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Pierre Schmidt
Pierre Schmidt
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Sept. 25, 2015
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Dec. 7
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Bridge Player
about me

Fell in love with Bridge 40 years ago ...

Editor at "Le Bridgeur"

Played at Budapest, Wroclaw and Lyon in the French team (seniors). 


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Bridge Accomplishments
3 times winners of an open french championship. Silver medal World Bridge Game Wroclaw.
Regular Bridge Partners
Joanna Zochowska - Pauline Schmidt - Stéphane Garcia
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Bronze Life Master
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Pierre Schmidt's bidding problem: QJ K54 QT632 KT4
In real life, if you don't bid 1D, West bids ... 1D and when they reach 3NT your partner can't find the Diamond lead.
Pierre Schmidt's bidding problem: KT972 74 A75 AQ4
Your partner's hand : x AQxx KJ10x Kxxx 1Sx was 1.100 vs. 660
John Diamond's lead problem: QT8652 Q86 KT9 7
You may add that, in real life, lead the King of Diamonds also sets it 2 tricks ... that was my answer : as long as I decide to lead a Diamond, I'm afraid it can be difficult for my partner to read the 10 or 9. Nevertheless I now agree ...
Where did you learn to play bridge?
45 years ago ... with a few school's friends we used to play stupid card games. One of us found a bridge book in a library and said to the other ones : "hey, looks nice ..." and we tried to learn between us (you can imagine what it was !!). Few weeks ...
Fantunes - EBL and WBF ranking
The link goes to the "youth" classification. For open :
Playing conditions in Montecatini
See the "official" statement of the EBL's president : "... After an enquiry from the audience, Yves Aubry discussed the venue issue in Montecatini. The first venue was not large enough, the second did not have the required insurance permits...." That was in this daily bulletin (page 4) : :http://championships.eurobridge ...
Best Line to limit Trump suit losers to one
Three comments, if I may : 1/ Sorry, but all all percentages in previous comments are wrong ... because, at the table, before you tackle this suit there has been at least one trick played before (the lead !!). So the fact that one card is already know in each opponent's hand ...
Bidding 2/1 in SAYC, K-S or French style bidding systems with light opening bids
My definition of a FG hand, opposite a one level opening, is simple : it's a hand I would open myself in first or second position. Here, I would open the South hand and bid 1H 2D is therefore normal, even though it means we will end up in 3NT ...
Anyone who knows the result of the French Championship final?
They were seeded #1 and #2 for the round robin, and met in the first round (26 boards). Zimmermann won the match 17.03 - 3.97 ... thus, as said above, the "0,01" carry-over for the final
Looking for 1975 Bowl, R1, bd 3, France vs Italy
Most bulletins can be found at : A very nice database
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