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Oct. 10, 2010
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Why did Poland not send its strongest team in the first place?
who died and made you the Decider of what is interesting?
On the Actions of Administrators
Agree. We would need the people who are affected to make the application.
On the Actions of Administrators
I am a lawyer practicing in Singapore (a common law jurisdiction like the US and Australia. Of course there are differences in the law between countries but I do not anticipate any material ones) and it seems to me that, based on what you say, an application to the Court ...
It's Not Europe Vs. America
I don't understand why you seem to be fixated on whitewashing cheaters from the "annals" of bridge. Wouldn't it be far better to have history and posterity remember them as the cheaters who got caught? The very purpose of recording history is to learn from it.
Extremely Happy Not to Play in the Bermuda Bowl!
would you enlighten us as to what the method is?
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
I think this is an excellent idea. The suggestion is not for this to replace bridge at all levels. Only bridge at the very highest levels. Why would we reject modernity and the use of technology just for some indescribable notion that we should be wedded to tradition?
The Third Pair
I think most of us certainly do trust your judgment Michael. But perhaps just for public education, open information and simple curiosity, would yo be willing to share the hand with us?
Touchy Feely
i think the "logical extension" argument is merely a "slippery slope" argument.
The Third Pair
who is this third pair?
Is He Bluffing
interesting hand and the psychology behind it is fascinating but i disagree with Kit's statement that 3H would definitely create a force. i do not think it is necessarily the case that showing a Limit Raise or Better (LR+) hand puts you in a force as you may be ...
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