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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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about me

Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Pop History: The Savage World of Big Bridge (Life Magazine, March 18, 1957)
Great article. Thanks for posting.
How do you play here?
Same as Craig Z.
Penalty, takeout or cards?
Over 3-level natural interference, I play the cheapest 3 suit bids are transfers, and the next 3 suit bids are 2-suiters (with rules that clarify the suits).
What are the benefits of UD Attitude, Standard Count?
If partners are on different wavelengths in the middle of a hand, there may be a slight advantage to playing both (or neither) UD, as a ruff could take the place of a winner. That seems infrequent, but I can't see a competing reason against it. I learned UD ...
Penalty, takeout or cards?
Kokish has an agreement, not only for this natural bid, but for four different conventional meanings of 4. Dbl here is "Negative (cards)", 4 and 4 are transfers, and 4 is a transfer to . Does he actually get anyone to learn all of this?
BBO ACBL games need to mix it up a bit.
I would be happy if there were daytime ACBL events at standard pace (not speedball) and without robots. I've checked several times and such events don't start until late afternoon (Eastern).
Explaining partner's bid
Whether the original "8+" was sufficient or not, I cannot imagine refusing to answer the further inquiry, if nothing else as a matter of politeness.
What signal do you give?
Hamman's tempo point is about Smith signals. The play came later, and was just attitude for this pair (apparently).
Finish this sentence
Masterminding. Not partnership-building.
Lebensohl over takeout double of a weak 2, part 2
The post concerns responses by advancer to the double, not 3rd seat actions by partner of 2 bidder.

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