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Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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about me

Gradually finding my way back into duplicate after a 20-year hiatus.

United States of America

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Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: KQ52 QJ97 K98 AK
2NT showing 18-19, too strong for a 1NT opener
Grigory Vinevich's bidding problem: A96 KT87 JT863 9
I would have doubled 2
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: AJT84 AKQJ86 --- J5
3 My emphatically preferred style is ToughLove for preempters: that is, No Rescues. Thus 3 is most definitely forcing.
Jess Cohen's bidding problem: 2 QT9743 6 KQJ76
Never pass a mystery bid. If 5 was intended as an alternate contract (as it seems), S has a clear preference back to 5 If 5 was intended as lead-directing if opps land in 5, S can never gain by relying upon N to correct back ...
What Does An Ethical Huddler Do
Yes to Andy and Hanoi, I hope that all of the above actions are considered ethical. My main point of curiosity is whether players might adjust "mid-flight" as it were to account for the potential impact of their BIT. (edited to fix a spelling error)
What Does An Ethical Huddler Do
Yes, apologies for the imperfect set of options. In a sense #2 is a subset of #3 but more specific to choosing to err on the side of an overbid (or bid rather than pass, as others note).
Proposed lead restriction changes - good or bad.
Seems to me this would sanction the use of a deliberately-insufficient-then-withdrawn call as a lead *excluding* call. For example 1 2 P 4 1 ==> "don't lead diamonds" - the insufficient bidder is willing to play there if need be but would rather withdraw the call - declarer ...
I would put this as a bidding quiz but . . .
I'm not accepting the insufficient call. Still looking for a natural bridge result, but admit I might be tempted to double if W was a "well known to be nasty" sort.
How Would You Rule
@Michael, thank you for your explanation here. I didn't quite savvy this argument earlier. The higher degree of uncertainty in opener's rebid -- as indicated by the BIT -- could demonstrably suggest the value of a more flexible call rather than a more unilateral one. Got it. Changing my vote...
Han Peters's bidding problem: 3 82 AKQ8542 Q72
You meant to say partner is leading a S, otherwise I agree.
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