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Rainer Herrmann
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July 28, 2010
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Early Finesse
You write "There is another argument for playing the ace. If the contract is 3♠ at the other table, which is likely, you are rooting for the spade finesse to be off so 3♠ might not be making." While I agree that 4 is an over preempt should North ...
Warning: Viewer Discretion
"A 1C psych make zero sense imo" If West passes at his last turn, goal accomplished. I do not mind close doubles at matchpoints. But if you do, you should have something you could not show in the bidding. I do not like a natural jump to 2NT by a ...
Percentage Shift
My experience has been that it simply pays to bid non-vulnerable in third position, of course with appropriate disclosure and possibly with agreements how a passed hand should react. Even my minimum rebids after a third hand opening do not guarantee a "full opener". When not vulnerable a passed hand ...
Percentage Shift
If you deduce from the bidding and play to the first 3 tricks that a) clubs are likely 3-5 and b) the remaining kings with West rise with the A, cash K and Q of trumps and the club queen for a diamond discard. Now run the diamond jack which ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Michael, "If a DD simulation, as currently performed, comes close on average to single dummy achievement, I don't know why that is - and I don't care." Maybe you should care. Anyway when you do double dummy simulations you find among many others: 1) If the combined HCP between ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
There are also those deals, where you will make either all tricks or 11 (or even less), which might bring down the average.
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
"There are good situations for double-dummy analysis" Take for example in which Richard Pavlicek analyses what to do with values for game and a spade fit when both sides have balanced hands. Does game in spades make more often or 3NT? The conclusion ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
I am not sure I buy this. I agree that the problem simulated by Richard Pavlicek is probably unsuitable for this type of double dummy analysis. But the reason is not double dummy play, but that it is almost impossible to predict how the bidding would or should proceed on ...
The Two Questions
"I do not know of any "Standard American" based system such as SAYC or 2/1 where 3♠ would force. It would scare me to trot out a non-forcing bid to force." In Standard American jump rebids by responder used to be game forcing! World Class Player Richard Pavlicek thinks ...
The hand is out of range(15-17) once you end in a trump contract. Chances finding at least one 4 card major or better in partners hand is already 60% So I believe 1 is a winning choice, particularly at IMPs. You may well reach game where others will ...

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