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Randy Breuer
Randy Breuer
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Aug. 29, 2010
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45 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me


terrible speller {bothers others not me}


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting Grant Baze and all the advice he gave me over the years. Paul Soloway kibtzed me Wash.NABC left after 3 hands i went down in 2 lol
Regular Bridge Partners
need one
Favorite Tournaments
None anymore rather spend money on warm vacations!
Favorite Conventions
the less i use the better i play
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Fantoni live on BBO
Michael You have to be realistic, do baseball players who cheat give back all their contract money? Do Olympic athletes return sponser money? Silly to even think someone should return the money. Never play another bridge tournament, what makes bridge so special? Oh wait just was allegation and soon to ...
Fantoni live on BBO
Timo This would open a very slippery slope.
Fantoni live on BBO
Paul He cheated at a card game! Maybe 1000 people in the world even care. People cheat all the time, in baseball you can cork a bat sit out 40 games and fans cheer louder when u return. Get over it if you only think of negative nothing positive will ...
Fantoni live on BBO
easy don't click on watch, seems you are all obsessed and letting things like this rule your life's. I am in no way supporting him or others just saying if I went to a table and he was there I would click leave.
Bridge club furnishings
For side table I use patio tables I got at Walmart they are metal and round the top pops off and is interchangeable. I bought red white black and green easy to clean and very functional because of lips on top spilled coffee never touches floor. Tables I use a ...
San Francisco BoD meeting
Cited them because u asked for data Just because I don't agree with it it is still data. Just because I question it doesn't make it wrong Do you have any data to disprove these claims l don't.
San Francisco BoD meeting
Jeff/Richard I did not order the survey or calculate the results, the ACBL did and it appeared in bulletin in Nov. Survey Monkey handled the posting survey, and calculating results. Survey Monkey is a respected company so how can you or I question what they say based on number ...
San Francisco BoD meeting
Jeff so this information ACBL received through a paid survey run by professionals is "bull" or are you misreading results. Survey says these players are already playing 1 in 15 play once a year, Survey also says that 20% of the 59 million who don't know how to play ...
SF Online Robot NABC Event - Day 3
I really enjoyed all days report thanks
San Francisco BoD meeting
Same article in the 90's sports illustrated found there to be 8 to 10 million bridge players today there are 15 million in this group alone not just total. Same article claims in the 60's there were 40 million bridge players. I agree hard to prove any of ...

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