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Phyllis Yates
Phyllis Yates
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June 4, 2013
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Does it mean
ATxx Good enough
What does it mean
3 clubs is not weak in our system but invitational
Meaning of DOUBLE
I gather 2NT cannot be a "psyche", right? What does the 2NT bidder have to have in order for it to not be a psyche?
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: T9xx Axxxxx Tx x
Thanks for all the comments. So let's assume that the hand bids one heart and the bidding proceeds as before. Do you still bid 4 spades when partner bids 2 spades over to 2 clubs?
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: Txx Jxxxx xx Qxx
Hi All - thanks for your comments. I, too, thought the auction was impossible but wanted to make sure that I hadn't missed something. Your discussions confirmed that and I appreciate them. My partner held AQJxx, Ax, AKxxxx, X. Once he doubled he didn't know how to catch up ...
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: Txx Jxxxx xx Qxx
You're at the table, partner has made this bid and then 3S. So you pick up and go home?? ;) You can't abstain. I guess you can pass 3D if that's what you want to do? Or would you prefer to decide after partner bids 3S?
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: Txx Jxxxx xx Qxx
Auction is correct. That's one reason this problem is here.
Forcing or Not?
I think opener's pass should be treated as if he re-bid 1NT and whatever system you play should apply. if auction went 1C - P - 1H - P 1NT - P - 2D … New Minor, XYX, whatever assume opener had re-bid 1NT
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