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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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The worst hand you ever held which had a decisive trick?
Playing on BCL, my partner recently held 9876 10984 85 J92. I realize this 1 HCP hand is a monster in context of the OP. Anyway he responded to my 2 with a Kokish 2, then raised my non-forcing 3 to game. He won the opening trump ...
1M - 1NT - 3NT. What is your treatment for that rare bid?
If you play Gazzilli, you have 2 sequences: 3NT immediately and 2 followed 3N. We use the former as ~ 7 trick hand, w/ solid or semi-solid M and an outside trick. We use the latter as a trick better (usually 2 outside tricks). Obviously responder is much more open ...
After 1S, ?
Suppose you open 1 on K10xxx AKxxxx x x, and the auction proceeds 1-Dbl-1-P-?, if you bid only 3 to allow for a possible "tactical bid", are you not fielding a psych? Does it matter whether you and your expert partner have discussed it? Does it ...
2M (X) XX Part 1
We play exactly this.
Follow-up for reverse (after 1nt response)
After the specific OP sequence, we play the cheapest bid (2y+1) is an artificial negative, and any other bid is GF. Since making this change, it has yet to come up once! Waiting...
After 1S, ?
4 in both cases. I play 3N is a "good" preempt to 4 including shortness somewhere, but this hand doesn't qualify. If the J were the K, then it would.
Smolen after an opening 2N?
I didn't see 5-3 and 3-5 hands discussed above. With the former (5-3), while you could start with 3, which would allow the -length ask if opener responds 3, that plan would be foiled by a 3 response. So it ...
BB Final, Final Day
Didn't Moss in fact have as much or more reason to try 7 than Robson? There had been a splinter in the Moss-Grue auction, so a ruff in the short hand could be the 13th trick that in 7 would need to come from a ...
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
Great recent additions! I had not checked for a month or so, and was pleasantly surprised to find the commenting available.
Negative double distribution
Side note: if you play Reverse Flannery, be sure to discuss if RF is "on" after a 1 overcall. That answer would tend to impact the answer to the OP question. FWIW, my partnership initially played RF here, but we now play 2M as WJS.

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