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Precision 1!C opener’s 1N Rebid - What’s Legal
"In essence opener is opening a 17-19 1NT here" The rules do not allow opener to bid 1 or 1 after the bidding has already started 1--1. So how can you claim opener is in the same position? A rebid is never the same as an ...
Leading the Singleton
"... but if the diamonds had been 7-1 the ploy likely would have worked." It shouldn't, but I agree it often does even against good players. Assume you play a diamond and they are 7-1. Put yourself in West hypothetical position: An expert West can deduce at the point when ...
How frequent/useful is 1M--3m (nat inv) ? Im looking for hands where responder got INV and a long minor.
After 1 - 1NT responder can often rebid 2 to show an invitational hand. Opener relays with 2NT to find out the nature of responders hand. Does not work after 1. However the urgency to raise the level of the auction with a major suit fit is also ...
Can Bergen raises be unlimited?
Holding your example hand I would not want to exclude 3NT from consideration just because we have a nine card major suit fit.
How to play 1 minor 1 heart 1 spade?
I do not see much of a point. No matter whether your 1NT rebid denies four spades or not 2 can be bid over 1NT unless opener can have less than 2 cards for his 1NT rebid, which nobody has suggested. The argument you probably want to make is ...
How to play 1 minor 1 heart 1 spade?
I find this unconvincing. If responder is strong the partnership has an enormous amount of bidding room left to describe their hands when 3 bids have already been made below 1NT. Claiming that it is difficult to find the right contract after 1-1-1 when responder is strong ...
How to play 1 minor 1 heart 1 spade?
So you are bypassing a possible spade fit for the benefit of reaching a possible club partial with more certainty? And I poor soul always thought when you hold a minor suit fit you have your eyes on notrumps not the other way round.
How to play 1 minor 1 heart 1 spade?
Marty Bergen is not the holy grail in Bridge. There is no expert standard. David Berkowitz (Director) in The Bridge World July 2017 MSC Problem E: "After one club - (pass) - one diamond - (pass) - ? skip all majors you like but after one club - (pass) - one heart - (pass) - ? how can you bid ...
How to play 1 minor 1 heart 1 spade?
I share your sentiment, though I do like 2-way NMF and I do bypass spades in case of 18-19 balanced. There is little danger of missing a spade fit in this case if a jump rebid to 2NT by agreement does not deny a 4 card spade suit. If you ...
An Extra Chance
You argue that East should have raised with the actual hand even though it is defensively oriented. But East would certainly have raised with a less defensively oriented hand like a small doubleton in spades and Kxx in clubs. So the spade queen should be with East.

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