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May 30, 2014
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Feb. 23
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United States of America

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The Best Bridge Writer
Reese by far. Head and shoulders above everyone else. Others have very good books, but if there was only one author I could recommend it would be Reese.
how to avoid a hopeless 3NT contract .... presenting Dickson
That auction is not something that comes up very often and it looks like a complex system to memorize. You might occasionally avoid a doomed 3NT with a making 3 of a minor, but then your teammates will come compare and say yes, the opponents made 3NT because the obvious ...
BW 2/1: Opener's Jump Rebid
A suit that can play opposite a void with at most 1 loser.
What is 2NT here?
Equal length in minors, less than 3 spades, and hearts/hand not good enough to pass for penalty.
Tricky ruling
"prima facie evidence" that South is a fool* (filters wouldn't let me post anything worse.)
Raise first? Major first?
If you explicitly deny a 4 card major with an inverted raise then your major suit bids are stopper showing (or possibly advance cues) and not guessing for 4-4 major suit fits. This simplifies life at the table. There are ways of looking for 4-3 major suit fits, but that ...
Tiers of National Championship Events at NABCs
@Joseph. Sorry, I meant open to all nationalities. I was probably reading too much into the previous comments. Obviously you will need to qualify for the event and it's restrictions (age, MP, qualifications, etc.)
What is your plan?
Nicely done! Two things to remember. One is that BW poll results really don't mean a lot. You must do the simulation. Two, Richard's simulation may not apply exactly to you. It assumes that you will open 1NT with a 5 card major (I will) and that you ...
Tiers of National Championship Events at NABCs
I don't understand. The ACBL NABCs are open to all already.
What is your plan?
Strength of field matters. In a club game I am always bidding and inviting. In a strong game I am bidding and then passing. Plus there are the odd times that you risk missing your 5-4 major fit.

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