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Playing 2NT as Spiral, what does a direct 3NT mean?
Maybe you need more explicit meta-agreements than I do. What about: 3NT is a suggestion as a final resting place in any bidding sequence, where one has not agreed beforehand to a different meaning?
Uncomfortable Satisfaction
I am not a lawyer and English is not my mother tongue. But it amazes me that "comfortable satisfaction" is a suitable level of evidence in any modern jurisdiction. While "beyond reasonable doubt" and "clear and convincing" stresses reason for judging evidence "comfortable satisfaction" does not. It stresses feelings. For ...
Uncomfortable Satisfaction
I do not know what "comfortable satisfaction" means in this context. I would never feel comfortable accusing let alone convicting somebody of cheating unless I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt. It seems to me we want the mob to rule our game.
System Notes and Online Play
Never try to enforce unenforceable laws, no matter what their benefits would be. The history of mankind is full of them and it never worked To name just one example think about the US prohibition.
XYZ Sequence - Consensus sought!
I am surprised that you can write down all ramifications of a modestly complex convention in only 7 articles. I thought you would need 7 books for that :)
Third Seat Opening in BBO
What has Bridge to do with 8 HCP or rule of 17 ? Nothing! This is an invention of some national bodies, who believe they can change the rules of Bridge at will. BBO is not a national bridge organization. HCP are only a means to communicate the strength of a ...
Cheating on BBO
I think so. The only ones you can get rid of are the computer iliterates
Cheating on BBO
Maybe John, you also tell us how you ensured that these people did not register again under a different userid / name and email / IP address. This is very easy and requires not much computer competence. I see no way how this is doable unless you certify the real identity of ...
Cheating on BBO
BBO can not effectively ban anyone. For this you would need real identities. What is difficult in registering again with a different udserid, different email address and a different IP adress?
Cheating on BBO
"The event effectively ended when, in the first final session, an unknown pair from a European country that has since won several world titles, posted a 76% game. " What does this prove? Nothing in my opinion. When will cheating allegation typically occur: When a pair is unknown of course and ...

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