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Rafael Sacramento
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April 2, 2017
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about me

i consider myself an advancing player: stronger then intermediates but still far away from expertise


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Should I stay or should I go?
"With 3-5-1-4, he would bid 3S, saying he'd raise a 2S opening to 3 but a 2H opening to at least 4" Hank: you are neglecting the fact that EW are playing a version that includes a possible strong minor, so they cant possibly preempt partner
Should I stay or should I go?
Earlier this week i had the following hand: KQJ875 AK85 7 52 We were NV vs V and my RHO opened with a 2 bid (multicolor), I passed and LHO bid a 2 pass/correct, which ended the auction. In the end we scored ...
Should I stay or should I go?
:) We are in the process of building a partnership and its difficult to discuss everything previous to being played. Anyway we have a very general agreement that sates that in a competitive bidding usually the first double is for takeout and the others are for penalties.
Should I stay or should I go?
T862 AQT97 95 K2 Partner doubled the 2 bid after two passes
Please bid these hands
So you see no need for North to reverse after listening to 1 from partner? Not afraid partner will pass? Why did you chose to bid spades before hearts? I agree 6 is the indeed the spot where we want to be
Please bid these hands
we play Walsh, in that with 10 HCP or less with bid the major first even if longer in diamonds
Please bid these hands
From what I understand your bidding (BTW thanks for answering) is based on the idea we were playing Precision but no, we are playing 2/1..
I would apreciate your opinion on this bidding
Both of you (Ben and Martin) are the youngest posting in this topic and I respect your opinion and also note that both of you, perhaps, represent a new trend in aproaching this kind of bidding. That said, I cant disagree more with you both. Do you think LHO will ...
Another hand where you say who's to blame
We - North and South - are bridge lovers and play Precision for the fun of it, so its excusable if one misinterprets or simply forgets the system. Pls dont misunderstand me: i'm not saying i was North or i was South in this specific hand :) As to the book, we ...
Another hand where you say who's to blame
@ Marty: we play normal responses to KC ask: 03 - 14 - 2 without the Q - 2 with the Q

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