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Ralph Buchalter
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Aug. 5, 2011
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Bridge Player

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1st 1991 NABC IMP Pairs, 1st 1996 GNT, 1st 2005 NABC Fast Pairs, 2nd 2008 NABC Open Pairs
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Silver Life Master
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Outraged by the USBF
Professionalism in bridge affects everyone, because it is such a dominant force in determining the structure of current US bridge competition. It may not be my business how much the compensation is, but as a long time competitor, I consider its existence and its effects completely the business of all ...
Why do major players cheat?
I was an options market maker on the Amex for a number of years. In its heyday, the prevailing ethos for many, many traders, specialists and brokers was this: the definition of "legal" is highly dependent on what you can reasonably get away with. If you were one of those ...
Catching Cheaters
Peg, You say: "IMHO the ACBL shouldn't concern itself with the private affairs of sponsors and professionals - and their earnings - unless, somehow, they are doing something illegal within the boundaries of ACBL regulations." I completely disagree. One of the reasons that cheating has become a problem is this: once ...
Motivation of Bridge Sponsors
I believe David W is correct -- if playing professionally is your livelihood, and you have played the sessions that you committed to, to have an agreement that risks not being paid for that work performed is equivalent to losing your cash in a bet.
A Disturbing Trend
Jeff, I agree with you. I would add that, in my opinion, the advent of circular KOs as a daily Regional standard everywhere is a scourge on us, and a detriment to the game. This fundamental change to Regionals largely isolates experts / professionals from the rest of the players for ...
A Sad State of Affairs
I second (or third) the notion that an over-abundance of tournaments harms rather than helps the marketing of the game. I think it's a far more important issue than masterpoint concerns. The number of Regionals, in combination with the plethora of concurrent events that run, means that "I won ...
Choice of Spot Card
My takeaway from this discussion is that, if the technical merits are roughly equal, it is an absolute advantage to create and play non-standard methods/follow-ups (and particularly non-standard negative inferences) that are non-alertable. I've certainly recognized this advantage when I played canape in national pair events for a ...
Magical Monaco
Lindsey, we are not as different as you think. I have won three national events, two with friends, and the last partnered with a professional (who is also one of my best friends). For awhile after that win, in spite of anything else in my bridge career, I suddenly found ...
Magical Monaco
Lindsey, your defensive response proves my point precisely: to just acknowledge that a player is a client in a major event is considered an aggressive, off-putting, obnoxious act, when, as you say, and *as I said in my post*, hiring a professional is one of the best things you can ...
Magical Monaco
Great article, and well done Lindsey. However, Peg, you left out one other feature of Lindsey’s success – she probably has the foresight, and critically, the money, to be able to hire great professionals. If that statement comes across as accusatory or critical in any way, it is only because ...
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