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March 15, 2017
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Rate mY Idiocy
With both hands 4-3-3-3, I would tend to not play for foul breaks. Just a guideline that I follow when in doubt...
Which Squeeze: Can You Out-Squeeze Kelsey?
There is no guessing required as long as you assume S AQ and diamond J with lho. In last 5 cards if none of them shows up by now, then lho can have max 2 clubs. As I mentioned above if lho follows or discards a diamond then we can ...
Which Squeeze: Can You Out-Squeeze Kelsey?
Assuming normal opening, one can play for show up strip end play rather than assuming club position. Keeping S-T76, C-K4 in dummy and S-K, D-KT, C-A9. Assuming spade Q has not been discarded, cash 2 clubs ending in hand. 1. If west follows, then diamond J will drop. 2. If ...
How do you like to play 2!D here?
We play 2C/D both as majors better H/S respectively can be 5-4 or even 4-4. Double is for diamond lead and will double with KJTxxx in diamonds and side cards. Very unlikely to get passed out and most likely LHO will pull out to clubs and I can ...
Play or Defend 3NT
Thx. Yes, did not analyze the option of declarer using club entries to play spade.
Play or Defend 3NT
I think heart 2 lead will defeat it. If declarer plays on diamonds, then 2 ducks, winning third and low heart will disrupt communication. If declarer plays a spade discarding a small heart, east wins ace and returns heart Q killing entry to diamonds. Now 2 diamonds can be ducked ...
Rajeshwar Tewari's bidding problem: J8 KJ63 AQ86 Q72
Pass would have fetched 800 and a top. 4H would have also gotten to a good result though lucky to be able to make it. 3NT will fetch a bottom and 3H below average. Partner had KTxxx, ATx, Kxx, xx. RHO had opened on a 6 card suit AKJTxx. I ...
Plan the defence 2
It is almost sure that partner has 5S and 4D but has not bid 2S. Maybe does not want to encourage a spade lead if I get to be on lead. So I played for J7 and Q combo (maybe heat 1 please note Mike). And shifted to spade 8 ...
Plan the defence 2
2nd and 4th
Plan the defence
No, I am not saying that heart A and a diamond return will be always right but I feel, is more likely to succeed. Here are my thoughts - may be flawed where world champions like you could help by guiding. 1. Declarer has 2S and 3H. He may have 3D ...
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