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May 30, 2014
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What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
They won't get to spades that way. They will get to 2. But just as good. Then W will have to raise to 3. Who knows what happens after that.
A puzzle solved
Seems like a 1 overcall to me.
Is this hand an acceptable one-level opening bid in modern bridge?
Whenever I open this type of hand my partner invariably pushes me to game or slam with no play. I always get blamed for opening the hand. So as others have said, only open if partner can expect this type of hand as an opener.
Should this bid be alerted?
In my 40+years of playing duplicate nobody has ever alerted a control bid. So control bids are expected and usual procedure and no alert is required. After the auction if anyone asks you can tell them they were control bids. BTW, your examples are not in the document that ...
I cheat
I looked at the hand first without reading further and decided what I would do. I would have been happy to put down my dummy for someone who had freely bid 4 after my weak diamond bid.
In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?
I guess I am going to have to pony up for an AED at the club. My partners regularly have heart attacks when they see my dummy. Can the club have charity games to raise money for an AED for the club?
Lightner not alerted - adjust?
So if I double with the A of trump against a grand in that suit (and no void) and my partner alerts as Lightner (which we play) and they pull to 7NTx and we beat 7NT by more than what the suit contract would go down what happens? Should we ...
Defending a “psych”
"Baby Psych" meant to throw FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) into an auction. Your defensive bidding toolkit should be able to handle this. Some other "Baby Psyches": 2x - 3N (willing to play 3NT down 9) but if doubled going to bid 4x. 2H - 2S (with x-xxxxx-xxx-xxxx) to keep them out of ...
Obviously Ridiculous Comments
Take a BIT of iron supplements.
The matter of taste
First play the K. Playing the A gives away the position in clubs. Next go to the K and run the J. That is 12 tricks if the diamonds are favorable (Qxx onside) and hearts split. 10 tricks (11 if hearts split) and keeps the club tenace ...

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