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Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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Returning to bridge after a 20-year hiatus, I can now sometimes count to thirteen.

United States of America

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Alexander Frieden's bidding problem: KQJ53 64 T6 AQJ8
Hmm, wonder if this was a BIT issue? We have combined strength for game, though partner doesn't know that. The opponents do not buy the contract undoubled, period. 4 does not strike me as a logical alternative, nor does 4 Having had the distinct pleasure of teaming ...
Excerpts from ACBL/BBO Individual
Congratulations to the champ!
Fielding Partner's Forgetfulness
In my home club, forgetful partners and opponents are the standard. I take the position that I will trust partner's bids even when it is pretty clear they're wrong. The immediate bad result does get partner's attention, and the lesson "trust partner, not the opponents" seems to ...
Finesse or drop?
Leonard, yes, oops, I didn't include the round of diamonds. 3 to 9, not 4 to 10.
Finesse or drop?
Vacant spaces: West 4, East 10
Proper Framing a Director Call for a Teachable Moment: UI
Mike, the blog example occurred in an extremely casual small-town club game, director calls are pretty much non-existent. The 2NT jump overcall was indeed intended, player thought that 2NT was a super-strong notrump overcall. (Yes, that level of play.) Only after 2NT hit the table player then remembered oops 2NT ...
Proper Framing a Director Call for a Teachable Moment: UI
Q1: 3NT does not seem reasonable to me. On authorized information, EW have a double fit in the pointy suits, and only Qx for a heart stopper. Q3: with a up-and-coming pair and a director of unknown caliber, I would definitely use the UI word but soft-pedal it a bit ...
Responding to opening 2!D showing 18-19 balanced
This is what we play 2 = 2NT to play, or convert to 3 weak 2 = Minor Stayman (with minor Smolen after 2NT) 2N = majors 5-5 3 = Puppet Stayman 3, 3 = transfers (after transfer to hearts, 3->3NT) 3 = 3NT to play, or ...
Best Use of 2 Diamond Opening
Also, this 2 opening frees up opener's 2NT rebid for other uses. Partner and I have been playing 1-suit then jump rebid of 2NT as 6+ suit with 15-17 HCP, and jump rebid of 3-suit is stronger; in either case, denying a balanced hand that could have opened ...
Dealing Cards
Ian, you can turn the deck face up after each pass of a riffle shuffle and see that the cards are not being separated (this is what I have done). Note that once separated, a pair of cards does not rejoin except at the point where the deck was split ...

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