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Third-Level Reasoning?
In addition all these arguments that you would have been "forced" to finesse through West in diamonds had West continued spades applies only at IMPs. Matchpoints is a different game and 3NT looks to me like the normal contract. It is probably correct to finesse through East in diamonds no ...
Leonard Hall's bidding problem: AKJ82 AKQ95 7 K4
Well why partner could not have a hand like x x xxxxx AQJxxx where slam in clubs looks good escapes me.
Unsafe Safety Play
Agreed I should have read your and Roland's comments. My comment was superfluous.
Unsafe Safety Play
You write: "If West has Q10x of hearts and a doubleton spade, he can shift to a spade and score his ♥10 with a promotion on the third round of spades. Even if this is the layout, it will be very difficult for West to find this defense. He can ...
Would you have opened and if so, what now?
Seem to me all good arguments to open 1. Why 4 card majors are a good idea in 3rd seat but not in first or second seat escapes me. The risk here to reopen with DBL even at IMPs look to me exaggerated, at least at these colors. Chances ...
Light Opening Bids
I consider this all besides the point. If I open such hands I do not do this for playing 1NT and I would not be able to stop there anyway. Even beginners are told that with xxxxx AKQJT Kx x the proper opening bid is 1 Why should I ...
Light Opening Bids
"Edgar once opined that hands with very short spades need to be sounder than other hands" The first hand is much sounder than the second one. By the way the Rubens Kaplan evaluator K&R measures the first hand at 13.2 If you would force me to quantify the ...
When else can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
For a more balanced view look at
Danger Hand First
What is really surprising is how well 3NT does compared to game in spades. In this case many North might do better just passing 3NT instead of using their judgement. Granted that the conditions here were favorable for 3NT, this was not entirely obvious from the outset. But it confirms ...
Danger Hand First
I thought about all this and I can tell you from many other simulations I did, it would have very little impact on the result. Of course I specified for North a hand with at least 2 diamonds,exactly 4 spades, no 5 card heart or six card club suit ...

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