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Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
What is the minimum strength for opener to make this 2 'pseudo reverse' or 'on the way' bid? ------- "1♣ - 1♠ - (2♦); 2♥ ... The latter MIGHT be a reverse, but might just be a 3♣ rebid that is showing the hearts 'on the way'. 3♣ would DENY 4-card ♥." ------- Similarly, in ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
@Michael I finally got the subtlety of the quotes around [2] "promises" [5+ ] in your Jan 22 comment which I had previously erroneously read as you endorsing the promise of 5s.
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: Q8643 7 A AJT962
@Martin thanks for the references to those articles, especially the first one. The search button on this site is useful but almost always gives me hundreds of hits - or I don't know how to use it effectively.
Proposing a Simple Rule for Good-Bad 2NT
Is there a good write up of Good/Bad 2N available other than the The Bridge World article referenced earlier? And I am somewhat confused by the name, in which circumstance is the 2NT bid a "good" one?
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
A follow up question to the 90% who vote that 2 in OP's question is non forcing: With roughly same strength three carders in both hearts and clubs (say 9 6 3) should responder pass and play hearts at the 2 level in a possible 4-3 heart fit ...
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
@Yehudit you bring up an important point - how much is the US under-reporting? As we can see Doug (OP) was himself not counted, even though the county authorities had his name and contact information.
Calling all Bergen Raisers!
That would be the second choice then. Your exact flavor of bid for the mixed raise does not matter.
How light are preempts these days? CLUB GAME PABC MATCHPOINT SCORING
(Wrongly?) assuming S had an outside King for the vulnerable preempt and EW would go to the 3 level with their 8 card fit.
How light are preempts these days? CLUB GAME PABC MATCHPOINT SCORING
That's because I did not think of including a 3 choice for the aggressives.
How light are preempts these days? CLUB GAME PABC MATCHPOINT SCORING
The full hand was: W: AQ QT8 KJT98 984 N: KJ972 43 73 AK52 E: T863 Ak782 Q763 The bidding went: 2D-P-2S-P;3D all pass for -2. The rest of the field was: 4♥ E -2 200 - 12.96 0.04 4♥ E -1 100 - 10.27 2 ...
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