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Ralph Letizia
Ralph Letizia
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Oct. 26, 2010
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May 18
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Bridge Player
about me

I have been playing tournament bridge since 1975, and love the game.  I only play part-time but try to attend at least 3-4 regionals and 1 nationals a year.  

United States of America

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Randy Baron, Ellen Kozlove
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LBA - Unit117
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all of them
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Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
That is probably another discussion chain but let's take this problem for example. I believe that 3N is a reasonable gamble and a nice MP spot as it does not require finding the heart Q, and without a club lead, should gain a few MPs on the average. And ...
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
This is an ugly hand with no clear cut answer; one of the rare triumphs for preempts. Since there are many possible options, both successful and failure and especially given that both partner and LHO are UPH. If you offed me average or slightly below, I'd take it in ...
Episode 14: Meck
I am too hearing impaired to comprehend this. Is there a transcript available?
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
Michael, you didn't miss it - it is a basic assumption in our partnership, however, we believe that shape almost always trumps HCP and bid accordingly. We would probably open AQJxxx x Q109xx x with 1 spade in any vulnerability. Only time we might tone things down is at IMPs ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
My favorite partner (Randy Baron) and I have a saying that while we may never for sure know what partner has when they bid, we almost always know what they have when they don't bid.
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
Ahhh, to paraphase the movie quote, "Peter Fordham, you're my hero" (Cameron in Ferris Bueller)
Playing with Rueful
Wow, that's a great bid. I'll have to try that one sometime. We play NSNF so I could have just bid 3C. Wonder if I'd get the same result?
Birthday Wish
Happy Birthday Steve!
Stimulants Probably Do Not Improve Bridge Performance
David, I totally agree with the headache problem. I drink far too much coffee (a hazard of my line of work) and "reboot" every six weeks or so. The headache(s) for approximately 48 hours are not a minor inconvenience. I'll go cold turkey for a week and then ...
Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
Steve is right on target here and is not being biased in favor of District 11. I have been involved with this tournament since its conception days. The fact that it is at a casino is a very attractive option for our ACBL gambling contingent. The only downside in my ...

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