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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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What does this 3!D bid mean?
If playing NF advances--and thus cuebids as overloaded--how do you make a limit raises? I could see something like (1)-1-(P)-2NT being played as that, but after 2-level overcalls, it seems a 2NT advance is needed as natural.
Dutch Spiral
Nice! I am mentally shredding 2 pages of superseded system notes.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AKJ952 J8 9 AKJ4
Abstained because I was told about the hand as a lead problem. The 940 came after a 4 opening, 5 overcall, Pass, 5 by OP hand and a return to 6. Opening leader has Q10xxx xx xx Qxxx, and has plenty to consider.
Goulash problem
Andrzej, This is off-topic, but I enjoyed your "A Matter of Honors" in the Feb 2019 The Bridge World. Very nice hand.
Pairing hands in BBO hand generator
Richard, from looking at your MOSCITO example, I assume that parameters in functions are not available. IOW, you can't define a balanced function where you could pass north or south as the parameter. Also, can I assume you just keep all these scripts in your own text file(s ...
Pairing hands in BBO hand generator
Thanks Richard. That works. Appreciate it.
Pairing hands in BBO hand generator
Hi Richard, Is there any place (forum?) where this is discussed? I could use a jump start, such as where to enter these scripts. For me the "Deal Source" button is disabled when starting a table. Thanks!
When two cue bids are available
There is a convention known as Hess Cue Bids, showing 6-4 in the other 2 suits. The cheaper cue bid shows 6 in the higher unbid suit, and the dearer shows 6 in the lower unbid suit. Ex: After (1)-P-(1), 2 shows 6+4 ...
Suit Quality for 1C-1S-4C (forcing Spade raise)
We play 4m as semi-solid or better (playable opposite small x for one loser). Another question concerns follow-ups: what should responder do with slam interest, but with no control in one of the 2 side suits. Simply making a control bid in the other suit may get the auction high ...
After 2!h double negative to 2!c
Our 2 denies as much as one K or two Q's. Opener's rebids: 2: GF, unbalanced 1 or 3-suiter, responder bids 2NT (see below) 2NT: 22-24 HCP, BAL 3 suit: NAT, NF 3NT: to play, not necessarily BAL, responder must pass 4: GF major 2-suiter ...

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