Phillip Martin lives in Scarsdale, New York. He is the Chief Technology Officer for Gargoyle Strategic Investments in Englewood, New Jersey. He is also a composer, currently serving as Composer-in-Residence for Hartford Opera Theater. While he retired from tournament play some twenty years ago to pursue other interests, he has remained active in bridge as a writer, contributing occasional articles to The Bridge World and Bridge Today and publishing a bridge blog, The Gargoyle Chronicles.

United States of America

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Mee - Phillip Martin
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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: K97643 J75 --- Q953
Last time, I bid 2. This time, I'll try the Dave Beer route.
Marc Droulez's lead problem: 86 852 AKQ52 842
The deuce should not confuse partner--or trick declarer. It's normal to lead lowest in notrump in a suit bid by the opponents. Sometimes it's necessary for technical reasons, so it makes sense to do so by agreement.
Marc Droulez's lead problem: 86 852 AKQ52 842
I tried a heart last time. I'll try a spade this time.
Jeff Ruben's bidding problem: --- 98 AKJ9765 AK98
I know it's wasteful to have two chances at the same problem and not to try something different the second time, but I don't see anything else I want to try. I'm bidding 5 again.
Meaning of 4C
It makes sense for 4 to be a slam try in hearts. But if you haven't specifically agreed that--or agreed to some general rule that defines it that way--it should be natural by default.
Bridge library for sale
I’ve seen the inventory. I suspect most collectors could sell off duplicates of what they already have (perhaps the Bridge Worlds alone) to recoup more than $2500, then keep the rest. So, I agree with you. Free is wrong. You’re getting the library for a credit.
Bridge library for sale
Just a suggestion. The next person out there who wants to dispose of an extensive bridge library, you might consider auctioning it off rather than, in essence, offering it for free to the next person who happens to log into Bridge Winners.
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
So one director ruled the hesitation suggested passing and disallowed the pass. Another ruled the hesitation suggested bidding and disallowed bidding. I have to say the second ruling makes more sense to me.
Michael Fleisher's bidding problem: AKxxx x Txx QT9x
Last time, I bid 3. This time I'll bid 4.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: QT43 3 AJT7 8432
If you think 2NT is a favorite to go down, what scenarios are you envisioning where double has a negative expectation? Our teammates are scoring +130 in diamonds or +140 in hearts? Our teammates are bidding and making a game? The opponents bid with our cards and go minus 200 ...

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