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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Defendinding against transfer overcalls of partner's 1NT (15-17HCPs) opening.
Nice! Do you play this against Suction too, basically assuming they have the next suit?
Penalty or Responsive
Until last week, responsive for me applied only after bid-and-raise (or equivalent) auctions. But a new partner considers that a "stupid" agreement. Rather than argue further, I've decided to go along with this partner, so I get some experience playing the other way. So I abstained in the interest ...
GAWRYS Wins Spingold
And to Michal Klukowski with such accomplishments by age 22. He was very steady when I was watching.
A rare opportunity missed in GNT Finals
I've just subscribed to "le Bridgeur", hoping it will kick-start my French learning. For the benefit of the English audience, can we assume you meant AQxxx?
1NT opening, 2S range check, 2 ways to invite with a long minor.
Very interesting, Craig. The memory load looks a bit high, in part of the asymmetrical handling of certain hand types with vs. ; but allowing both types of invites is very valuable. I also like how you still allow super-accepts after the "Walsh transfer".
Lebensohl after opps show both majors
If the bid is below 2 (2 being the most common), we play the lower cue bid (2 here) is a light takeout and the higher cue bid (2 here) is a GF takeout. Other bids retain our normal meaning (Rubensohl for us).
a simple forcing, invitation, not forcing question
Exactly. Good game opposite a variety of hands like KQx 10x Axx A10xxx.
Go for 6!c?
Thanks. I've just read The Ultimate Club version. On first reading, it appears to have a very high memory cost, and also precludes Garbage Stayman. They played 15-17, so the latter wasn't a big factor.
Go for 6!c?
@Barry, What is Relay Stayman? I get no search hits either here or on Thanks.
Forcing or not ?
I like to play that, with a minor agreed, if we try for 3NT and fail, that 4m is NF. This auction meets that definition. The cue bid need not show extras here.

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