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Rawy Shediac
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Nov. 14, 2015
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March 14
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Copy of Jay Whipple
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Board 8 from the 10/17/2017 Common Game
I see you point Fred. Thanks for your comments. I simply did not want my P to pass 2 spades. Maybe at imps I would force game and not at MP
Board 8 from the 10/17/2017 Common Game
Hi, I am sorry to disagree with the suggested bidding which, no offense intended, i find too wimpy. As north today, I immediately upgraded my hand over 1 spaded and decided to drive to game with my super source of tricks. Thus bidding a 4 clubs splinter. I think we ...
Board 4 from the 06/06/2017 Common Game
hmm. Another one where we diverted and got lucky as I said in my comment on hand #1. My P only bid 2Hs which naturally induced South to make a take out X. 3D by N was whacked by E for 800. Another top 97/100. My lucky day!
Board 1 from the 06/06/2017 Common Game
Hmm. I don't think we would have ever found that sequence. Pretty sure my P would interpret 3H as F1 if not GF. But don't think he would have come up with 3S. I actually did not bid 3H and temporized with a double. Partner jumped to 4Hs ...
Board 29 from the 03/28/2017 Common Game
I like the Kokish relay and will try to adopt it. The hand is child play if you get a heart or club lead. What if you got the spade I got??? I finessed E for the heart queen in case it fails I now have 2 entries in dummy ...
Board 13 from the 03/28/2017 Common Game
Unfortunately we WERE playing Bergen and I (North) bid 3 hearts over 3 diamonds making 5 for 48%.
Board 5 from the 03/28/2017 Common Game
Hi Fred, Is 2nt by North a legit bid showing 11-12 balanced with 2 spades? Cannot be Jacoby from passed hand. We ended up in 4 spades anyway/
Board 1 from the 03/28/2017 Common Game
HI Fred, I agree with almost everything you said except that E returned another spade at trick 4 which I had to win. Now what???
Board 7 from the 02/24/2017 Common Game
it makes it hard for North to get in and switch to Hearts. I now have the time to strip the hand from minor suits and take the first heart finesse endplaying South.
Board 7 from the 02/24/2017 Common Game
After my P D splitter, I closed it at 4S. The problem was at trick #1. I got a club lead and after some reflection I decided there was no point in ducking. That was my mistake cause after loosing the K of spade, got a H return and it ...
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