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Pierre Schmidt
Pierre Schmidt
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Sept. 25, 2015
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Bridge Player
about me

Fell in love with Bridge 40 years ago ...

Editor at "Le Bridgeur"

Played at Budapest, Wroclaw and Lyon in the French team (seniors). 


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3 times winners of an open french championship. Silver medal World Bridge Game Wroclaw.
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Joanna Zochowska - Pauline Schmidt - Stéphane Garcia
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Bronze Life Master
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Pairing hands in BBO hand generator
Lol. I know there is a scripting language and I use it for simple things. What % of bridge players are professional programmers, in your opinion ? Let's now do a test : I would appreciate to know how you can program the BBO hand generator with these parameters : West : exactly the ...
Pairing hands in BBO hand generator
Where can I find the user's manual of this scripting language, so that I can answer your question ?
Anyone want to try a safety play?
I'm pretty sure at the table I would play A at trick 2, followed by another . It's hard to find a distribution where the defense can create 4 tricks after this play. I'm sure there are some but this is the second board of the round ...
Pairing hands in BBO hand generator
DealMasterPro has a powerful hand generator, with many many more options and parameters than the BBO hand generator. I use DMPro for statistical works only, because you can't play on DMPro. Years ago, I asked BBO's support how I could import the hands generated by DMPro into BBO ...
Zia would know what to do
Line "B" should take into account the "second" chance of Q(x) in . Not a detail, but does not change the conclusion. Also : you don't have the 9 of between both hands, so the single 10 does not help in your Plan "A". If I'm not ...
I hate Deep Finesse
David ... I'll give up after this last comment : you say declarer will first repeat the Diamond finesse before playing on spades. If you really like that, OK, but in the actual layout he will still go down ... count his tricks please ! 0 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 8 only. So, again ...
I hate Deep Finesse
I'm probably missing something but I don"t catch your point, David. With the East's hand you suggest, declarer can repeat the Diamond finesse or play on Spades first and he will make his contract (West has no Club left). And if East holds xxxx xx AQx QJ98 ...
I hate Deep Finesse
As I tried to explain, it's impossible in real life that a declarer decides to endplay East ! If declarer has 3 Spades only, it's really obvious he will repeat the Diamond finesse (he has 8 tricks only). If he has 4 (which is very unlikely), he won't ...
I hate Deep Finesse
David : if declarer repeats first the Diamond finesse, what did I lose ? Dominic : even if declarer started with 4 spades, he will never cash his 9 tricks. Nobody gives away one or two "obvious" overtricks. If you do so, as a declarer, you will never win any competition ! Peter : first ...
I hate Deep Finesse
Actually, what's interesting in this deal is that, if East wins the first Diamond with the ACE, it's likely 2 down instead of one. After a Club switch, declarer will play on Spades. East wins and play another Club. After declarer repeats the Diamond finesse, he is down ...
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