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July 3, 2012
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May 14, 2015
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Graduate of Pennsylvania State University. Played Junior Bridge for India, notably WMSG Beijing 2008. Data Analyst / Operations Research Analyst by profession.

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The Monty Hall Trap, Bridge Today 1989
Alvin, thanks for the explanation, it really helps!
The Monty Hall Trap, Bridge Today 1989
Upon carefully re-reading the Phillip Martin article, I realized that there was no talk of switching the choice of the door at all. "Showman that he is, he intentionally showed you a booby prize to heighten the suspense. Since you already knew that at least one of the other two ...
How should defense go?
I once played this lead agreement with one partner. Under this lead agreement, the second card played by East would be the 6. Now, seeing the 3 still out, West should find the shift to the K. On this hand, all is well. But if declarer played this way from ...
Matchpoint Decision
Playing for Ax with either opponent: I duck this spade, win the return, duck another spade (hoping the A comes down), then cash the K. If this works, we still have to negotiate clubs for one loser.
How would you plan the auction with this hand?
Transfer to clubs, if there is a superaccept then bid 5 else bid a natural 3. If he bids 3NT correct to 4.
Is this ridiculous?
I have played both precision variants described in the OP: Rodwell style: -> 14-16 1NT -> 1-1M-1NT is 11-13 balanced and 2+ Unbalanced diamond: -> 12-15 1NT -> 1 is unbalanced with 4+ The main problem with the latter is the loss of accuracy in auctions starting with 1NT, which ...
Tom Allan's bidding problem: AQ6 Q943 KT98 Q3
Agreed, but I would venture to add: a hand that has something going for it on offense. A 3433 minimum with wasted values in spades for example, should be passed. On this hand I voted 3 but it was close.
Haldun Luleci's bidding problem: KQ432 Q 953 KQT6
I would have liked to make a stronger bid the last round in order to set up a forcing pass and bring partner into the decision. On this sequence, pass would not be forcing and I need to make a decision on my own. I choose X because the declarer ...
Play problem
At the table, I might well have done exactly the same things the declarer did so far. My next step would be to play hearts from the top and hope for 4-4 or queen dropping on the third round so that there are only two heart losers. Whoever wins the ...
John Torrey's lead problem: Q73 T5 KQ72 AJ86
Declarer's hand wasn't good enough to make a jump shift on the earlier turn. Somehow the combination of the spade bid and heart tolerance with dummy has improved his hand, to justify the leap to game. I would expect spade honours in declarer's hand for this sequence ...

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