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R. Samuel Leopold Stein
R. Samuel Leopold Stein
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Oct. 14, 2011
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March 26, 2015
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Consecutive Top 10 finishes in NAP (Flight C) '11 in Louisville and '12 in Memphis
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Monaco Triumphs in 2012 Spingold After 52-0 4th Quarter
Congratulations to the Monaco team! Dang, now I really wish that Fantunes was a playable system in Jack 5.
Long, lon-n-g-g suits
If I were a certain somebody, I would check my random number generator...
Gargoyle Chronicles - Event 3, Match 5, Board 4
Sven, I meant as South. The hand that opened 1 and rebid 2, how many players would bid 3 with that hand, after partner's 2 bid?
Gargoyle Chronicles - Event 3, Match 5, Board 4
It looks to me like 5 makes, but how good is it looking at the N-S cards only? How many players would bid 3 as South on the third round? If I did it, would I be crazy?
Rank these bids please
Redouble should show a first-round control in the suit cue-bid, diamonds here. 3 and pass should tend to deny a first-round control. 3 should be a non-encouraging bid, probably a dog, which has no other direction, while a pass can be made with hands that have more flexibility ...
Bridge benefited by psychology
In an ideal world, I would shoot a half-ounce of Beefeater in all four cases.
They Bid My Suit! What now?
I faced this very problem in the NAP. Even though I voted for 2, at the table I bid 2 because I wanted to eliminate any misunderstanding risk. We ended up in 5, which thankfully made, although it did turn out that 4 is laydown.
Pedantic Poll
For readers of "Godel, Escher, Bach" such as myself, the answer is obvious. :-) If you like, we could have a meta-meta-poll: "Should we make a big deal out of people abstaining from bridge polls?" And so on, and so forth...
Gargoyle Chronicles - Event 3, Match 4, Board 6
I was taught that a two-level overcall is OK if you have 10 HCP and a five-card suit with three honors, or a six-card suit with two. Accordingly I would have overcalled 2 if the nine of diamonds were the ten.
Logic Puzzle
I've got a book with a puzzle that has the same basic idea. Without revealing the entire answer, I'll just get it started: imagine if there were only ONE player with a gold marking, instead of twenty. He would look around, and see nothing but black markings around ...

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