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Someone has blundered
I had a more trivial (for the TD) experience once - put down my dummy as I was supposed to, then my LHO did too, His hand became all penalty cards to be played by declarer at her convenience. The ending statement here makes you wonder: "After the opening lead, the ...
Yellow Systems - A Dire Discovery
As a member of the WBF and EBL system committees I can only ask for forgiveness. It will of course be corrected/clarified. If you have discovered any other anomalies in the system rules please write to the Systems Committes, or to me. Write, as I ...
Format for National Team Trials
Sweden: A captain/selector for each Open, Women,Seniors, three Juniors chooses the team. He/She may (mostly does) run a weekend "trial" tournament but results there are only a complement to whatever other accomplishments the pairs may have had. Team spirit and pair compatibility are supposed to be factors ...
I've never seen this before
I recall that when bidding boxes were introduced it was common, recommended, maybe even obligatory to put the final bid visible to all (I don´t remember if you were supposed to extract a single card or use the same method as with other bids - the whole pile underneath up ...
Is there an "Expert Standard" Transfer Lebensohl?
The answer to the thread question seems clear: There is no Transfer Lebensohl standard. Sadly, in spite of that, practically all top players going to participate in the Bermuda Bowl and have put "Transfer Lebensohl" on their system card seem to believe that their own way is global. Why else ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
In Denmark they have tested a device which deals the cards to each player (no caddies). Seating S/E in one room and N/W in another would cut down the needed number of rooms, the device would eliminate trays and boards, the players would still enjoy the pleasure of ...
Some hands from Spingold QuarterFInals
The 4 hearts was played by Helness not Helgemo. South could (should?) have returned the spade ten instead of the jack to say that he held clubs - not that it excuses North´s diamond discard, but still...

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