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Rainer Herrmann
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July 28, 2010
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June 22
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Do you stay or do you go?
In the end it boils down what according to your opening standards a limit raise meansm but I assume it still is a serious invite to game. In standard I would only pass a balanced minimum opening. With an unbalanced minimum opening you just don't know whether game is ...
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
Agreed. You have to accommodate the system to whatever you play. Raising spades with 3=4=1=5 seems to me just good Bridge after 1-1. And I readily admit I rather pass 4=4=0=5 after 1-1NT than open this distribution 2 and miss ...
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
I took for granted that all other hands with five clubs and a four card major with no shortage in the other major in the 12-14 range can start with 1 in Polish club. I suspect you do this already for 4=4=1=4 and 4=4=0 ...
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
Anyway the question really is, how much would you have to "weaken the excellent 1 opening" (in Polish club)? I am surprised that so few Polish club players consider 1 unbalanced 4 cards except for (14)=3=5 and is only balanced with 5 diamonds 2 6 ...
Best hand
If you do not take the diamond finesse East wins the club ace and reuturns a diamond to West king, You have to take the diamond finesse without caching the ace.
Best hand
Your guard squeeze construction is nice, but pretty unlikely, particularly in view of the opening lead. I very much doubt that there are a lot of such constructions. I am quite sure playing for a defensive error is by far the best chance here irrespective of the level of competition ...
PATTERNS VII - The fall of the suits
Third-Level Reasoning?
In addition all these arguments that you would have been "forced" to finesse through West in diamonds had West continued spades applies only at IMPs. Matchpoints is a different game and 3NT looks to me like the normal contract. It is probably correct to finesse through East in diamonds no ...
Leonard Hall's bidding problem: AKJ82 AKQ95 7 K4
Well why partner could not have a hand like x x xxxxx AQJxxx where slam in clubs looks good escapes me.
Unsafe Safety Play
Agreed I should have read your and Roland's comments. My comment was superfluous.

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