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Ren Klatt
Ren Klatt
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May 24, 2014
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Jan. 17
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about me

I live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Have played Duplicate Bridge since 1973.

Favourite bidding method is a Small Club System that reveals distribution early in the auction in a natural way. 1C has the dual personality of either a C suit unbalanced with 10+ hcp OR strong balanced 17+ hcp. Opening 1D, 1H, 1S all show unbalanced hands with 10+ hcp. Closest method you can get to 5-card minors plus 5-card majors. The system notes are free upon email request.


Bridge Information

Favorite Conventions
Double Club System
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
DCS - North American Version
Double !C & 2/1 GF (Usually). Frequent Upgrades & Some Downgrades
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Your Ideal Opening Structure
DCS is a natural oriented style bidding system but gadgets enhance its basic capabilities. Have never yet needed to use 4th suit forcing to navigate my way to best contract. Very happy with the system. It has been continuously improved from 4 years of DCS bridge table experience. Happy to ...
Defense after opponents open weak NT followed by Stayman
Agree it is possible but how can you tell they are bust verses fairly good values?
Defense after opponents open weak NT followed by Stayman
A very nebulous situation for which side has the better hcp strength. To me risk is not worth guessing who it is.
Defense after opponents open weak NT followed by Stayman
Cards over transfer seems right. Cards over an unlimited 2;. usually you are out gunned. Why tell our opponents which opponent has the values? May help our opponents tailor their declarer strategy to achieve success.
Defense after opponents open weak NT followed by Stayman
Don't see why double is cards. Opponents are in an unlimited auction with 2. lead direction seems to be the only thing that is productive for defensive purposes. I'm assuming opponents not playing 2-way Stayman.
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
The point I was trying to make is don't just stretch a pre-empt solely for the reason that "DCS is a system" by thinking that doing so would likely cause us severe problems for this reason. You could often be pre-empting a light 1 opener. As previously ...
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
Why pre-empt if you don't know if 1 opener is strong balanced or light opener in . Our 1 is about 36% strong balanced and 64% suit of only 10+ hcp. Still thinking aggressive pre-empts against DCS 1 pays dividends? Bottom line is that you ...
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
DCS 1 is either suit or strong balanced. Initially I don't know which one it is and neither do our opponents. Therefore smart opponents should not aggressively interfere with pre-empts. Best defense is for our opponents to bid naturally as they would playing against the common place ...
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
Strongly agree both minors when opening strong 2 can get very ugly. DCS opens 2NT with 5+ 5+ with 8-13 hcp or 21+ hcp. I believe many strong 1 systems (which DCS is not) use similar methods for minor 2-suiters
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
DCS = Double Club System. Please refer to my profile for a very brief description of the structure. My system notes with all details are free for anyone wondering what we do that is very different from most others.

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