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BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
Gavin, I know I have been provocative with my previous last sentence. However, I think your last comment is much more to the point when you speak what trade-offs you have in mind compared to your first claim you can not remember getting jammed with your 2/1 rebids.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
I can see how you can survive not limiting your strength after 2M with serious/non-serious thereafter, but this is not available after 1M-2x-3y showing 5-5, which by the way makes 2NT neither balanced (could be 5440 or 5431) nor any indication or limitation of HCP strength. As David pointed ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
I beg to differ. Nobody doubts that 2/1 GF has strength and weaknesses like any other system But I always thought "natural" means, if I bid hearts I have hearts and if I bid diamonds I have diamonds. In that respect I do not see the difference between 2 ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
Have you ever considered after 1M-2x that the next highest bid could be used as the default bid instead and 2NT shows the suit, which gets lost by the next highest bid being used as a default bid? So for example after 1--2 2 by opener shows ...
I'd like you to answer a poll...
You probably meant "I think that declarer-play is generally regarded as easier (instead of more difficult) than defense, for one's combined assets are known when declarer and not when defending. I personally think this argument carries much more weight for players, which are below expert level. At the top ...
1M-p-2M-p- invitation?
I do not understand why we always have the same objections to loser count as an evaluation method. People, who repudiate loser count as an evaluation method, never progress beyond a raw simplistic loser count, whose origin dates back 80 years, and then start ridiculing that. As if there has ...
Too many questions for a single hand ....
No I am missing nothing and I said previously South should double 6. But South also nowhere indicated that (s)he held a seven card spade suit. In fact passing over 5 made this rather unlikely. East-West were pushed into slam. It was not freely bid. West preempted ...
Too many questions for a single hand ....
I beg to differ. Just because South bid poorly does not mean North is blameless. In my experience bidding disasters are quite often cooperative efforts
Too many questions for a single hand ....
If 6 were a good contract South should simply bid it after you competed for 11 tricks. You are open in clubs, missing 3 bullets (no guarantee that partner does not have the wrong A) and partner needs in addition either length or strength in the trump suit. Bidding ...
Too many questions for a single hand ....
I have no sympathy for 6. I rather bid 4 immediately. Maybe an overbid, but a calculated one, which allows North to leave any further bidding decision to South. North simply bid too much, though I agree that South should have doubled 6. Anyway it would not ...

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