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Ping Hu
Ping Hu
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March 16, 2011
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Scored a 64% section top in my first NABC game (Red Ribbon) with a partner I never played before.
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
My favorite system is Precision and I'm always looking partners who is willing to play it.
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Bronze Life Master
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Precision - GCC
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ACBL Scheduling: Adjusting Spring NABC Schedule to avoid excluding certain genders/ages
How about making all restricted NABC+ event open but creating stratum for woman, mixed and senior?
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
This is the problem of having rules to allow/disallow bids rather than ensure full disclosure. In chess game it never forbids any moves (there were some illegal moved but rules are simple). If a player makes an innovative move, opponent just have to use time to find best counter ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
I like the better definition of "natural". The new "quasi-natural" concept does not solve any problem. The key issue with new rules is it should improve disclosure of partnership agreement rather than simply disallow certain bids. A 1 or 1 opening with 3 cards just show it has ...
Spingold Round of 32 Vugraph Matches?
Woolsey is 26. 25 has big names like Steve Garner and Howard Weinstein.
Spingold Round of 32 Vugraph Matches?
They beat #25 to became #25.
A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
You are right. I guess we need some additional agreement after 4NT-5NT. After this sequence opener usually should bid 7 directly. If he bids 6, it asks responder to bid 7 with A. Same as 6 of other suit.
A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
Another approach is to open ACOL 4NT asking for specific Aces. If partner has A, bid 7, otherwise bid 6 (you still have 50% chance to make 6 if club is 1-1).
Results GNT
Brackets, yes or no ?
The simple answer is players want to get masterpoints. A bracket KO could cost $400+ per team if it reaches finals.
Brackets, yes or no ?
Bracket in bridge is more like chess tournament. The idea is have teams with similar strength to play in the same group. In chess this is done with chess rating and limit higher rated players to player in their own class. However players are usually allowed to enter group one ...

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