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July 3, 2012
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Preventing cheating: scope
I'm less optimistic than you that it only takes a few minor changes to get rid of cheating. Even if you could enforce such changes whoever wants to cheat will find a way to bend the rules. I think that, unless bridge is moving toward more individual tournaments with ...
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
Thanks... it could be that but I found odd that it always scrolls to the video add and not, for example, all the way up.
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
Since we seem to use this thread for everything, there is one other issue related to navigation on page: I'm on laptop using Chrome... from time to time the page scrolls all the way up (apparently because of the video add). Is there any solution?
Serious or nonserious - you decide
A 50/50 guess?
The assumption that one reads comments only after resolving the problem seems fair.
Screen BIT
I think the moral here is that self inflicted ethical constrains are poppycock when playing with screens.
Table Feel
Great article... as always. Many thanks! With the hand where a trump shift might be necessary, the position looks right for a simultaneous double squeeze. I went to DF and found out that the contract can be made even without one. The declarer just needs to play 2 rounds of ...
How far should we take bidding red games?
a. 4 b. 3 (but I'm expecting others to bid 3 - some game try) c. 3 (and don't think it's close) d. probably not but with (a) I feel it's pretty clear to push for game
You be the judge, jury, and executioner!
When you asked the question about pass on page 2, I marked "bad call" in my mind. After a little more thinking, I'd say it's between 2nd and 3rd option. Given that... - pard bids up to 4th level versus what may be a lead directing xx AKxx xxx ...
Legitimate question?
Given the timing, I'd be closer to calling the cops than to answer the question. Between friends, the answer provided looks entirely appropriate. However questions like "Do you have an agreement for 9 HCP vs. 1NT opening?" and "Would you describe you partner style as aggressive / conservative / middle of ...
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