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Rainer Herrmann
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July 28, 2010
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Tournaments have been limited to 40 tables , not by the tournament providers but by BBO. So I am logging on and can not register.
Rebid 1NT More Often
And you are also comfortable bidding 2 over 1-1 with x AQxx KJxxx Kxx as well as x AQxx KJx Kxxxx ? (first hand taken from Standard Modern Precision Page 58) I wonder what responder does with 5233 and a minimum hand as well as many other hands ...
Polish Up Your Bridge 1
"I've seen Polish Club pairs who rebid 1S with four spades and a 12-count or five spades and a 19-count play a slam in a partscore. " Anecdotal evidence is always nice, but without further facts remains hearsay. I am not worried. In Polish club 1-1-1 is ...
Polish Up Your Bridge 1
All good reasons not to pass 1 and rebid 1NT yourself. 1 is unlikely to get passed out if this is the last making contract for your side. In fact I would have responded 1 with the North hand in Polish club.
The Real Danger
"Clearly a big advantage of these methods is that it allows a pair to find a 4-4 fit and then play in 3NT even so. Standard Stayman cannot achieve that." A myth. What you need is a forcing raise after Stayman, which you should have in your bidding arsenal anyway ...
Rebid 1NT More Often
Pavlicek looked at contract comparison from IMP high level (single dummy) play. Pavlicek writes: Table 1: Notrump (138 IMPs) Table 2: 5-2 Major (130 IMPs) A total of 111 cases occurred in 40,069 deals from 72 major events 1996-2014. Table 1: Notrump ...
Rebid 1NT More Often
If a bid, for the sake of the argument say 1NT, whether as an opening bid or as a rebid, is more tightly defined, there is no question, that this should in the long run benefit the bidder or his partner, when the partnership has a suitable hand for the ...
Rebid 1NT More Often
I do not disagree, and my arguments were in light of a standard system not Precision. My whole point was if a 1NT rebid can contain a shortage in responders suit then opener should be able to show that and the system should accommodate that when responder makes a forcing ...
Rebid 1NT More Often
"Let's keep opener's hand the same: J, AQT, Kxxxx, Qxxx But we will change responder's A. xxxx, Kx, QJx, AKxx B. Axxx, Kx, QJx, AKxx In both cases I would expect responder to raise 1N to 3N" I would expect responder to bid like that, if he ...
Rebid 1NT More Often
It is old school and Bobby notwithstanding I think it is poor advise. I am not claiming if you rebid 1NT with shortage in partners suit you will always be in the best partial. But when 1NT is not the best partial, there is at least another chance by responder ...

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