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Rainer Herrmann
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July 28, 2010
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Keep Bridge Alive
If Bridge is such a great game (and I think it is) why does it need promotion and marketing in the first place? Do not get me wrong, I am just more optimistic about the future of Bridge. Of course offers are needed, where people can pick up the game ...
Accept the Transfer
I find a bit of a conflict - contradiction would be too much - between how you argue on page 3 in favor of bidding 4 and what to do over 4 on the next page. On page 4 you write: "An important consideration is that North didn't bid ...
"Mostly, in bridge, it's tough to get away from personal opinion. What I dislike seeing is personal opinion stated as if it were fact - when I believe that opinion to be incorrect." Nicely said, but don't we all do this all the time? Are you immune to that ...
To Michael: What you, Kit Steve, Richard and Josh seem to believe is that West did not have enough to jump raise. Fair enough, but the corollary of this is that in a strong notrump context and the trend to ever lighter opening bids the single raise of responders major ...
Playing for an overtrick at imps (part 2, read part 1 first)
"Don't bet on your own card-reading unless you're actually good at it." How do you get good at card-reading, if you never bet on it before?
Develop Tricks
Develop Tricks
Double as a transfer to the next highest suit is surely a great agreement if you got the next highest suit. When you hold a genuine takeout double or a general strong hand less so. My point was more whether it is sensible at IMPs to compete directly when in ...
Develop Tricks
You said that you found 3-level negative doubles usually ineffective. Could it be that any method to compete is ineffective over a 3-level interference unless you have at least reasonable game invitational values whatever notrump range you happen to play? Bridge is a game of probabilities, which requires judgement. Here ...
Putting it to You
I agree and said the result does not mean slam is biddable or good. With regard to E-W cards being fortunately located I think this might cancel out. Surely in the 852 deals, where slam does not make, there will be a number of deals where slam is good but ...
Putting it to You
A quick simulation giving South 11-15 HCP, at least 5 hearts and less spades than hearts revealed that a surprising 148 deals out of 1000 would make 12 tricks or more. 23 out of 148 deals actually could make 13 tricks. Of course in slam declarer has to take usually ...

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