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Ray Yuenger
Ray Yuenger
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Aug. 27, 2012
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Hobbies: duplicate bridge; sticking needles in over- and under-inflated thought balloons

Conduct and Ethics Chair, District 21, since 2008

Former club director

Unit columnist since 1999 in Contract Bridge Forum

President Unit 507 since 2008,  board member since 1999

Appellate attorney

United States of America

Bridge Information

Member of Bridge Club(s)
San Jose Bridge Center
Favorite Tournaments
Sacramento regional
Favorite Conventions
Weak no trump
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Contact problems
It's hard to see the right line when your contacts are bothering you.
Break In Tempo
If you wanted to know how clear the 5 call was without a BIT, you perhaps could have set up a bidding poll as you described, showing the bidding and the N hand.
Life Master Fee Increase
I didn't realize that Mr. Rank was working for free as League Counsel.
When is a Pass a Pass?
In the "BidBox" Tech File distributed with ACBLScore is the statement: "When a player picks up his bidding cards from the table when he knows he has a turn coming and he INTENDS for that to be interpreted as a pass, then he has passed (otherwise Law 25B could come ...
Life Master Fee Increase
It's hard to find a candy bar for a quarter anymore.
ATB, void vs AKQxxx
My link explains 1 as either s or 6+ HCP. From the rest of the explanation I gather the system forbids any natural calls until they run out of systemic bids.
ATB, void vs AKQxxx
I can't choose an answer without knowing which partner designed the system that doesn't allow any natural calls or N to show 5 s below the 4 level.
How do we get to 6!C?
Darndest 1 response by S I've ever seen.
Can Facebook Grow Your Club?
Due to a forward looking unit member, our unit has had an FB page since 2009. We are now up to three members. While I write a monthly column for the District 21 newspaper and a monthly column for our Unit's newsletter and serve as the Unit's webmaster ...
Do people hate round robins?
Having "one huge round robin" for "a game small enough that you will play most of the people in the room sooner or later" doesn't sound like a "huge" round robin. Mr. Ravera's dividing line of round robins with 8 or fewer teams (described upthread) is reasonable and ...

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