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Rao Zvorovski
Rao Zvorovski
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July 27, 2014
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Jan. 28
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Bridge Player
about me

A junior player with an aggressive play-style and a system nut.


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Tiit Hendrik Piibeleht
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Tallinn Bridge Club
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European Youth Championships
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2♥ Multi opening
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Was this ruling correct?
Yes, 2N is clearly natural and non-forcing (probably 18-19 balanced sans support) absent any agreements to the contrary.
Was this ruling correct?
Given that North is a beginner, in my experience it is highly unlikely that they will double anything regardless of S's bidding…
Rao Zvorovski's bidding problem: KQ92 AKQJT 6 A73
The term comes from Hughes, in general we tend to prefer to show suits as a first priority.
A Laws Question - Declarer plays third to trick before second.
Thanks, corrected.
A Laws Question - Declarer plays third to trick before second.
Thank you. I did look through the laws which seemed relevant before posting, but this one seems to have slipped through.
Stayman bid after interference?
Double, if it's for takeout, which I prefer
An E-book from Chennai
The link should be
Does this double require an alert
Also many smaller bridge jurisdictions (like mine, Estonia) use the WBF regulations. So thus in Estonia at tournaments without screens and in clubs doubles and redoubles are not alertable.
Recursive Majors over 2NT
Thank you for the confirmation, me and my regular partner are trying to adopt this method, so knowing that I got the principle right helps.
Recursive Majors over 2NT
I understood that it would go 2N-3-3-3N-4, and responder would bid 3 holding 0-4.

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