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Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson
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May 24, 2012
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about me

Retired attorney. Avid golfer (though only shoot in mid-to-high 80's) and bicyclist (over 4,000 miles each year from 2010 to 2017).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
When we made the Vanderbilt round of 16 and walked into the room, we saw people whose faces we had seen on magazines, whose books and articles we had studied. My wife turned to me and said, "this is like an IQ test -- which object is out of place in this group?" Obviously, that was us.
Bridge Accomplishments
9th/16th in 1983 Vanderbilt, First in 2013 NABC Bruce LM-5000 Pairs, 9th in 2001 NABC IMP Pairs, 6th in 0-10K NABC Pairs in 2016, 5th/8th in 0-10K KOs in 2014, 5th/8th in 2009 and 2010 0-5000 Spingold, several regional wins and deep places in national events
Regular Bridge Partners
Barry Spector, Neil Hunter
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Sapphire Life Master
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FP again
I voted forcing because I play that the double of the cue creates a buy-it-or-belt-it force to game. That apparently is a minority position.
1S 2S 2NT
Long suit tries that are declined paint a bullseye on where you will lose tricks. Short suit tries do not. When you have a short suit, points anywhere else (and the ace of that short) suit are all useful. It's random whether you show the right "long suit" there ...
Which game is least bad?
3NT -- so long as we don't give them any help with our bidding. It's hard to come up with an auction that gets us to ANY game. Maybe 1C (playing weak NT) - 1N (misbidding, but showing 8-10), 3N-Pass. I hope for spades 4-4 OR no spade lead from ...
1S 2S 2NT
New Suit: Short suit game try (go if you have your raise w/o counting the K/Q/J of that suit). If you have a max w/o counting those soft values, cue bid (so can be used as slam try) 2N: 17-18 flat (go if you have more ...
What should the selectors do?
Dance with who brung ya (pick those who actually got England the Q).
A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
Yikes! You are turning eating yummy Pizza into an intellectual exercise fit for a wine snob! Just deep dish pepperoni and mushroom with extra cheese is as fancy as I can relate to. :)
A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
I don't mind if others eat pseudo pizza, but your "bait" comparison is too kind. I hate it when anyone within several tables of mine is eating anything with anchovies. What I would compare anchovies too would be things that would get censored here.
Good/ bad 2NT or Scramble?
Just had this auction on BBO the other night. I bid 2N Scrambling with 4-4 in the minors and we played 2N going down instead of 3 making when pard thought I had a stopper but not enough to think we could beat 2. If I had to ...
How Many Zeros Would You Give West?
Unless playing a big club, I'd never open the west hand. I would always bid 2 over 1 as a passed hand with the east hand and that will give South a nightmare decision (probably would pass or bid 2). Assign the blame? Play 2/1 ...
What is the best treatment ?
Now you see this one-eyed midget Shouting the word “NOW” And you say, “For what reason?” And he says, “How?” And you say, “What does this mean?” And he screams back, “You’re a cow Give me some milk Or else go home” Defining our bids here primarily for suitability ...
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