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Pim Dupont
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Sept. 11, 2017
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NT rebids after 1!d - 2!c
Even in questions, my weak NT range is obstructing me...
NT rebids after 1!d - 2!c
I would prefer 3NT to be strictly defined, as it takes away a lot of space. I would say a 3352 shape with 15-17 HCP.
Xmas party bridge
I personally really enjoy 'dummy declares' where dummy (still tabling his cards) calls the cards from both hands, using descriptions like 'second highest spade' when attempting a finesse. Another one is 'luckily, lefty leads' where the next trick is led by the player left of the one who won it ...
Unusual double.
As a more general rule of thumb, we like to play that after something like 3C - (3S) - 4C - (4S), x shows willingness to go to the 5-level, but we are not bidding it yet in case partner wants to defend 4Sx anyway
Why youth players are aggressive bidders
As a Dutch youth player myself, I strongly disagree. Firstly, for many of your arguments, you use youth players and beginners interchangeably. While, needless to say, all youth players start off as beginners, many of them have surpassed this level long ago. The number of hours of practice, working on ...
Continuations after Michaels
Regarding question 4: I myself like to play (1m)-2m-(p/x)-3m and (1m)-2m-(p/x)-3om as invitational for the 'corresponding' major. Ergo, 3 for the hearts and 3 for the spades. We feel this agreement's advantage outweighs being able to play 3om.
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