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Razvan Tablet
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Jan. 20, 2013
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May 3
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Double dummy
Why do major players cheat?
The answer is in the question :)
Mike Cailean's bidding problem: A2 86 T6 AKJT952
2 vanilla. But Im into strawberry so 3 all day way for me ..
System by passed hand
I play 2c as still forces 2d with the H/nt invite Or Weak d hand while 2d 5+d invite hands.I never look for the c fit since my c opening is 2+.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q9873 K AKQ A643
I swear I bid 1nt with this one :)
John Adams's bidding problem: T82 T987 A87 654
3nt with that is a nobrainer for me. I bid 3 only bec I play puppet.
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: KJ9542 6 AQ853 2
my guts tell me 2nt has nothing to do with hcp more like a long semisolid .. how am I going to show my 6-5 minimum when he pulls to 3 ??
ATB - Missed a Nice Slam
Think I would bid 4nt over 4 and 5 over pd 5 as a slam try
Forcing pass
When you have the xxxx x xxxx xxxx hand your pd will have a 18+ hcp hand with which he would have x anyway so basically fp works on 2 premises : 1. Hand cant be passed out , you wont ever let opps rob you 2. Pass means X and X ...
Forcing pass
I dont know yet after all was written if you are willing to play 5/6 pass out on these seq. p-p-2-x-5 (as pasee) - ALL PASS p-p-2-x-6 (as pasee) - ALL PASS really ?

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