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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Desambiguating a weak no trump situation
We use 2M+1 by responder as a relay, and opener's responses clarify BAL and UNBAL hand types. Good material here:
Desambiguating a weak no trump situation
I followed this recently, raising to just 2 with this queeny 18 HCP hand: AQJx Qx AQJxx Qx, and everyone else at the table thought I was insane. In retrospect this hand is too good with those key Jacks, but I still see this 6L hand as closer to ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: J 73 AKQ9 AJ8432
Presume Craig meant 6.
The worst card ever played(?) and two other smiles
At the club some 30+ years ago we bid to 6, which made only when LHO led the (offside) singleton K! He claimed I would have dropped it anyway.
Both teams win a Swiss match?
"3. How should one handle the sensible agreement that system after 1NT is on only after some 2♣ overcalls? Obviously, if 2♣ is Landy, "system on" is pointless. " The agreement we use is that system is on if 2 is either natural (including 2-suiters with and an unspecified ...
Usual Kokish sequemce
Perhaps start with a forcing Pass, then 3N after partner doubles might connote a better hand than 3N immediately. Of course trying this type of thing without prior discussion can be risky. (I'm assuming 2 promised some values.)
Oh, the pain
Very bad luck indeed Hand 1. Your line on Hand 2 of cashing 2 before playing a is strong--an extra chance I hadn't considered. If your luck was running bad, however, a brilliant South with 5 and no Q might have foiled you by not continuing ...
Responses to Drury
Part of your design might be affected by whether you allow frequent 4-card majors in 3rd seat, as my partnership does. We use a 1-way Drury design from Kokish-Kraft where opener rebids: 2 = 2-way bid, either MIN w/ 4-card M, no game interest; or a good opener, planning next ...
Responses to Drury
My partnership had the same experience. Neither of us had played Drury before, or any system aspect that pivoted so much with 3rd-seat openings. At the beginning our "forgets" (we both were guilty) were simply caused by not recognizing the situation. After a handful of sessions this ceased to be ...
Standard on the Ace-Lead
This happened at both tables. Same falsecard, same continuation.

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