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Ren Klatt
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May 24, 2014
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Oct. 6
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about me

I live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Have played Duplicate Bridge since 1973.

Favourite bidding method is a Small Club System that reveals distribution early in the auction in a natural way. 1C has the dual personality of either a C suit unbalanced with 10+ hcp OR strong balanced 17+ hcp. Opening 1D, 1H, 1S all show unbalanced hands with 10+ hcp. Closest method you can get to 5-card minors plus 5-card majors. The system notes are free upon email request.


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Favorite Conventions
Double Club System
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
DCS - North American Version
Double !C & 2/1 GF (Usually). Frequent Upgrades & Some Downgrades
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1 Major-1NT in 2/1
1NT SF works best when you play light opening bids. Opener passes with 10-12 hcp and we exit rest of auction.
2C Responses - a new method.
Interesting to note that in my DCS we do something similar. FWIW our 2 response over 2 opening is FG showing 8+ hcp with a 5+ suit with 2 of 3 top honors plus a 3rd honor (KQTxx is worst case scenario); but responder's suit is never ...
Do YOU play any of the "Worst Conventions?"
Hi Ed People's resistance to change often looses out on great opportunities in real life in general. This makes me sad wondering why. Many examples of failures in the world of business decisions. Corporations have gone broke after being left behind and not relevant anymore. There is similar analogy ...
The Best Convention Ever
Called Double Club System (DCS). Numerous advantages over standard or 2/1 but includes many 2/1 principles. This Small Club system also has certain advantages compared to strong club systems. DCS Notes are free to everyone. Send me an email request if any interest.
The Best Convention Ever
1 = 17+ hcp balanced OR 10+ hcp with no suit longer than . This is the cornerstone for separating balanced from unbalanced hands early in the auction. There is a complete ACBL GCC compliant bidding system based on this principle.
2C opening to include 20-21 balanced
My favorite system the DCS; allows us to play at 1NT with 20-21 when partner is broke. Nice advantage over those playing typical 2/1 systems.
Unbalanced openings -- any help?
Brian ... Not sure if you still have interest in this subject 6 years later after you wrote this article, but my DCS fits the general description of your request. Please see my profile and email me request to send you my notes on DCS for free.
Light Opening Bids
Playing standard or 2/1 = open first but not second hand. Any big club system = open both NV, open first hand only if Vul. Playing any Small Club system that clarifies distributional hands early in the bidding (such as DCS, as I play) = open 1st hand at all Vul and ...
Requesting Comments On Green Aces
I initiated this article to understand why GA has not received interest from the expert community. Thank you to everyone who took time to write specific comments helping to explain the rationale and especially appreciate that Ray participated in the discussions. I have digested the comments contributed by BW users ...
Requesting Comments On Green Aces
Bridgeguys is a cool site but I think the guys inactive for quite a few years now. Don't pay attention to GA on that site. Mr. Green last revised and IMO improved GA in Feb 2016 as shown on Brunton.

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