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Prakash "Panja" Paranjape
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July 26, 2012
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Aug. 13, 2018
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am Prakash Paranjape, PANJA for short that being my BBO and OKB ID. I developed the DEMICOMA bidding system, and built a team that won many events. My book 'Easier Done Than Said', published by Master Point Press, Canada was critically acclaimed. I wrote the Sunday column of Times Of India from 1993-2011. On OKbridge, my rating, while playing 2/1 and SAYC, is 65+ (I guess that is top 2-3% of players or better) in both IMP and MP. I am all in favour of a good rating system for bridge players. I teach bridge online, and I am happy to help those who wish to learn, or improve their game, or improve their ranking. I am available for online play. Please write to me at in case you wish to know more.

United Kingdom

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National Champion, many different Indian events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Vivek Bhand
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Local events in rural England.
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Should ACBL allow this opening in Novice games
Very well put Bob. Who will dare to develop new ideas if the basic ones are taboo?
Should ACBL allow this opening in Novice games
The system is simple. Show the strength first, in steps of 3HCP range. Thus, 1 opening shows 12-14, 1 15-17, and so on. The responder will show his strength in steps. Suits will be shown next round onward. PRO - Simplicity. I have seen 100's of players happily ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
A partnership should have available a legal route to their par contract irrespective of opponents' actions. That is a reasonable expectation. Also, the word 'deserve' is not totally out of place as a descriptor for 'par' contract. The decline in Bridge following should be a serious concern. It (the decline ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Richard Fleet, It goes without saying that EBU decisions are not expected to be applied in non-EBU jurisdictions. As a historian, you are perhaps aware of the fact that US gained its independence long back. As a historian, you should have checked your facts. Period.
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Gavin, I concur with almost all of your observations in this thread. There is a need to have a fresh and critical look at the term Natural as used in describing bridge bids. If one goes by the statistical concept of 'expectation value', in a 13-card holding, the expectation value ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Richard Fleet, here is an excerpt from an email sent by an EBU official to me on 24th Feb 2015. 'You will know from previous correspondence that the EBU does not licence systems anymore' As an official EBU historian, I thought you would be aware of this EBU policy. If ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Yes, Richard I am aware of EBU decisions. I was the one who applied to get these opening bids 'approved'. I did it a few times over last 5-7 years and gave up. (Note that I do not play these methods. I believe they are essential for a beginner.) I ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Comment posted elsewhere as a reply in a discussion thread.
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
I am not a member of ACBL at the moment. I hope it is OK for me to add my comments/observations. I would check if the list allows a method that is simple but could be unfamiliar. For example, a bidding system that is designed to show strength first ...
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
Consider the skills or the resources required to remember a rule like this. Compare a 1Nt response to a 1Nt opening. The latter is (seems to be, as per the discussion on this post) forbidden with a small singleton whereas the former is the only bid available in most cases ...

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