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Opener's rebid of 3NT in Precision
Over 2/1 2N shows balanced hand but not sure about strain. 3N would be confident that NT will be a good strain e.g. after 1 - 2 holding T9xxx KQT AQT Qx
Phillip Vest's bidding problem: J84 A KQT9752 T6
I agree 2S must not be to play, so looking for a stopper for NT. However, if he needs a heart stopper he can bid 3H - so must be looking for a club stop.
Multiple Promotions
2 by East over North's 1 would show 2-suiter. Would that necessarily be the black suits in this case - same as what the takeout double would show - or would it suggest hearts and a black suit to give it a different meaning from the double?
What do you open ?
1, partner responds 1. How does the auction proceed from there?
ATB Missed Game
Playing a strong club, so 1 opener's are sometimes lighter than standard 2/1
ATB Missed Game
Question has been edited with additional info.
Fast Arrival and Picture Jumps--the 3NT Slam Try
What are the implications after 1 - 2; 3 - 3 (cue-bid)? Does opener now have the 4(min), 3NT(slam try), 4 (strong slam interest) options?
Bridge abreviations list, bridge annotations and descriptions of hand pattern.
Prior BW thread:
Alertable NT Rebids (Precision)
Seems strange to me that after the auction starts 1 (alert shows 16+ hcp) that when opener rebids 1NT this must be alerted because it is not 12-14. Opponents already know it's not 12-14. They know it is 16+. If they want specifics they can ask.
Open New Orleans Discussion Thread
Same thing in flight C. I can say for flight C there were no results posted on-line for the 1st final session before this email 3 days after the event.
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