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Prahalad Rajkumar
Prahalad Rajkumar
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Oct. 8, 2010
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45 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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ACBL Ranking
John Adams - Prahalad Rajkumar
2 over 1
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Rajkumar Precision 2016-10-18
Precision 14-16 NT
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Raghu - Prahalad HCL 2017
Precision 14-16 NT
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LO Wins Roth Swiss
Congratulations folks, great performance!
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Hi Jeff, Thanks for being in the well! How did you go from being an expert player to achieving mastery at the game? What are the factors which make you the best among the best? Also, regarding not letting emotions affect the next deal - did you have to work at ...
Michael Seamon (1960-2017)
When I asked Michael his opinion on what he would have done in a given bridge situation, he took his time and patiently gave me his opinion, which I greatly appreciated. RIP.
Ben Kompa Named Churchill Scholar
Congratulations Ben!
What do you play at trick 4
Partner returned the 2, declarer played the 7 and Q in that order. As an aside, playing third-fifth leads, should you lead the 8 on opening lead, or is there a case for leading the 3 so as to not give the impression of say 8 doubleton?
The Cardturner
Just finished reading this book in one sitting... A compelling read!
3NT declarer play
I would lead a club to the king at trick 2. If West has the A, he may not know to play it, in which case I am (pretty much) home. If West goes up with the A and plays a heart, I have to decide between overtaking the Q ...
BBO format
Here is a start 1) Educational software embedded into BBO 2) Chat rooms 3) A double dummy section 4) Easier setup of non-set team games (could chat to lobby) 5) A more intuitive chat interface (in the web version, I click a person's name to see what they are ...
BBO format
In addition to the various softwares that I've purchased (Right Through the pack, Larry Cohen's Life Master Pairs, Bridge World's Swiss Match, etc).
Soumya Das's bidding problem: AKJT8732 Q5 --- Q85
IMO Partner's double shows values, and with such an offensive hand, 5 is clear

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