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Rainer Retzler
Rainer Retzler
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Feb. 3, 2012
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Dec. 30, 2018
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Muideberg 2M
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Assign the Blame -- -530
N: what the f**k is 5? I DEMAND a return, I play the club 9. Still, what did S guess was happening in spades? That N led the 7 from 87x(x)?
Would you have this three bid auction?
I once held ATx AKQJxx AJ9x void And on 2C-3D O bid the grand. I find this hand a little bit better but would have no problem bidding the grand. It's very hard to find out if P has the Q, but I'm bidding it
Alerting in USA?
Never played WBF events. But I played EBL events and the alert policies are (almost) the same: At pairs I would always alert, even without screens. At teams, I would expect them to ...
What's the ethical action here?
That's what I was trying to point out, the fact that you actually have that specific agreement on this specific meaning of the double.
What's the ethical action here?
I would bid 4 with no remorse. After the auction, I'd call the director, inform him of what happened and if he deems it necessary (opps damaged) he may create a poll and reverse the result to 3S making whatever. I've learned I should never direct myself ...
Lyon Round-Robin, Day 7
6 times 16 I guess
Cell Phone Suggestion
I only read some part of the ongoing discussions regarding cellphones. But this idea is very practicle. At the European (Youth) Championships one's phone must be switched off AND visible at all time. So I keep it in the plastic container of my badge (we receive badges at thos ...
ATB - missed grand
at pairs (depending on the fild) I'd very much like to play 7 opposite AQx
Transfer with side singleton
How do you show it (differentiate between 4 and 5 card suits) with regular methods?
Can I ever bid NT naturally beyond the three level?
I'd say 4NT is naturally. Especially if an opening bid of $NT is ace-asking.

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