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July 3, 2010
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Loved every second being in Australia. That tourney is wonderful!
Good luck Team Sonsini!!!!
Reisinger Vugraph Post Mortem
I watched almost every board I love that the tables were linked. The only problem i saw was that many times, there was no bidding, nor results from a table. I understand how hard the job is. However, in the finals, the 3 leading teams should be covered by experienced ...
Life Ban Deserved?
Buddy, if you don't see the difference between ill advised, and moronic, you had more permissive judges than I. I routinely had to draw that distinction in order not to get court sanctions. Let's now just agree to disagree about what we each think is appropriate terminology to ...
Life Ban Deserved?
Buddy, it's important to note that legislation has not caught up to the internet and internet bullying. Be that as it may, I'm not exactly sure why you want to protect this type of speech on a bridge site. Strong opinions do not get removed. However, vicious attacks ...
Life Ban Deserved?
Thank you, Chip, for expressing what I was trying to.
Life Ban Deserved?
Michael, there is no such thing as an unfettered right to free speech, nor should there be. It is illegal to scream fire (when there is none) in a crowded theater. It is illegal to incite a riot. While those dangers seem obvious, what isn't, is what happens when ...
A letter to Fantunes
I ache for Sjoert,and all of those people having been cheated out of medals, trophies, and wins of all kinds. I have watched while Curtis has been cheated, and Marc Jacobus (my step-dad) was on the O' Rourke team Sjoert referred to (and the senior team cheated by the ...
World Championships Chennai
Looking forward to watching BBO matches starting Sunday, Sept.27. You can find the schedule at or go to bridge base and click on Vugraph schedule. It will be great to watch all of our favorites from around the world!
World Championships Chennai
Thank you! Curtis is my husband. He always plays hard, but respects and encourages his partner, teammates, and opponents

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