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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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March 18
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Forcing or Non Forcing
In "Tournament Acol" they use 2 as Bourke Relay here, an artificial game force. My partnership is using that currently in KS too.
How do we get to 6!C?
Paulo, it looks like the weaker 3 doesn't deny a stopper in your method. So would responder then need to follow this with a punt of 3 if still interested in 3N?
Defence to openings showing shortness
Ian, could you provide a list of your other opening bids, so we can see what the inferences of the 1 opening are. Thanks.
The Price of Information
If the best choice of opening lead would be affected by opponents' tendency to blast, this tendency would require partnership disclosure along the lines of: with 4M-3-3-3 use Stayman: [always/frequent/seldom/never] with 4M-4-3-2 use Stayman: [always/frequent/seldom/never] Even if you never discuss this area in terms ...
How do you show 6, but not a good suit?
Jump shifts....
We play K-S and also Gazzilli, so the only auction relevant to your question is 1m-1/; 2M. Over that we have these general guidelines: 1) Unlike reverse sequences, responder does not rebid their suit (R) with less than top honor 6th (Hxxxxx). Instead, after most responses, opener’s ...
Best Way to Handle this Director Call
Unrelated to the poll, if you are playing Snapdragon, that has to be the worst combined holding in the 4th suit and partner's suit that I've ever seen for the bid. But the fact that South did not bid 2 (or even 3) suggests s/he ...
Kings inquiry activation following RKCB and Dynamic meaning to Kings Inquiry
"Kings Inquiry is a grand slam try." While a common understanding, this is not universal. For example, some pairs allow KA missing 1 KC in order to explore playing 6NT at matchpoints. Kantar even mentions this (p. 20, 3rd para). This poll found 82 ...
Kings inquiry activation following RKCB and Dynamic meaning to Kings Inquiry
Ronald, if both partners have shown side suits, say 1-2; 2-2; 4NT, are both side K's in play and if so which has priority?
You are correct. I didn't consider east's holding off to prevent rectifying the count.

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