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Raphael Hallerman
Raphael Hallerman
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Dec. 15, 2016
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USBF Junior and 4th year computer science and economics undergrad at UChicago

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Sean McNally, Cynthia Huang, Ilan Wolff
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What do these show?
I am a junior, and play (1m)-X-(1M)-X as psych-exposing. Maybe I will have no need for this in a few years, but for now...
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: A8 KJ983 KJ76 T4
For me, sort of depends on agreements as to what hand types bid 3. If it's just about the diamond quality, then by all means.
Best approach to this card combo
Hope declarer's LHO has KJx. Run the 8 to the J, then smother the T while finessing the K with the Q. I agree with Khokan, but this is what the intrafinesse would be (I think -- someone correct me if I'm wrong).
What is your call and plan?
Love option 3, keep em on their toes
Undo or No undo ?
Yes, I'm just trying to show that there is straightforward evidence that he wasn't making it up upon leading something bizarre and seeing dummy.
Undo or No undo ?
The claim that the cards switched completely holds. BBO arranges the cards --- prior to trump being decided, meaning that the 9 would have been Meck's 11th card from the left. After trump has been decided, BBO arranges the cards trump first, and then alternating colors ...
Matchgame: Double Trouble #2
Another one worth discussing is 1-1NT-(2)-P-X
Raphael Hallerman's bidding problem: KJ 8543 A4 A7654
Trap-passers and bidders: could you explain your reasoning? I'm mostly interested in the first call, not what to do over the X. I've made a poll for the first action now, as I'm guessing that many people have not bothered to read what I wrote (understandable).
Raphael Hallerman's bidding problem: KJ 8543 A4 A7654
Seems about right. I expect most votes other than 7/7/7NT to be for Pass. Mostly curious how many people WOULD choose to pass 2 with this hope. If you think that the wording of the problem is somehow biased towards passing, I could definitely repost ...
Raphael Hallerman (Captain) Sean McNally Daniel Sonner Cyrus Hettle Nathan Finkle Ilan Wolff

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