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Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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Follows suit: Almost always

Counts to twelve: Almost always

Counts to thirteen: Some of the time

United States of America

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The Pros have no idea
The results in The Common Game, 170 clubs reporting, 900+ tables 6N+1 95% 6N= 88% 6D+1 75% 6D= 62% 3N+4 52% Not the Life Master Pairs.
The Pros have no idea
Monty, exactly right. It's a different game out here... In my small-town club, I watched my N-S opponents stumble into 6NT on a comically bad auction, making 6 for a cold top. One pair reached 6. The rest of the small field played 3NT.
Hesitation Blackwood
Ask my partner about the time (NABC event, no less) I put him in 7, doubled in tempo by his LHO. My hand was such that the only thing that mattered was the three key cards I didn't have, no point in any subtlety so I cut to ...
Hesitation Blackwood
Ditto. Our system notes (present at the table) specifically state that we play Autowood. By agreement, holding 3/4 responder is required to bid on after asker's signoff.
Cash or Uppercut - How do you know?
If the 7 is discouraging, partner might read that as four diamonds in your hand. I'll pay off if partner doesn't have a spade trick AND declarer works out my doubleton queen of hearts. Leading a cashing diamond now saves declarer the trouble of figuring out the heart ...
Cash or Uppercut - How do you know?
It's not obvious to me that partner did not start with six diamonds, in which case the Q is not cashing. Did your 7 give partner the count? Even if the queen cashes, it just sets up a diamond trick for declarer while there is still an entry in ...
Opinion on ruling whether any damage to defenders happened because of different explanations
West has chosen an unusual, but entirely plausible, lead based on the incorrect explanation. Not clear to me that EW are required to recover from that. East has to decide who has made the worst decision, South's bid (holding 3-4 small clubs) or partner's leading K from KTx ...
Over Their Weak Notrump
Me too. We play Double of a weak notrump as penalty-ish, 15+ balanced, rather than absolutely penalty. Notrump Systems On by advancer.
Avoid the Ruffs
Regarding the "congratulatory king" of diamonds: In this hand the Q appears to be immaterial. Is that a prerequisite for playing the K at trick three? Or would you give up a chance for an extra undertrick in a different layout, where partner might need to know about both the ...
Roman Keycard Asking Bid
In my favorite partnership (we play Minorwood) 5 is a specific king-ask. Responses are "either-or". With the East hand shown, the system response would be 5, showing either the K only, or the K and K but not the K. A 6NT response would show all 3 side ...

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