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Raffael Wadl
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Aug. 23, 2013
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March 21
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Raffael Wadl's bidding problem: K73 AQJT9765 A7 ---
I wonder?
Raffael Wadl's bidding problem: K73 AQJT9765 A7 ---
2 would have shown 54
Magic the Gathering champ also plays bridge!
Paul Vitor plays bridge as well. Probably the biggest name in MTG
2/1 W/semi Forcing NT and balanced hand major opener
It just looks complex in the beginning but really isn't. You can't stop in 2 that is true but then you usual play in 2M in a 5/2 which isn't bad at all. And the 2 response is still standard.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: --- AJT65 AKJ6 AJ96
2NT would show this hand actually but with less tricks.
Overbid and underplayed
We play it the other way around. 3NT shows slaminterest without shortnes and 4x instead of 3NT as shortage. So its kinda the same i guess.
Overbid and underplayed
3 looks like the normal bid. 4 with 4441 looks too ambitious. If Dopi is on the CC and i play with an Expert+ Partner i would just double and be happy about it. Even if i didnt play with a strong partner i still would double because ...
Leads from a New Suit when defending a Suit Contract
Rule for us is: We show what partner needs. If you think he needs count you play 3/5, if attitude then low/high. Easiest thing to remember is: Until trick 6 you play count and afterwards attitude. Its pretty good especially for new partnerships.
Who gets to sleep on the couch?
We play Gucci in this situation. So its either and or weak with
What is this pass-then-double?
This one is is obvious you're right. With your bidding i would think that it shows points. Might depend on whether or not you play (1)-2 as natural or michaels.

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