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May 30, 2014
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What bridge really needs to become relevant again.
Would these younger/junior players be "hooligans"?
Is Pass Forcing?
"The final mistake is left for the partner," - I love that. I voted for forcing, but since you know your hand and fit with partner you could have doubled if you didn't want to partner to go on. So pass should be highly encouraging for partner to bid on ...
Not your typical lead problem
Grues comment that partner may have a void, the failure to show 1st round control in diamonds and the 7s bid make it clear what to lead.
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
75% of ACBL members have less than 700 points. They are the majority of our players (and dues payers) and if they want Gold Rush, they are entitled to it.
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
So the best suggestion yet is to book at the Host and help defray playing venue costs(coupons/pass for each day for entries). Don't book at the host and pay an additional fee for the playing area as part of your entry fee. Seems reasonable to me.
ACBL Membershp Follies
I like your idea of 6-month free trial memberships. That might get people to come and get hooked. Didn't we use to have those trial memberships after finishing an ACBL sponsored bridge class? But in some sense part of our dues go towards employing directors which are then available ...
ACBL Membershp Follies
Don't directors have to be paid? I know some (most?) are employees of the ACBL and they must have a salary. Are they fully paid through what a tournament makes or are they subsidized by the ACBL? It makes a difference.
Food for thought?
1 is such a bad call that I would not even consider it. 2 has merit and is a call I would consider but probably not make. My partnership style is that when Vul I will have a reasonable hand (both for overcalling and Michaels) so even though ...
"3) I would just bid 4N over 3♥ on this hand with the South hand. " I assume you want to be in 6NT with this hand. But in another layout where opener has Kxx of clubs and the Ax of spades, North has to play the hand.
San Diego NABC Appeals Casebook with commentary available online
In N2 I find it interesting that a hand with AKQx in hearts would ask in a live auction what an opponents unalerted heart bid means. We explain to our newer players why you can't do that (because they almost always have a good holding in that suit). We ...

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