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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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about me

Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
Great recent additions! I had not checked for a month or so, and was pleasantly surprised to find the commenting available.
Negative double distribution
Side note: if you play Reverse Flannery, be sure to discuss if RF is "on" after a 1 overcall. That answer would tend to impact the answer to the OP question. FWIW, my partnership initially played RF here, but we now play 2M as WJS.
The Reviews Are In - Battling the Best
Agree. Excellent book. I noted in Toronto it's now available in soft cover (was just eBook originally).
Experimenting with weak NT
You will likely encounter more interference, so if not already playing something like Rubensohl, you should consider it. Those matters aside, you can definitely play your familiar methods and should not have any serious issues. As mentioned already, you'll want a good rescue system. There are many available, and ...
After a Quantitative 4NT Raise
Eddie Kantar uses 5N to show enough strength to accept, but only 1 ace. This allows the natural meanings to suit bids mentioned by many. We have tweaked this slightly so 5N is accepting but warning about fewer than expected aces. Normally that means 1, but for a very strong ...
Who is wrong?
Perhaps because other people don't suggest it in polite and helpful ways.
Desambiguating a weak no trump situation
We use 2M+1 by responder as a relay, and opener's responses clarify BAL and UNBAL hand types. Good material here:
Desambiguating a weak no trump situation
I followed this recently, raising to just 2 with this queeny 18 HCP hand: AQJx Qx AQJxx Qx, and everyone else at the table thought I was insane. In retrospect this hand is too good with those key Jacks, but I still see this 6L hand as closer to ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: J 73 AKQ9 AJ8432
Presume Craig meant 6.
The worst card ever played(?) and two other smiles
At the club some 30+ years ago we bid to 6, which made only when LHO led the (offside) singleton K! He claimed I would have dropped it anyway.

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