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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Responses to Drury
Part of your design might be affected by whether you allow frequent 4-card majors in 3rd seat, as my partnership does. We use a 1-way Drury design from Kokish-Kraft where opener rebids: 2 = 2-way bid, either MIN w/ 4-card M, no game interest; or a good opener, planning next ...
Responses to Drury
My partnership had the same experience. Neither of us had played Drury before, or any system aspect that pivoted so much with 3rd-seat openings. At the beginning our "forgets" (we both were guilty) were simply caused by not recognizing the situation. After a handful of sessions this ceased to be ...
Standard on the Ace-Lead
This happened at both tables. Same falsecard, same continuation.
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
Minor style issue: both the auction and the extra information elements need vertical scrollbars (overflow: scroll styles).
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
Great job! I installed the IOS version--just search for "You Hold" in the App Store. The most important needed feature IMHO is being able to get to the comments. This is duplicating a request above, but I wanted to echo the importance. Less important, but hopefully easier: a) on the ...
Continuation after Splinter
If your splinter agreement (a) doesn't require a control in each side suit, and (b) allows a splinter with a singleton A, then there is a strong reason to play cue/control bids here. For example, element (b) changes Gábor's HCP math. OTOH if (a) is not the ...
Forcing or Non Forcing
In "Tournament Acol" they use 2 as Bourke Relay here, an artificial game force. My partnership is using that currently in KS too.
How do we get to 6!C?
Paulo, it looks like the weaker 3 doesn't deny a stopper in your method. So would responder then need to follow this with a punt of 3 if still interested in 3N?
Defence to openings showing shortness
Ian, could you provide a list of your other opening bids, so we can see what the inferences of the 1 opening are. Thanks.
The Price of Information
If the best choice of opening lead would be affected by opponents' tendency to blast, this tendency would require partnership disclosure along the lines of: with 4M-3-3-3 use Stayman: [always/frequent/seldom/never] with 4M-4-3-2 use Stayman: [always/frequent/seldom/never] Even if you never discuss this area in terms ...

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