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March 15, 2017
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What were my chances?
Yes you can go 5 off if east smoothly plays the club Jack!
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
Is there any provision in law that gives a team right to refuse to play the next round till the time director has ruled? We faced a similar situation (i.e. delay in giving the rulings) where there was a call against our team in Sanya world championships (Rosenblum) on ...
Forcing or not? Best practices in high level decisions
Thank you folks for your comments. As I could gather there are essentially 2 schools of thought 1. Force is established only when we have expressed higher ambitions in the auction (Q bid) 2. When we voluntarily bid game in adverse vul, it should be construed that we own the ...
Nice hand for planning play - intermediate level
Agree. The possibility of singletons with west make this an equal proposition for 2 lines. Though I feel that singleton leads usually turn out well for defense...
Nice hand for planning play - intermediate level
OK. Was not aware of that. Next time.
Which Squeeze? #7 -- Solution
Nice. Someone not too inclined to think too much would have played a low club to jack at trick 4 and also made 11 :-)
Partnership Defense
And regarding west's defense, it should be easy to go up ace when east has already shown up with KQJ club and ace diamond. Declarer cannot have just 13 HCP for his 4S bid
Partnership Defense
Maybe declarer should have played spade jack immediately after winning club ace. If you do not go up ace, it is now easy to ruff a club and exit a spade for genuine throw in.
How do you play this slam?
Yes, probability wise east holding 3 or more hearts comes to about 52% and if we assume west to also hold club king for this lead, it will increase to about 57%. That makes playing for simple red suit squeeze more attractive. However, a significant %age comes from 3-3 hearts ...
Logical but easy to miss
Yes, key is to duck 2 spades and then pull a club. You are unlikely to make if either minor ace is off. Also, you will need east to be 3226 unless you are planning to play on hearts, if east goes up club ace and plays diamond ace and ...
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