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Raphael Hallerman
Raphael Hallerman
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Dec. 15, 2016
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6 hours ago
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about me

USBF Junior and 4th year computer science and economics undergrad at UChicago

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Sean McNally, Cynthia Huang, Ilan Wolff
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Raphael Hallerman's bidding problem: K75 KJ94 Q97 QJ4
Yes, it did promise spades. Mostly wondering just how bad I should consider my hand.
Amber Lin's bidding problem: J9x AKQ xx ATxxx
Same here, I only bid because non-vul AND matchpoints, and I still feel bad about it.
Michael Xu's bidding problem: ATxxxxx xxx xx A
Don't want to play in hearts because they can kill dummy pretty easily.
Planning the auction
Optional but still helpful!
Reynolds June KO - Predict the winners!
Sorry, was looking at the wrong doc. The "June KO Event Spreadsheet" (as opposed to the "June KO Rosters" above) has messed up columns.
Reynolds June KO - Predict the winners!
Is it just me, or does the ordering of the columns seem a bit messed up? Tom, can you explain?
Delayed Vugraph Demo
Yes, that's true. Even if we provided links to exact times in the stream for each hand, there's no way to just quickly click through the play of a hand until the match is over and hand records become available.
Delayed Viewing Possibility
Adding to what Greg said above, there's a set of similar drawbacks: - No looking at previous tricks (even showing cards doesn't solve this) - No looking at self-alerts after they flash the first time - No looking at convention cards - If we decide to not make table chat visible, no ...
Delayed Viewing Possibility
Yes, that's exactly why we settled on YouTube, at least initially. More people have accounts with Google than Twitch, so more people can comment without having to create an account.
Delayed Viewing Possibility
It's delayed streaming, so we might as well pretend that it's live. Once the stream is over, though, it will be stored on YouTube as a normal video (with all live chat stored as well).

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