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Continuations after 1C-1S-3C
Are you able to share more specific details on how various hands could be handled. e.g. the one shared above? AT9xx, ATxxx, Tx, K vs x, KQx, AJx, AQTxxx
Continuations after 1C-1S-3C
Yes, that is how we play - new suit for NT exploration and 3S/4C as forcing. We got a hand where partner had AT9xx, ATxxx, Tx,K and I had x, KQx, AJx, AQTxxx. It went 1C-1S-3C-3H-3NT. Heart slam looks great with the combined holdings. Was wondering if there is ...
One deal - two opportunities
There is yet another option of playing Q, say east covers and west plays small, then 9 to scoop 8. So probably will need some calculations to figure out what gives best percentage.
Has it happened to you ever?
Yes, NK was the partner and you know what our style was those days :-)
Has it happened to you ever?
I was referring to what can practically happen on table rather than some double dummy hands where both sides can make same contract.
Just in case...
I would be happier bidding 3NT over 3S opening as these days they are unlikely to have good solid suit for 3 opening plus chances of blockage. Pass looks like an option but difficult to catch up later. Maybe a good hand for bidding poll as well :-)
BBO Misclaim - how should coordinator rule?
Yes. If you see the original post, the issue is not how many tricks (all at table had agreed for 3 tricks) but how to get it corrected since BBO has already moved to next deal.
BBO Misclaim - how should coordinator rule?
I understand what you wish. But does your rule book state that incidents cannot be reported on BW or any other forum and subsequent consequences? If not, then the threat to bar a player from events is quite autocratic to say the least. Secondly, it was not a director call ...
BBO Misclaim - how should coordinator rule?
Why should there be any gag order? Is this covered under some official state secret act that you cannot discuss any incident? Just to correct what you have posted, our team has not decided for play off and has in fact withdrawn...
BBO Misclaim - how should coordinator rule?
When there is a dispute, there has to be an arbitrator - whatever the ruling. One cannot simply wash off one's hands saying - don't bother me - settle amongst yourselves. If it was easy to settle, why would one ask someone to intervene? I find it very funny that I ...
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