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Followups after we double a 1N overcall
It all depends on whether you have agreements regarding the meaning of DBL when opponents run from 1NT doubled I like that the first DBL is takeout of the suit promised by the run-out, in this case spades. South does not have a takeout DBL of spades. So South passes ...
Is this hand an acceptable one-level opening bid in modern bridge?
The question really is not what partner expects, but whether opening such hands is a long term winner or not. My guess is that this hand has much more potential than the balanced 11-12 HCP rubbish, which is nowadays opened routinely. For example you hold second seat, both vulnerable, IMPs ...
"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."
I do not see how my my wording is markedly different to what you spell out. Where does my claim come from except from the past
"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."
One problem in Bridge is that if you have a long term partnership you and your partner learn the idiosyncrasies of each other. You develop a sixth sense what your partner is prone to do in certain scenarios and when he is likely to deviate from agreements. It is not ...
Difficult Opening Lead
I ran a short simulation (1000 deals) with dealmatster PRO: I specified West as given South: 15-17 balanced North: no 5 card major, no 6 card minor, at least 2 cards in clubs (to avoid garbage stayman), 8 HCP at most. East: at most 5 cards in a major, if ...
Difficult Opening Lead
I agree the carding agreements looks complicated and complication is often the reason why agreements do not stick in the heat of the battle. I also do not understand what is difficult about the opening lead. Of course any lead can be successful or a disaster, but on this bidding ...
2D weak one major
Responder is usually unlimited after 2D, ranging from weak to any strength. Overall the hands where responder wants to play in a different trump suit than opener's major like the scenario here are uncommon. It simplifies the bidding if responder makes his intentions immediately clear. If responder wants to ...
2D weak one major
I play the following, which is quite common in Poland: 2 -- 3 artificial: I have a game force with a long suit. Opener bids 3 with spades and 3 with hearts, over which responder can show his suit below game in all cases. 2-4 ...
The value of videos
That cameras can establish facts is not in doubt. Whether this justifies surveillance of a social game most play for pleasure is for anyone to judge. I have nothing to hide, but I do not want to live in a world where big brother is watching you all the time ...
Frequent psyches by a particular pair
"I don't know whether the ACBL wants to prevent psyching, but I can understand that they don't want inexperienced players turned away from the game because they get a bad result from what they might regard as an 'unhelpful' attitude." This is just the plain wrong attitude. Why ...

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