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Aug. 29, 2010
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Question re bridge clubs and the ADA/ACBL regulations
my club which averages 10 15 tables a game the 1st rule is if you are asked to move seats you do so, quickly with no bitching. we too have some can barely walk I make them be N/S some say they will play E/W but I won ...
A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure
solution that was easy and suggested years ago to ACBL fell on deaf ears ur turn to bid take stop card place in front of left hand opponent make ur skip bid count to ten pick card back up off table a player goes to bid before u pick stop ...
What ACBL Arbitration Agreement?
l agree the ACBL is making an effort to make sure all members know of this however l renew by calling and giving credit card so if employee busy he/she may forget to ask or maybe I could later claim they didn't ask I would think after this ...
Bidding grand at the club
at my club 25% on wed lol we run a grand pool u get $1 a table for bidding and making and yes there are carry overs pot often gets to $100 more than one pair bids u split
Cell Phone Penalty
what if they aren't carrying cash? I rarely do
Flipping for Winning
Peggy Gavin Wolpert wrote on another thread that he accidently left Ipad in Jenny's purse and when put in lost mode it beeped and directors heard and penalized but they canceled after hearing explanation Gavin I am not interested in debating whether or not they should have given my ...
Flipping for Winning
Peg you stated: Yu, we have had different experiences. I have never seen a director not enforce a cell phone penalty if they are aware of it. let above I gave a clear example where they did.
Cell Phone Penalty
u all know how I feel but let me ask who is going to enforce? you read other thread Jenny W. was punished but Gavin showed up took blame and penalty erased. is this going to be a typical if you are liked we will forget about it or one ...
ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
l think some are missing the point l know the cell phone rule of the ACBL and respect their choice to have one but for me to fly and spend thousands of dollars and arrive at a tournament explain things to the director and for some reason he says no ...
ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
if u followed this thread Ed which l think u have this is exactly what happened and you are saying I am wrong to think ACBL should allow players to write explain circumstances and ask for exemptions because it adversely impacts others
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