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Rainer Herrmann
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July 28, 2010
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All Four Suits
"Declarer was pretty much banking on the diamonds splitting no worse than 4-2. The defense couldn't knock out the ace of clubs due to declarer's club holding. Still, it seems better to play a heart at trick 2, planning on ruffing a heart in dummy for the tenth ...
Excluding Exclusion
I can think of at least half a dozen different bidding scenarios prior to a keycard ask, where a specific set of key card responses would show a small theoretical advantage over a single standard key card response set. For each you also have to agree what applies over interference ...
Question for the math wizards
Never is a bit much. 3NT might well be missed. Say partner has Qxx JT Txxx JTxx If you open 1, partner will frequently respond 1NT and 3NT will be played from partners side. It will mark the spade lead and will make the defense easy, when the strong ...
Question for the math wizards
You can make all sort of assumptions. But since you do not know the system agreements in detail it does not make much sense. For example you might have agreed that all hands with both majors and at least 5 hearts start with transfer and then bid spades if strong ...
Question for the math wizards
It is very easy to get these calculations wrong even when you know the formulas. Santhosh writes above: "To have 0 HCP, partner would need to have exactly the T8642 in hearts, and any 8 of the 30 missing spot cards." But there are only 25 missing spot cards (ten ...
Minorwood or Redwood?
I have never really understood the prejudices in expert circles against minorwood. Case for minorwood: 1) It is lower than redwood. 2) It allows you to stop in 4NT, which is particularly useful at matchpoint scoring. 4NT after minorwood from either side is a suggestion to play there. When the ...
1NT, failed defense...
Well, when all 4 hands are on view, anybody can see which lead would have worked and which not. I do not know on what Paul Heitners study was based upon and how the mentioned criteria above should be applied. I would argue the lower the level of the notrump ...
1NT, failed defense...
Because this type of argument has been brought forward time and again it does not make it any better. Are you seriously arguing the defense makes never a mistake after leading from longest and strongest or that the defense thereafter is so much easier than after a passive lead? I ...
Is there a standard treatment?
"The only problem I see is how opener is ever able to determine that pass is the right choice." If opener will rebid 1 with 4 spades and 3 hearts you could play 2 by responder as an artificial forcing invite or better and 2NT as a natural ...
How do you bid this hand ?
@Martin, I do not disagree with you, but the judgement decision whether you need to find out information or tell is often one of the toughest to apply in the heat of the battle at the table and quite often the "right" decision will depend on partners hand. . It is ...

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