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Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
My comment was related to Frances "counter example" AKJxx Axxx xx Kx xxx x AKx AJxxxx. not on the original one of the opening thread above.
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
4 is a better contract of course and if the bidding went 1-2,2-2,3-3NT I think North has an easy correction to 4. I also think there is much less reason to suggest notrumps with this South hand than with the actual ...
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
Michael, Your arguments are all based on distributional considerations and seem to disregard honor location. (by the way why play a Natural instead of a relay system in that case?) While I accept that distribution is often more important than honor location and dominate our initial bids, distribution is not ...
Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
So if Meck says "it is the right bridge action and it is natural" then this is the end of it. But if lesser mortals think of a bid as the right action and natural, who cares?
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
If 1-2-2-2 locks you into spades, then you should not insist that responder must bid 2 with 3 small ones. South should rebid 2NT. Not all 5-3 major suit fits play better than 3NT.
Multiple Promotions
You write on page 11: "Instead of exiting with a spade at the end, declarer could have done this himself. Diamond to jack, heart ruff with the queen of diamonds, and now exit with a spade. East would have to allow declarer to score dummy's ♦6 en passant. This ...
Solution to High-Level Defense Problem
Maybe you can enlighten me why Brogeland got this one right. I can see two inferences. Maybe North would lead a trump with Kxxx in diamonds. The only other indication I see is North's early diamond discard, which on first inspection does not seem likely if North has Kxxx ...
EBU Minimum openings
I think the diamond lead can not be serously criticized at matchpoints. At matchpoints you have to weigh your chances beating the contract against giving declarer an additional trick. Where I agree is criticizing the whining. When players make errors they usually hurt themselves, but sometimes they come out on ...
BBO Survivor: Complicated 6NT
On page 1 you write: "Well, the finesse is right, but the spade length is with East...the ♠J pops on the second round, and West pitches a diamond on the third. ... Okay: East is 4=5 in the majors. I conjecture that the shapes were 2=1=5=5 ...
GIB, Schmib
For Matchpoint scoring 3NT is much better, but a 10 point difference does not argue for 3NT at IMPs.

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