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Ralph F. Lind
Ralph F. Lind
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March 22, 2013
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3 hours ago
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about me

Ralph F. Lind did not spend his time playing cards. Nevertheless, he wrote a 5 card major bidding system (called Aurora) to defeat 2/1. And is looking for an accomplished player from New England interested enough in winning, to give it a try. Retired, he lives in Massachusetts.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
When his partner jumped for joy one spring evening after a session of bridge at the 2011 Victoria Regional
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no one, at present
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Silver Life Master
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ATB for missing this slam
The South hand is a 3 preempt when your partnership is using the Rule of 2/3/4. North has 5 cover cards including the K. This makes Richard's 3-6 a better auction than one which asks for keycards.
A Trappist passes on
Adam Grossack's bidding problem: 653 KJ875 5 T954
1. This is one reason why you play Drury ( for a lead ).
Adam Parrish's bidding problem: J987 AQT62 A2 A3
Optimistic, over 3 I would bid 3 because +140 beats +130. Pessimistic, over 3 I would bid 3 because pard is 3=3=4(+)=x. Though this created a dicey situation, it's justified in order not to lose to the 3 overcallers.
Nikolay Demirev's lead problem: --- AKQJT98765432 --- ---
A very interesting lead to begin 2017 with !! ... because it really is necessary to try and awaken partner to every-single-card in declarer's hand and only the deuce can do it. Necessary. Because when partner shows void of s, declarer will awaken to every-single-card in RHO's hand and ...
Online substitute for dealmaster pro?
18 months ago I bought an Acer Chromebook 15 from Amazon. Same thing happened to me as to Henry. Hardly use my Windows machine at all anymore. Luv the Chromebook experience. Sooner or later they will rewrite Dealmaster Pro for the cloud. There are those of us who do not ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q63 AKJ82 AK2 A5
North bids 7 with that hand, but bids 6 if he sees the Ace.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q63 AKJ82 AK2 A5
That's a deduction that follows from North realizing that South's 5 bid is a Grand slam try. The need for the Grand slam try implies that a first round control is lacking. If North looks at his hand and sees he has first round control he ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q63 AKJ82 AK2 A5
(3) 5 P 5 (Pass) ?? North wonders what the 5 Cue-bid means? When he realizes that South is forcing at least a small Slam, he understands that 5 must be a grand Slam try. North looks at his hand which is missing the A ...
Out of the Box
South needed to reevaluate his hand aggressively in the light of North's 2 transfer. A7542 A104 Q83 A2 14 HCP plus 1 short distribution point (for doubleton ) plus 1 1/2 points (for 5 cards headed by Ace in the target major) plus an additional point (for ...

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