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Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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about me

Returning to bridge after a 20-year hiatus, I can now sometimes count to thirteen.

United States of America

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ATB - High Level Decision
I'm wondering why West didn't bid 2 directly, showing and . Not to mention selling out for 4X in the given auction; 5 seems like the minimum call at that point.
Drury vs. Transfers after P-(P)-1M-(X)-?
Bob H, see my reply to your comment upthread. Transfer into Drury.
Drury vs. Transfers after P-(P)-1M-(X)-?
We play 2-way Drury via transfer. After P-(P)-1M-(DBL) - 1NT transfer to 2C, showing 3-card invitational raise - 2C transfer to 2D, showing 4-card invitational raise - 2M-1 transfer to 2M, showing decent single raise - 2M is natural, a poor raise (usually only 3) - 3D mixed raise with reason to ...
Drury vs. Transfers after P-(P)-1M-(X)-?
Both. Transfers into Drury work fine along with transfers into everything else (see recent BridgeWorld article by Denis Lesage)
Bidding with 8 HCP and a 4 Cad Major when Partner opens 1NT
Is there a quantitative NT invite available here that doesn't go through 2? Or are we playing 1N-2-2-2N as quantitative, might not have a 4CM.
San Diego room availability
Per the ACBL web site (links to, the hotel booker) as of late evening 25 Oct, there are 60+ rooms available at the Westin. The Hyatt is full during the week but shows 30+ rooms available the final weekend. Only a couple of scattered nights available at the ...
Ray Fink's bidding problem: KQ K9642 QT5 Q42
Yeah, it's mostly a style question, wondering what the bid vs pass breakdown would be. For me, it's an easy Pass in first chair but I don't claim to have a lot of style.
Ray Fink's bidding problem: T64 98763 J K743
I was wondering if there would be many votes for an immediate 5, on the presumption that 4 is simply a transfer to 5 E-W.
Lecture for Flight B players
Here's a hand with "hope the cards are right for an endplay, else fall back on the finesse"
Ray Fink's bidding problem: K542 K7 985432 K
This. At my club, 2 was bid at half of the tables; not a strong field, just saying. I fully expected a unanimous Pass here, but found myself wondering if my standards for a weak two opening had become hopelessly out of fashion.

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