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Rasmus Kolding
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July 28, 2011
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Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
That lead seems pretty plausible if there is a known 9-card fit in . It's a well known deceptive lead.
Justify your partner's respect for your card play
Oh, I guess South could have JTxx from North's perspective
Justify your partner's respect for your card play
Agree, but wouldn't North know the spade position from your play of the suit and his partner's count? Did you mean diamonds?
Better 2/1 Bidding -- The Nebulous 2!C bid
We did discuss that auction earlier in the thread - see my comment above. I'm still not sure if my suggestion is playable - since last year, the sequence hasn't come up
structure after Wk II -2nt overcall P
After (2) - 2NT - (p): 3 of a minor: to play 3: 4 3: 5+, forcing. You can't get to sign of in 3, but you can get to play 3 of either minor
Doctors Strangelove or: How I Learned to Start Cheating and Love the Win
Doesn't add up if Dean posted the right hand. South is dealer and the frequency of 460s is 8 outta 30
Is there any way to sensibly bid this hand?
One possibility: 1 - 1NT 2 - 2 2 - 3 1NT is NF, 6-12 2 is natural or some strong hands 2 is a waiting bid, denies 5 2 shows at least 5-4 in blacks and a minimum 3 is a sign ...
The Balanced Club
We play something along those lines: After 1 - 1 / 1NT: 4+ 2: 6+ 2: 5, 4 (if responder's rebid was 1) or 5 and 3 (if responder's rebid was 1) 3: 11-15 hcp, 7 ...
Rasmus Kolding's lead problem: Q2 Q3 KT9654 QT6
True, you can still defeat it if partner reads you for the queen and not a singleton lead (in which case he goes up the ace of spades and try to give you a ruff). If he asks, he will get the information that most 15-17 balanced with a 5 ...
Rasmus Kolding's lead problem: Q2 Q3 KT9654 QT6
No bids other than 6 would put us in the slam and rightside the contract. Most of the field played the contract with east as declarer, as partner's nt-opening was slightly offshape.

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