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Ralph Letizia
Ralph Letizia
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Oct. 26, 2010
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Nov. 20
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Bridge Player
about me

I have been playing tournament bridge since 1975, and love the game.  I only play part-time but try to attend at least 3-4 regionals and 1 nationals a year.  

United States of America

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Randy Baron, Ellen Kozlove
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LBA - Unit117
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all of them
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Curoiser and curioser...
Steve, thanks for sharing. It was quite enlightening. I guess I am old school but I play a pass shows any 0-4 (if 4, not an A). Double is 4-7 (if 4, must be an A). I don't try to get a perfect result when the opponents interfere over ...
600k boards from Vugraph: lies, damned lies, and statistics
Emily, I am really loving this. Thanks for the effort!
Claim ruling poll
Forever have, and always will hate that "level of player" business. This is a very basic and fundamental bridge problem, yet, quite a few will not realize the unblocking play or at least explicitly. But I totally agree that a thorough claim explanation must be given regardless of how rudimentary ...
Robb Gordon's bidding problem: Jx Q AKJxxx ATxx
I expect partner to bid with a weakish 5-5 or better, so by passing the decision to me, I believe they are willing to sit for a penalty double (assuming a double actually is penalty). This is an excellent matchpoint problem.
Ralph Letizia's bidding problem: --- KQJ95 Q8 AKQ972
Dave, thanks for them comment. I posted this in the wrong place, and definitely need to reframe the problem. I am merely asking (or that was my intention) if the director’s comment that bidding after the hesitation is automatic was incorrect. I’ll see if I can get this ...
Ralph Letizia's bidding problem: --- KQJ95 Q8 AKQ972
That is what I was thinking, however, it must not be totally clear-cut since over 40% of the people that responded bid something. I wonder if an allowance is being made for having occurred in a club game?
Grand National Slams
Come on Michael, quoting the Clash is a stretch for today's youth. I am pretty sure everyone under age of 30 is reading this and not having a clue who Jimmy Durante might be. Heck, a few might even be thinking, "Hey, he managed the Cubs(they will have ...
CLERKIN, NPC is Women's USA1
Congratulations to all, and especially my buddies Joanne and Dennis. Looking forward to following you all in the next stage.
The Chosen One
As Michael Rosenberg stated, these hands are not easy to solve at the table, but maybe not so much when stated as problems. And wouldn't you have concerns if the opening leader got both of them right at the table? I led virtually the same cards as Oren. 10 ...
ATB - Missed minor game at matchpoints
What else can South do with that (perceived) worthless spade Q and partner showing a dead minimum hand? While I can live with 3 club bid, there were certainly better options. But only 4 Clubs?

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