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March 16, 2011
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Scored a 64% section top in my first NABC game (Red Ribbon) with a partner I never played before.
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10 missing K slam percentage
Robert, I think this is related to what Kurt talked about when vacant space applies and when restricted choice applies. Once you know the distribution of every suit, there is no vacant space any more. In this case the probability is fixed by initial distribution (unless you have more information ...
10 missing K slam percentage
Robert, This depends on how many cards still left in play. The odds with all 13 cards in each hands would certainly be different than each hands had 4 cards left. When you have information about what other cards each one had will change that as well as we see ...
10 missing K slam percentage
David and Kurt I think both of you have made good points about how to start with some initial probability and adjust them based on cards be played and information that could be derived. However you have a estimate the probability opponents play a certain low spot card (like 6 ...
10 missing K slam percentage
Yes. I agree that if you know opponent's carding and opponents always play according to their carding the odds are going to change. So the discussion we could make so far is in absence of that information. As I stated, Kurt's statement about the probability K is in ...
10 missing K slam percentage
Kurt, Thanks for your response. This is a question worth to discuss. If you ask the question what is the odds North has K and not have K before North played 2nd trick. I agree with you "Given that North has the ♠KQ, there are 1144066 different hands where he ...
10 missing K slam percentage
David: I think there is a question about how to handle low spot cards. Are they really indistinguishable? For example North played 6 at trick2, is it same as 2? In your list, you clearly removed the case N had K2 and S had 6. Now the question is why ...
10 missing K slam percentage
David, S has ready played a at trick 1. So it has 12 unknown. If you take into account of this adjustment, I think you would get the same number as I did.
10 missing K slam percentage
How did you get North doubleton KQ and played 1 count as 23724? In that case N has 10 unknown cards, S has 7 unknown card (6 is known). So the combination should be C(17,7) = 97,240.
10 missing K slam percentage
If you play Q and North did not play K, the case for N to have singleton K or void in could not be true. This changes odds a little bit. I have finesse probability as 10/22 = 45.5% Playing A will win in following cases: 1. S ...
Questions about running a Swiss team club game
This is where you need electric scoring if you've already done it for pair game.

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