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May 30, 2014
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Gold Life Master
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San Diego NABC Appeals Casebook with commentary available online
In N2 I find it interesting that a hand with AKQx in hearts would ask in a live auction what an opponents unalerted heart bid means. We explain to our newer players why you can't do that (because they almost always have a good holding in that suit). We ...
Really bad or not 2?
Pass and if they get to 4 pass. 4 is not a sure thing. If partner has either black Ace then 4 might be going down.
Is This a Legitimate Question?
Oops my bad. Those automatic balances are only for matchpoints.
Is This a Legitimate Question?
Ummm. Matchpoints. Open event. Not my job to teach opponents how to play matchpoints.
Denial of 4 Hearts?
I prefer X to be the other suits and 3 as competitive. 2NT would be a good raise to 3 with 4+ hearts.
What would you make of this call?
I'm all in favor of throwing FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) into the auction but this 4NT is not the way to do it. LOL, I think even beginners would know to double.
Is it better to double or bid 1H?
When partner is equal length in both majors they will bid the lowest first, that favors doubling with 4-5 shape. With 5-4 shape 1 can easily be followed with 2.
Advancing an overcall of a strong club
As far as I know an agreement to play destructive methods against 1 openers is not allowed on any of the conventions charts in the ACBL. If you mean obstructive I think you are ok.
What would you make of this call?
Longer diamonds than clubs and wants to sacrifice. Therefore a club fit is also implied.
The Best Bridge Writer
Reese by far. Head and shoulders above everyone else. Others have very good books, but if there was only one author I could recommend it would be Reese.

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