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Rainer Herrmann
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July 28, 2010
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1M-p-2M-p- invitation?
I do not understand why we always have the same objections to loser count as an evaluation method. People, who repudiate loser count as an evaluation method, never progress beyond a raw simplistic loser count, whose origin dates back 80 years, and then start ridiculing that. As if there has ...
Too many questions for a single hand ....
No I am missing nothing and I said previously South should double 6. But South also nowhere indicated that (s)he held a seven card spade suit. In fact passing over 5 made this rather unlikely. East-West were pushed into slam. It was not freely bid. West preempted ...
Too many questions for a single hand ....
I beg to differ. Just because South bid poorly does not mean North is blameless. In my experience bidding disasters are quite often cooperative efforts
Too many questions for a single hand ....
If 6 were a good contract South should simply bid it after you competed for 11 tricks. You are open in clubs, missing 3 bullets (no guarantee that partner does not have the wrong A) and partner needs in addition either length or strength in the trump suit. Bidding ...
Too many questions for a single hand ....
I have no sympathy for 6. I rather bid 4 immediately. Maybe an overbid, but a calculated one, which allows North to leave any further bidding decision to South. North simply bid too much, though I agree that South should have doubled 6. Anyway it would not ...
2/1 W/semi Forcing NT and balanced hand major opener
One reason many prefer strong notrump. Balanced 15-17 hands are a frequent headache unless you get them off your chest immediately. This is not true for weaker balanced hands, where PASS is an appropriate description when responder does not force opener. The same holds true when opponents join the party.
All Four Suits
"Declarer was pretty much banking on the diamonds splitting no worse than 4-2. The defense couldn't knock out the ace of clubs due to declarer's club holding. Still, it seems better to play a heart at trick 2, planning on ruffing a heart in dummy for the tenth ...
Excluding Exclusion
I can think of at least half a dozen different bidding scenarios prior to a keycard ask, where a specific set of key card responses would show a small theoretical advantage over a single standard key card response set. For each you also have to agree what applies over interference ...
Question for the math wizards
Never is a bit much. 3NT might well be missed. Say partner has Qxx JT Txxx JTxx If you open 1, partner will frequently respond 1NT and 3NT will be played from partners side. It will mark the spade lead and will make the defense easy, when the strong ...
Question for the math wizards
You can make all sort of assumptions. But since you do not know the system agreements in detail it does not make much sense. For example you might have agreed that all hands with both majors and at least 5 hearts start with transfer and then bid spades if strong ...

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