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May 30, 2014
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Nov. 22
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Law on Bidding after Pause
Wait, What? "I was even more annoyed since I felt I should have just bid X without waiting. 2SX would have gone down just 1, so we went from a near-top 200 to average- 110. " Are you saying that if you had doubled quickly your partner would have passed? Are ...
A bad start
I'd be so ashamed of my 1 overcall that I would let him take the pass back.
ATB: very round zero
Solid opening hand opposite an opening hand should be in game/slam. Yes, opposite a dog of a hand you might not make game, but then you should refrain from opening crap. 100% west.
Negative Double Defense Requirements
double seems about right depending on the spots. I've gone minus 510/710 before.
Negative Double Defense Requirements
Not true. 1 - (2) - X implies 4 hearts and tolerance for diamonds. Nothing else. If I have 3-4-4-2 shape and 9-11HCP a negative double and then support for openers spades sounds right.
Forcing or non forcing?
Because you are playing negative doubles. You do play those right?
Part of my meta agreements are that doubles underneath the bidder tend to be takeout and over the bidder tend to be penalty. However this is tempered by the auction. Your first auction seems to suggest it is a penalty double saying this is our hand. The second auction is ...
3NT - perhaps this is where Jim is heading
I have 8 tricks with a heart stopper. Pass with an Ace. Bid 4 with no trick for me.
Question from Opponent after Dummy comes down
If opener had 4 wouldn't they raise spades? So that rules out 4-4-x-x; Correct answer is 3+. Why would any defender of some ability not know this? Guess we know what kind of a "pro" they are.
Responder has 2 in partner's major and 5 in partner's minor
Pairs - 2M Teams - pass (you are guaranteed an 8 card minor fit over a 1 opener and almost always an 8 card minor fit over a 1 opener)

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