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July 19, 2012
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Aug. 3, 2018
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What happens after a psych
as my view in this subject,i need clarity in few things, that NS pairs r regular parts r not,if they means third seat calls need to be alerted in must. other aspect of east's pass, he had A10x of hearts, so when he dbl and ...
Defense against Multi 2!D Defense
the way 2Dmulti i use is weak in a major r 20-21 with a 5card major(so normal 2nt opening is 20-21without 5card major-and u can use smolen where puppet stayman users can't use smoelen)now lets comes to ur question. 2D-(dbl)-redbl is little quiet complicated with ...
Ben Kristensen's bidding problem: x JTxx KTxxx KTx
here 4nt means 2 places to play including heart suit
Ben Kristensen's bidding problem: AKxx K87x Axx J9
first 3nt bid looks bad--easy 6nt can be even after 4D by opp over 3nt - 4nt/5nt looks very simple--2C overcall withAKQ10xx/x(6/7cards)and spade Qjx top 11/12 tricks-so after 2C i bid 4nt quanti first.
Support Double Auction
here 2nt is weak hand signoff in one minor/heart; so 3level bids r gf
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 3 AQ8 4 KQJ98643
this hand is very simple, 5C/6C/7C to be decided according to part's supp. so just force ur part by bid of 4C
Grigory Vinevich's bidding problem: AK53 J87542 --- Q85
6-4 in majors,if it's 6-5/5-5 u can dbl with decent suit quality and suit quality is very bad to take auction at 4level
Kevin Bathurst's bidding problem: T64 T962 --- AK9842
6S is closing bid, 5S bidder not aware of ur diamond void keep bidding open and show ur club suit(let part. can decide)
Kevin Bathurst's lead problem: Q85 753 KJT9 Q74
low spade leads demands here, dec. diamond suit is very bad, so his hcp strength must be in outside suit, part known to be hold 4card spade suit.

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