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Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson
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May 24, 2012
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about me

Retired attorney. Avid golfer (though only shoot in low 90's/high 80's) and bicyclist (over 4,000 miles each year from 2010 to 2019).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
When we made the Vanderbilt round of 16 and walked into the room, we saw people whose faces we had seen on magazines, whose books and articles we had studied. My wife turned to me and said, "this is like an IQ test -- which object is out of place in this group?" Obviously, that was us.
Bridge Accomplishments
9th/16th in 1983 Vanderbilt, First in 2013 NABC Bruce LM-5000 Pairs, 9th in 2001 NABC IMP Pairs, 6th in 0-10K NABC Pairs in 2016, 3d/4th in 0-6000 KOs in 2018, 5th/8th in 3 other limited NABC KOs, several regional wins and deep places in national events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Barry Spector, Neil Hunter, Ben Franz, John Erickson
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Sapphire Life Master
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Mark Jones's bidding problem: A8 QJ84 JT A8754
If playing mcCabe, could transfer to spades (then raise hearts) or transfer to clubs (then raise hearts) or bid 3 (denying A or K of hearts since didn't bid 3). But, at the table, even if playing McCabe, I would bid 4 fit-showing to make pard ...
Will Montreal NABC go on as scheduled?
The BBO ACBL club games online may keep them afloat. I am playing in one today. Our club (Duke City Bridge Club) had 30 pairs yesterday. They are trying to do a flight b game but haven't been able to get 5 tables so far.
Will Montreal NABC go on as scheduled?
A second issue is whether more than a handful of folks actually show up if it is not cancelled. I doubt if my partner and I will be going until there is a vaccine. Almost all of our usual attendees are in the age bracket where risks are high and ...
Is 3x - (pass) - 3y forcing or non-forcing
My preempts are sometimes dreadful, but my pard usually just passes and prays Bridgetta has blessed me with an uncharacteristically good preempt) if he is inclined to rescue. Bids are forcing -- he has what he has and if he rebids his suit we are done (e.g., 3-3 ...
Light Opening?
I used to play a style where this was a pass. Now, in all my partnerships, it is an automatic opener. Trying to convince partner you have 14 support points for his major after starting with a pass is something I'd prefer to leave to others. 6 Losing Tricks ...
1!c-2!d: What do you play it as (in 2/1)?
Mixed raise is a constructive 4-card raise with support points that are less than your requirement for a limit raise. In a partnership where a limit raise shows 10-11 support points, it should be 7-9; if your limit raise shows 11-12 support points it should be 8-10. This isn't ...
1!c-2!d: What do you play it as (in 2/1)?
I play it as a mixed raise in clubs with one 2/1 partner, where our inverted raises to 2m are limit+ In another 2/1 partnership, where inverted raises are GF, jump shift in om is the way to handle a limit raise and we have no mixed raise ...
Is this 3!d bid game forcing?
Should be forcing to 3N or 4m the way I would play it. Opener is supposed to have a good club suit so we seldom need to rescue him. OTOH, we may often want to offer diamonds as an alternative to 3N or 5C. If you have nada but 7 ...
Do you have tools?
Lynn: Fair enough -- if you ONLY bid over 3N as a slam try then having some methods might help. Technically, we play Stayman, Jacoby, Minor Stayman, Quantitative invite, but we never have used any other than the quantitative invite and even then partner never knows what he has shown as ...
Re Learning Precision
I didn't do a long enough Sim for math types to be "confident," but my quick and dirty result was that 1 openers are a flat 11-13 approximately 62% of the time. 100,000 deals might move that a couple of per cent one way or the other ...
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