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Ray Fink
Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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about me

Follows suit: Almost always

Counts to twelve: Almost always

Counts to thirteen: Some of the time

Back to duplicate after a 25-year absence. Small-town club director, retired engineer, active outdoor person.

United States of America

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Favorite Conventions
Karosel 2D
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Silver Life Master
Victoria Hess and Ray Fink
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Rosalee Gardner and Ray Fink
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Randy Gentillon - Ray Fink
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Alex Stille - Ray Fink
2/1 Game Forcing, 3/1 Invitational
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Criss -cross Inverted Raises
I like 1m-2m invitational, because sometimes 2NT is the right contract after a 1 opening. No way to get there if 3 is the invitational raise. But I think there are better uses for the jump shift, though I'll play criss-cross if partner insists. I've never ...
2!d Opening to Show a Balanced 18-19 HCP?
Playing Karosel 2 in two partnerships (2/1 5cM strong NT). It's probably my fun favorite convention, in part because of the implications available in many other auctions. 2NT jump rebid is available for other uses, and opener's jump raises imply (near guarantee) unbalanced hands. LHO jump ...
Game Tries after Potential Three Card Raise of Major Response
2NT asks trump help need 2/3 of AKQ, 3M general omnibus invite, other suits are help-suit tries.
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
I would absolutely expect the director, if summoned immediately, to ask each NS player away from the table. But I am concerned North calling right away might raise a UI issue about spades. I'm definitely calling the director on this one, but would wait until play of the hand ...
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
Seems to me if North calls the director when dummy is faced, the director call itself could reveal UI to South that would be prejudicial to the play of the hand. Particularly so after having asked about 3. West should have called, of course, but I think North's ...
Scramble or Good/Bad or other?
Or Rubinsohl (transfer to clubs, not limited), if you play that instead of Lebensohl after doubled weak twos.
Odd Movement
yes please!
Paper or plastic?
Speaking of paper or plastic... does anyone have recommendations/feedback for *jumbo* index cards in all-plastic? We have so many players in our club with age-related vision issues that we are mostly using jumbo decks. I only have them in paper right now, and miss the ease of use and ...
Paper or plastic?
Using a Dealer4 here, and really like the ACBL plastic. They feed through the machine beautifully. I personally like the thin supple feel, somewhat similar to KEMs, but that is a matter of taste. I have one very old set of plastic trays that will not hold the ACBL plastic ...
Open San Francisco Discussion Thread
You can take wine home??

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