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Ralph Letizia
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Oct. 26, 2010
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The Chosen One
As Michael Rosenberg stated, these hands are not easy to solve at the table, but maybe not so much when stated as problems. And wouldn't you have concerns if the opening leader got both of them right at the table? I led virtually the same cards as Oren. 10 ...
ATB - Missed minor game at matchpoints
What else can South do with that (perceived) worthless spade Q and partner showing a dead minimum hand? While I can live with 3 club bid, there were certainly better options. But only 4 Clubs?
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
Jan, is there any way to cover the top, or top 2-3 tables in the Swiss? It would provide an alternative to those wanting to watch IMPS rather than BAM, and in addition, it allows some insight into high level Swiss Team strategy as opposed to KOs. Thanks!
To bid or not to Bid
Sorry for the abstain but I have no experience with this kind of bidding and probably would not play with someone who endorses it. That having been said, Pass, then bid 4 if doubled seems like the right decision.
Obligation to Appeal?
I totally agree with Michael, and especially with the comment, " have an obligation not to eliminate another team unfairly". I have never figured out how to feel good about a victory that was achieved at the expense of another team not getting a fair shot.
What do we think of this lead?
If the bidding is to be believed, then declarer probably has a long solid club suit and a spade stopper, and maybe a diamond stopper - that is 8 or 9 tricks. I assume that a high level match means IMPs so beating the contract is imperative. So, leading the heart ...
Is it time for ACBL Amateur NABC Championship?
An outstanding idea and one I've pondered for some time. The key is how do we ensure that only amateurs play? How would we screen players from other countries? Still, I think you are well on the right track.
Ethics question, Part 2
All bids should be made as close to an even tempo as possible. What exactly are we trying to prove with these questions?
Ethics, what is allowed?
It is difficult to construct a scenario where this behavior can be considered ethical. I would like to hear why this questions was even posed from a player at Verhees' level. Maybe this is a trick question and we are all still waiting for the punch line?
Proposal: New Soloway KO with Qualifying Swiss at Fall NABCs: Increase Attendance!
I am 100% in favor of at least trying new events and formats. BAM is a strange animal. I truly believe it is the most difficult form of the game short-term. In addition, the prestige of winning such an event is worth something. Unfortunately, however, very few of us get ...

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