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Rainer Herrmann
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Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
"By the way responder's bidding was revolting: he initiated slam try but said nothing about heart control. How should opener evaluate his hand?" The answer is that this deal is not about controls. It is about side suit tricks or losers. If slam is on North must be looking ...
Garbage Stayman
"Many pairs play that 2♣ followed by 2♠ is not garbage Stayman but a light invite. They are forced to follow with 2♥ on a weak hand, even when they have 4 hearts and 5 spades and know that spades is probably a better trump suit. If their partner is ...
How much more?
You have a point. I pass this hand. But I think there is much more merit and upside opening such hands than an average balanced 11 count. Of course it can backfire if partners hand is a misfit. I note that misfits are rare Your chances opposite this distribution for ...
Polish Club: some doubts
And I always thought Bridge was an international game I do not know what a "North American perspective" is in relation to Polish club. Maybe you can elaborate
Polish Club: some doubts
I think this is an over-judged problem. Just force to game with 23+ HCP and a balanced hand. Once in a lifetime you will get to 3NT and partner will put down a yarborough with no play for 9 tricks. You will need on average more than 1000 deals before ...
Polish Club: some doubts
1.) Strong diamond hands are a problem in standard Polish club, because a 2♦ rebid is artificial after a 1♣ opening and a response below 1NT. 1♣-1♥-2NT is game forcing with at most 2 hearts. Responder has promised at least 7 HCP. Openers only possible good 5 card ...
Trust the Lead
I think this is not a matter of system or agreements, it is a matter of judgement. If I can not rebid 1NT over 1, I would always open 1 whether playing 4 card of 5 card majors. Yes 1 can backfire, responder could bid too much ...
Trust the Lead
Can you explain what "Meckwells "minor suit 8's"" is or provide a link?
Trust the Lead
5 spades and 4 hearts and an invitational hand (Reverse Flannery)
Trust the Lead
"..., how bad can it be to bid 2 with a 5-card suit?" Yep, it is a great bid even on 5 cards to the ten when you find support in dummy. I am not always so lucky.

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