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Ray Fink
Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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about me

Returning to bridge after a 20-year hiatus, I can now sometimes count to thirteen.

United States of America

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Lecture for Flight B players
Here's a hand with "hope the cards are right for an endplay, else fall back on the finesse"
Ray Fink's bidding problem: K542 K7 985432 K
This. At my club, 2 was bid at half of the tables; not a strong field, just saying. I fully expected a unanimous Pass here, but found myself wondering if my standards for a weak two opening had become hopelessly out of fashion.
Ray Fink's lead problem: AJ982 96 86 9742
Ah, a very similar theme here. Dummy was king-doubleton. When partner gained the lead in a side suit, she read the 8 as from four small and thus decided that it was not worth continuing from her original QTxx into declarer's AJ. Oh well. I was sorely tempted by ...
Tommy Cho's lead problem: QT9853 T93 J7 A4
My partner promises a cashing side suit. Alas, I didn't know that the first time we played together. It wasn't this hand, but very similar; -750 instead of +500 was a memorable lesson.
Mike Dorn Wiss's bidding problem: QJT6 AKQJ874 T 7
Okay, so I've changed my vote twice after monstrous breaks in tempo, but I'm sticking with this answer. The only way we (regular partner) have to find out about the K is with RKC for spades. So I'll commit to the five level, here goes.... 2 ...
Weird UI/AI Question
i believe a pre-alert is required for >20
what is the difference between XX and 2NT here
I'm looking for the 3NT option, concerned that 3 could wrong-side a 3NT contract.
Drew Cavalier's bidding problem: 2 AT96543 AKQ8 7
Did the opponents bid 5 over 4?
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Hmm, I routinely play Gerber in NT auctions and thus 4NT is quantitative invitational. In most of these partnerships the invitation is accepted by replying Blackwood aces just to double-check. This seems pretty straightforward and harmless to me, maybe I'm misunderstanding something.
After bidding Stayman, what is 3D?
With that agreement I expect the "diamonds-only" forcing hand to go through 2 transfer and then 3 cancelling the transfer. For me, the 2 call promised a 4-card major (alas the other one) along with the 5+ diamonds. GF for me.
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