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Attitude vs. Count
Why not? Attitude and count are incompatible. If attitude applies count is off. As you said it is obvious that West can not have any club honors. So the only issue is whether East should return a heart or not. If West is out of hearts he should switch to ...
Attitude vs. Count
I find this an interesting topic You say The attitude vs. count problem comes up all the time. Which is partner showing here? Partner's cash of the ace of hearts is some indication that he has a doubleton heart. If his ♣7 is interpreted as attitude, he wants you ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
See my response above to Roland Voigt. If you bid game with xxxxx x AQxxx Kx opposite a distributional yarborough say xxxxx xxx x xxxx you can hardly loose and if opener has as little as Axxxx xxx x xxxx you have a play for your contract. In fact passing ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
"It is a convention to avoid getting too high after a light 3rd/4th hand opening." This is neither refutation nor a contradiction to that the convention acts in reality as a psychic control as well. "So is a Drury a psychic control for a particular pair? Maybe, maybe not ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
@Steve "Ban Drury if opener has less than 9 HCP. Simple. We ban conventions like this elsewhere (no artificial bids....)." You can ban this only if there is an agreement to open with less than 9 HCP. A psyche by definition is not an agreement. If it is, it is ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
You need to define what a tool is "designed to control psyches". (Whether such a tool should be outlawed is a different matter) Fact is a passed hand does not need to know whether a 3/4th hand opener is a minimum or whether he has even less. Being limited ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
The psych was about strength not about spades and one could of course claim 2C asks and 2S says "I don't really have the strength my bid suggested, let's not get any higher". Of course Drury makes such psyches safer.
5533 or 5542?
So what does this imply? Say you hold a four card diamond suit and a balanced hand outside of your notrump range, which you can show by starting with 1 When would you prefer to start with 1?
Scare Him
The trouble is East defense could be right even if South does have a singleton spade and more than one club Give South 3 KQT765 5432 Q2 and the only successful defense for East is to force the dummy at trick 2 and rise with the ace of clubs and ...
Scare Him
So for the sake of the argument assume declarer to have the spade king. Can you construct a layout where declarer will have a reasonable line of play and where a competent West can beat the contract but will go ashtray should East return a high diamond? I find that ...

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