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Rafael Sacramento
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April 2, 2017
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Oct. 10
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about me

i consider myself an advancing player: stronger then intermediates but still far away from expertise


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Doubt on "Following the law", by Larry Cohen
at a local matchpoints event i was dealt the following hand: AJ7 J432 AK6 T93 no one vul, i opened 1 in 3rd position; on my left they bid 1, partner doubled and heard 2 from my right opponent What is your action ...
Doubt on "Following the law", by Larry Cohen
can you point me where the author says '8 never' applies when both lines have only an 8 card fit? For me it says that if you have an 8 card fit and opponents go to the 3 level (with 8 or 9 card fit) you should NEVER outbid them ...
Doubt on "Following the law", by Larry Cohen
i understand that the eight never means you should never outbid at the three level with only 8 trumps, which is the oposite of the proposed afterwards
Who's to blame?
a few notes after reading your posts: south cant blame north for passing 3 south has to blame both himself and partner for using this not-so-good convention (Ghestem) south can blame north because she should have bid 1 instead of 3 (mini maxi) south was wrong in ...
Who's to blame?
What means ELC?
Who's to blame?
i think i got your idea: since north puts us at the 3 level, maybe that implies at most 5-6 losers, while if playing Michaels we would have been one level lower, so that would allow an overcall in the 6-7 losers zone (besides more bidding space to exchange info ...
Who's to blame?
"Ghestem overcalls have been popular for a long time, I am always pleased to see my opponents playing them." i know very little about Michaels: is there better way to "zone" the intervener hand? i mean, when she overcals that implies a narrower number of losers?
Who's to blame?
@Ian Grant we were playing mini maxi, which means that with a normal opening values north would not bid the conventional 2 suiter, biding 1 instead; if either stronger or weaker, then would bid 3
Who's to blame?
Ghestem two suiters are very popular here, so we both agreed on playing it
Polish club: (semi) forcing notrump after 1 major opening
@Steve Willner when you refer to lead value you mean a balanced hand that is appropriated to receive the lead?
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