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Qucheng Gong
Qucheng Gong
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Member Since
Oct. 17, 2016
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April 1
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Made 7HX off 2 Aces
Bridge Accomplishments
USA U26 Team Trial 3rd place, GNTC winner, NAPC 3rd place, Collegiate Championship 3rd place
Regular Bridge Partners
Nate Murger, Antony Lee, Chris Chen
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Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
I play this as 6+, 8-11 Follow up is 2n - feature, 3s - reinvite - other - Nat, GF This also makes 1x - 1s - 2y - 3s GF
Poll on 4-way transfers
Also, same principle applies for me after a micheals bid : 2n is always good hand and 3c is P/C with bad hand. If you invert them, you are giving a free double when you are weak and they are much easier to find a penalty double / or converting to ...
Poll on 4-way transfers
I personally play 2s size ask or clubs and 2n diamonds or weak 5/5. Weak 5/5 comes up less often than once a year for me, so I doubt its priority. I am just picking between the two options OP suggests, not changing OP's methods. I like ...
Poll on 4-way transfers
Fast arrival if you don't like it. If you reverse them, you give opponents an extra chance to double either for take out or penalty. With either fits or max strength, you are less afraid of competition, so you can use the middle step. It also gives more room ...
How much variance do general BWers create?
But according to the poll nobody will play for -1. And assume no one in part score. I am just estimating how much variance I am creating
How much variance do general BWers create?
True, I just want to see what the field is.
How much variance do general BWers create?
I knew finesse will be majority, but didn't expect not a singe vote for taking -1. I will rethink about these in real life scenarios.
Qucheng Gong's lead problem: xx JTxxxx Qxxx x
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Delayed Alerts are not given until the auction has ended. They are for Alertable calls above the level of 3NT starting with the opening bidder’s second turn to call.
What will keep you coming back to NABCs?
I will attend 7th NABC this summer, 4 are due to NAP/GNT, 1 coincides with collegiates, 1 is local. If the district can cover some of my expenses every time I will keep coming back :)

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