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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

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Showing the Queen of Spades
Before reading on, I made a choice on all 8 problems, and also listed every alternative I found reasonable. Double was not in one of these lists.
Lebensohl versus two places to play
If you play both Good-Bad 2N (in general) and "systems on" that include lebensohl here, you have competing agreements. Absent discussion, lebensohl would seem a more proximal agreement then the general GB2N, so that should win. In my main partnership, we play both GB2N and Rubensohl, and have discussed this ...
Breaking the transfer after 2NT
Voted for 4+, because that's our current method. Considering tweaking this to where 3N shows a 3-card fit and strong 5-card side suit (AKQxx or similar): something where there could be 10 easy tricks opposite a near Yarborough that partner might drop at 3M otherwise.
What is the significance of this 4!h bid?
Of those who think 4 is better played as an offer to play (I am a recent convert to this), it would be interesting to see if they think it promises 6, or whether something like KQJ98 is enough.
Who shows the 4CM?
Natural so far, but if my partner reads your comment, that might be changing soon ;).
Who shows the 4CM?
Monty's list (not including his unbalanced 1) is almost identical the Kokish-Kraft K-S methods noted upthread. We have elected to combine all balanced hands (15-19) into 2NT, and use a 3 relay to discover MIN/MAX and whether opener has 2 or 3. We then use ...
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: KQ62 AQJT Q 9765
Would 2 create a force beyond 3? If not, I'll change my 3 vote to 2, although I doubt partner will divine to raise with Kxx.
Who shows the 4CM?
Caveat: we are playing K-S with 12-14 NT. We use a structure based on a Kokish-Kraft method. Opener shows hand type. Responder will have a 4CM only if strong enough to play game opposite a balanced 15-17. Some of the basics: 2: unbalanced, at least 5, any strength ...
Mulberry Bush
Near the top of Page 4 you say "Therefore, there is no difference in meaning between a double and a pass." The opps have doubled. I think you meant to say "...between 4 and pass."
Threshold to Double Weak NT with a Balanced Hand
Randy T: Interesting follow-up approach. Do your "systems on" agreements even include super-accepts? I would think doubler needs a way to break out of these agreements to show 1-suited hands.

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