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Rainer Retzler
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Feb. 3, 2012
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Stuffed by UI
You are not quite correct. If declarer asks for a trump and N leads a spade, it becomes a penalty card. But he should have led a trump, so the TD will 'force him' to lead a trump. Not playing the trump when asked is a revoke, and must be ...
errant claim
Somehow I managed to forget what was said. Given that, I fully agree 4 making 10 tricks.
errant claim
How can I claim 2 tricks when I only have 2 cards, theQ7 (trumps) and I know there is an outstanding trump higher then mine? Ergo, I will try to find my 3rd card.
errant claim
Something seems wrong. Declarer was seeing Q7 and claimed 2 tricks knowing the A was out. From this I deduce he thought his hand was Q7x. I am also made to think that the K was the only spade remaining. Or maybe some other insignificant spade was outstanding, the deuce ...
What does this 4!S call mean?
If partner has selfsufficient spades, my hand is a monster. If 4 was a q-bid, the same. Also, I believe 5 will just push the ambiguity to P.
What does this 4!S call mean?
I don't know. Lucky me, the 6 bid is available and unambigious.
Would like to see what happens afterwards with the board. Maybe they already played it. Maybe he is dummy. Maybe he is declarers RHO. If it is the case of a board to be played (next or later) I would asses the highest I could. And I'd make sure ...
Because it ends with a dot It probably is for the end of the sentence, but it is part of the link and the host can't resolve the file
Keep Bidding Cards on the Table until the Opening Lead Is Made?
In Romania there is no such requirement. I sometimes ask the opponents to leave their cards on the table, but very few people do the same.
It's Your Ruling
Well, didn't he? His partner bid 1N and 1 is less. I cannot deny the circumstances under which the bid was made, but what Law would you use to cancel it? As I said, it isn't a Law 25 case, he actually intended to bid 1 ...

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