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Rafael Sacramento
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April 2, 2017
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about me

i consider myself an advancing player: stronger then intermediates but still far away from expertise


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Gazzilli doubt
I just dealt this hands: Partner: Axxx Qx AJx xxxx Opener: KQx AJxxx Kxx Jx Playing vanilla 2/1 bidding would be along these lines: 1 - 1 1NT - 2NT (invite) 3NT (accept) But using Kaplan and Gazzilli things get harder: 1 - 1* (0-4 cards) 2 ...
Gazzilli doubt
Even using Kaplan interchange?
Gazzilli doubt
For me 1 1NT 2 2 2 means a balanced minimum (with the 45xx exception). If you agree in this in former case opener can have a 25xx and responder risks ending in a 4-2 fit, if i got you right...
Gazzilli doubt
Another doubt i have is when opener has a minimum hand with a major and 4 clubs: what are your preferred methods in this case? (With mine i have to go to the 3 level...)
Gazzilli doubt
yes, they play semi F over 1. Not sure if they play Gazzilli. What i found out is that they do play Flannery
Gazzilli doubt
I'm sorry but i didn't quite clearly understood your auction if opener is 4513 and responder has 8+ HCP and eventually bids a 3 card spade suit at the 2 level As to the 4522 shape the following bidding sounds acceptable to us (me and partner): 1 ...
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
So far our agreements are quite incipient; anyway we defined an invitational hand with 7+ to 8 losers, and so a constructive raise means 9-10 losers, i guess. Your post made me curious: Your understandings included semi forcing NT? Why did you abandon precision?
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
But on the other hand when the bidding goes 1M-2M you know you have a constructive support (8-10 HCP). The question is: is it a plus when playing limited major openings (10-15)?
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
that's the KISS approach :)
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
Ending in a 2m contract with a 4-3 fit is rarely good Going to the 3 level simply to announce an invitational 3 card fit looks like not the best of the treatments But from what i understood adopting the semi forcing NT implies either a lot of memory work ...
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