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July 28, 2010
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Using 2/1 as a Convention
I do not mind Jacoby, but when 2/1 is played as game forcing claiming that you need an immediate forcing raise as well looks to me like an overbid.
On an Assumption
Is it correct that you have two ways to sign-off with long diamonds over a major suit opening (one via 1NT), but no way to invite with long diamonds?
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
... which would put this hand into the same category as 18-19 balanced?
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Sure, but also please read the comments, to which I repsonded. I responded to Craigs hypothetical scenario should you be in first or second seat with this hand.
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
What about the flaws of opening 1, whether playing IMPs or matchpoints? What is your rebid over 1 or 1 ? I neither like 2 nor 3. What if responder bids 1NT? Do you really want to invite competition with this hand?
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
There is no question that if you do have a small slam in diamonds you will miss it if you open 1NT. You will miss it if opener rebids 2 diamonds and you will get there if opener overbids with jump rebidding 3 diamonds. But since the jump rebid is ...
Sim Request
Frankly I do not know why we have the same objections against sims time and again. The situation is rather simple Nobody claims double dummy play is the same as single dummy play. Single dummy play has guesses, sometimes pure guesses sometimes educated guesses based on probability or psychology. Double ...
Too Conservative or just Unlucky?—ATB?
I agree, except that you should correct for trump control. Harrison Gray was a big proponent of this concept. The ninth trump is worth a correction of half a loser. Here West fourth spade "guarantees" that there is a trump left, whether diamonds break (heart discard) or not, where you ...
Just a simple little survey
This is a never ending story: People psyche and people design countermeasures, whereupon people stop psyching, whereupon people stop using countermeasures, which makes it attractive to start psyching again.
Need to Commit
On page 2 you write: "Opening 4♠ doesn't seem right. That could easily lead to a missed slam. If you choose to take the preemptive route, 4♦ has to be better. It has the disadvantage of giving South a cheap 4♥ call. On the plus side, you probably prefer ...

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